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Pennsylvania Senator Prefiles Cannabis Legalization Bill, Pennsylvanians Approve


legalize marijuana pennsylvaniaBy Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

Last week, state Senator from Montgomery County Daylin Leach announced his intentions to file legislation that would legalize the adult use of marijuana, in a way similar to the laws recently approved in Colorado and Washington.

“I acknowledge that it may take a while, but like same-sex marriage,” stated Sen. Leach, “this will inevitably happen. Demographics and exposure will in time defeat irrational fears, old wives tales and bad science. This bill furthers the discussion, which hastens the day.”

This legislation, if approved, would help halt the arrest of thousands of Pennsylvanians annually. Since 2006, 24,685 arrests were made for just marijuana possession at a cost of over 300 million dollars to the state’s taxpayers.

“It is time for Pennsylvania to be a leader in jettisoning this modern-day prohibition, and ending a policy that has been so destructive, costly, and anti-scientific,” Sen. Leach declared.

Pennsylvania has long been considered a bellwether state, so to see the issue at least being entertained in the state legislature can only be a positive sign of things to come. Let’s hope other elected officials in Pennsylvania join with state Senator Leach to support these sensible reforms.

If NORML’s Take Action Center is anything to go by, the citizens of the Keystone State want it. In just the first 24 hours of going live, Pennsylvanians sent over 900 emails and letters to their elected officials urging them to support this legislation.

If you live in Pennsylvania and want to join in the call for marijuana legalization, simply click here and you can easily send a prewritten email or letter to your elected officials telling them it is time to support legislation to legalize and regulate marijuana, not criminalize it.

PENNSYLVANIANS: Click here to contact your representatives in favor of this bill today!

Don’t live in Pennsylvania? There is already marijuana reform legislation filed in ten other states, with many more sure to follow in the coming days. Be sure to keep checking NORML’s Take Action Center to see if your state is one of them and to contact your officials!

Together, we can NORMLIZE CONGRESS. Together, we will legalize marijuana.

Source: NORML


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  1. Did you know that Sen Leach Co-Sponsored Pa. medical marijuana bills in 2011 & 2012 which never made it out of comittee for a vote. Gov Corbett said he wouldnt sign the bills if they passed. Sen Leach intends to re-introduce the bills again in the 2013 legislative session (soon) and I would bet they get more support this time. Gov Corbett is up for re-election in 2014 and has to go. His outdated views and unwillingness to discuss this timely and important topic will help to NOT re-elected him.

  2. Agreed. Disallowing use of the drug itself is by far a small price compared to the cost of disallowing hemp. It’s shameful and shows how countries are just run by corporations. The original Declaration of Independence was written on Hemp Paper.

  3. I can’t believe PA wasted 300 million of this, now they can use that 300 million for the roads.

  4. The lies about marijuana are only a small part of the problem. The fact that prohibition prevents the use of hemp is complete corruption. The truth needs to get out as far and wide as possible.

  5. Lot’s of us in PA are beginning to make our voices heard and publicly supporting Daylin Leach’s courageous stand to bring common sense to Pennsylvania government. We need to keep the pressure on.

    Use NORML’s and MPP’s websites to send messages to your representatives, they hear these and respond to them. When they keep hearing this message it gives them confidence to cosponsor legislation that Leach introduces.

    We’ve kept quiet for so long because we just wanted to be left alone, but that doesn’t change anything. Since the election day victories we can become emboldened and feel justified in demanding that our government allow us to live our lives as we see fit when we aren’t hurting anyone.

  6. I hope the legalization of cannabis happens sooner than not here in PA. Enjoying cannabis does not make a person a criminal, and I think that alcohol is far worse, but yet legal. Seems like in the last 5 years, the state has trouble passing a budget without having to cut funding to important programs, such as education. Uncle Tom better pull his head out of his ass. The legalization would mean more revenue, and not only that, but less money spend housing non-violent criminals. It would do so much to boost the state economy as well, with people opening up coffee shops to gather and smoke in. Sheesh! Let’s hope the politicians get it together!

  7. Conservatives4Legalization on

    Holy shit! I live in pa and in montgomery county. Damn straight Leach. I didn’t vote for him but happy as hell with him.

  8. “this will inevitably happen. Demographics and exposure will in time
    defeat irrational fears, old wives tales and bad science. This bill
    furthers the discussion, which hastens the day.”

    Too bad there isn’t something that will counteract stupidity and obstinance or we would all be enjoying prosecution free Cannabis.

  9. OldsVistaCruiser on

    Unfortunately, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is stuck with many conservative legislators who feel that the clock should be turned back 50 years, not brought in line with the times, including one prominent legislator who even opposes the state’s lottery. The Republican Party has controlled the General Assembly for as long as I can remember, and I will turn 49 in late January. We also have a very conservative GOP governor who would veto this bill in a heartbeat if it was to pass.

  10. Finally, Im proud of Pa. Wish us luck and write your legislators in support, I did. “The times they are a changin”

  11. At least we see one smart law maker, too bad we cant elect more like him. The facts are out, the truth is now known, cannabis/marijuana has been lied about for 74yrs., Prohibition doesnt work, it creates more problems than the drugs would or could ever cause. Marijuana itself is non toxic and in that sense shouldnt even be called a drug but again lies have caused this and the truth will end it! So get out there and spread the truth lets end this suffering and injustice once and for all!

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