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Meet The People That Will Be Helping Shape Oregon’s Recreational Marijuana Industry Rules

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(via oregonlive.com)

The state in which I was born, raised, and have lived all of my life in, Oregon, legalized recreational marijuana during the 2014 Election. It’s still surreal for me to type that. Every time I do, I get chills up and down my spine. In less than two months I will no longer have to live in fear, because on July 1 the personal possession and cultivation provisions of Oregon Measure 91 will begin. I will no longer have to worry about a random knock on my door, or worry about a neighbor narcing on me because my preferred substance of choice is different than theirs (and is better for my body too!).

Oregon residents will be able to possess and cultivate marijuana starting this summer, but it will still be awhile before people are able to go to stores to buy marijuana over the counter. There are still a lot of rules that have to be hashed out (pun not intended) before consumers can visit storefronts. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) announced who will make up the advisory committee that will help shape the rules for those storefronts. Those members are listed below, via OregonLive.Com:

Cedar Grey, a medical marijuana grower in Williams. He owns Siskiyou Sungrown.

Brent Kenyon, owner of Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine in Ashland

William Simpson, a medical marijuana grower in West Linn whose company is called Chalice Farms

Mowgli Holmes, of Portland, owner of Phylos Bioscience

Hunter Neubauer, of Bend, owner of OreGrown

Anthony Johnson, of Portland, chief petitioner Measure 91

Theresa Marchetti, of Tualatin, who works for Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement

Doug Breidenthal, Jackson County commissioner

Jeff Kuhns, deputy chief, Keizer Police Department

Craig Roberts, Clackamas County sheriff

Paul Frasier, Coos County district attorney

Paul Lewis, Multnomah County health officer

Nicole Rowe, of Portland, independent consultant

Ryan Christensen, of Portland, entrepreneur

I think that’s a pretty balanced group. I’m really glad to see Anthony Johnson’s name on that list. If the other members are smart, they will listen to the seemingly endless supply of wisdom that Anthony Johnson possesses. I have seen him be the voice of reason and fairness on many, many occasions, and the State of Oregon is lucky to have him on this committee. The OLCC also established two permanent subcommittees. There are a couple of names on one of those subcommittee lists that I’m not the biggest fan of, but I’m confident that the other members of the group can keep them in check. Anthony Taylor is a fantastic pick for the subcommittee he is on, and could easily have been a part of any of the groups.

How do readers feel about the group? Is there too much representation for any particular group? Not enough of any particular group? What rules do you want to see them tackle first, and is there any advice that you would offer them? I know at least some of them check this blog regularly, and your words of wisdom just might help them during the process that they are about to go through.

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  1. Did you read of 3 natural docs being killed lately in a short amount of time? One very recent In Florida a woman.

  2. Both neurologists & pediatrician groups have come out in support of cannabis. They can’t be puppets of pharma because cannabis treats conditions there are no pharma treatments for.

  3. Glad to see no AMA doctors on the panel. The AMA has consistently opposed the medical use of marijuana despite it’s proven safety and effectiveness. Surely, these puppets of big pharma corporations would not be responsible to our COMMUNITY.

  4. what I don’t like and I don’t know if anybody has talked about this. is the fact that they’re calling a plant mature anytime that it’s in the flower stage. That’s incorrect. A plant is mature when it’s ready to harvest. Any farmer knows that. anybody that has a garden knows that. I think is just a political move by people that have money to control the situation and I see that’s what we have happening.

  5. Bongstar420 on

    Consumers can grow 4 plants hand hold 8 oz. I consume less than that and produce more.


  6. I am disappointed that there is not ONE person from Eastern Oregon. The prohibitionist views of Malheur and Baker Counties will just ignore this committee and Measure 91 like they do the OMMA laws. It will still be illegal in Eastern Oregon, despite what the rest of Oregon does. They will invent new charges to continue their war on cannabis. I hope the OLCC realizes the dangers with this rebellion and it’s willful ignorance of the law and deals with them accordingly..

  7. Sorry. I don’t think that’s a very balanced group. I see businesses, police, government agencies – everyone but the biggest stakeholders – the consumers!

    Perhaps reform movement leaders could be considered consumers, but I’ll bet most of their contact is with marijuana businesses.

    A STRONG effort should be made to include some average consumers in the discussions. Isn’t that what all this is really about? – I’d almost move to Oregon to be on the committee.

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