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Pennsylvania Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill


new york medical marijuanaPennsylvania’s latest medical marijuana bill is not perfect, but it is a step in the right direction. Yesterday the Pennsylvania Senate passed a medical marijuana bill by an overwhelming margin. The list of qualifying conditions needs to be improved on, as do other parts of the bill, but the approval by the Pennsylvania Senate is still very significant for patients and reform in general. Per CBS Local:

The Republican-controlled Senate voted 43-7 in favor of medical marijuana.  The measure was championed by state senator Daylin Leach, a suburban Philadelphia Democrat.

“This is going to help people who are in desperate situations,” he said.

Under the proposal, state residents would need an access card from the state health department after proving they have a practitioner-patient relationship and written confirmation of a qualifying medical condition.

There are at least two major hurdles now facing the medical marijuana bill. Number one, the bill still has to be passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. There is limited time before the session ends, and members of the House have said that passage of the bill in the limited amount of time left is far from guaranteed. If the bill doesn’t pass the House, it has to be re-introduced next session. The second hurdle is that Pennsylvania Tom Corbett said that he does not support the bill in anyway, suggesting that he could potentially veto it if it reaches his desk. I truly hope that’s not the case.


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  1. This just has to pass all the hurdles, too many need the help of this herb, its a God given cure, I pray it will pass.

  2. I would like to see if all these haters would change there minds about weed if if they themselfes or close related people would come down with cancer or something that weed could help them stay alive

  3. Everyone just email him and nicely tell him what you think and let him know he will not get your vote if he vetoes the bill. Good look Pennsylvania.

  4. If Tom Corbett doesn’t “Play Ball” on this issue he could find himself looking for work after the 2014 election and that would be a good lesson for him and just might resonate through the rest of the country. Anyway the “Wolf” is at his door :D

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