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Peter Buckley’s Take On Proposed Drastic Changes To Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

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A member of The Weed Blog team, Kaliko, e-mailed one of the members of the Joint Committee tasked with implementing Oregon’s new marijuana legalization law. The committee is considering making drastic changes to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program as part of them getting Oregon ready for recreational marijuana. I have posted several articles this week about Senate Bill 844 and the Dash-6 Amendments and how bad it will be for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program and its participants.

Kaliko e-mailed Representative Peter Buckley today and got a response. I figured I’d post it for TWB readers to see:

Aloha, Esteemed Committee Member!

I’m writing you to urge you to please vote ‘NO’ on the Senate Bill 844 Dash 6 Amendments because I believe it contains many unnecessary provisions. These burdensome regulations calling for inspections of home grows and limits on plant numbers only affect the most desperate people in the program.

I understand that your committee is tasked with implementing Measure 91 and trying to mitigate the flow of marijuana into the black market, to that end, I urge you to focus on Measure 91 and building a system that people want to participate in. The “abusers” in the OMMP who would be in gross violation of the proposed plant limits will see that there is more profit to be made in the legal markets, if it is done correctly.

These regulations all but ensure that thousands of sick and disabled patients will lose safe access to medicine, hurting their quality of life. Limiting patient gardens and placing unnecessary rules, inspections, fees and reporting requirements on growers will force many out of the medical system and potentially into the black market…which is contradictory to your stated objective.

I appreciate you taking the time to understand a complex issue, and hope that you will vote against the dash 6 amendment to SB 844.


Below is Representative Peter Buckley’s response:


Thank you for your email.

The amendment grandfathers in all current grower/patient relationships for this year, and only reduces number of plants for a very small number of current growers after a year (96 plants for grows outside cities, etc., and 24 plants for inside urban residential). Any new grower, someone starting after Jan. 1, 2015, would see lower limits, but we’re determined to make sure all patients continue to have access to all medicine they need.

In addition, the amendment allows growers to be compensated for their labor for the first time.  So we’re trying to get to a place where everybody benefits–patients, growers and neighbors of growers inside urban residential.

Our challenge is to try to ensure enough marijuana for the OMMP and for the M91 outlets as well, and to cut back on the black market at the same time. Without some ability to regulate the amount grown in our state overall, the black market route is a given.

Whatever gets accomplished this session will be revisited in 2016, 2017 and beyond to make sure we are not having a negative impact on patients. That is the priority of the committee.


Thoughts TWB readers?


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  1. Buckleys view is that of someone who knows nothing of the needs of the medical community. The amendment is a joke and will cripple medical and create a HUGE black market as no grower small or large can afford to jump through all the hoops to sell to a dispensary (leaving the sick with no care).

  2. Laurie Richards on

    Well here in Seattle we’ve got troubles – the recreational shops — no one is going in to ’em so they dropped the price to compete with medical — so I say boycott the recreational stores — for one their quality is not all that great — they’re fooling everyone. I looked at a nug under a scope the other day and they were just clear and cloudy and no amber — great for stoners but not so great for those who use it for medical — harvested way too early at least for my taste — it was covered up with some dab — they are trying to squeeze the medical and the black market but it’s not working — they are letting these million dollar grows come in with greenhouses and the smell is everywhere in regular neighborhoods — not sure why there rules are different than those growing medical — folks just aren’t going to like it.

  3. Paul N. Chucker on

    Everybody in Oregon or that has lived there knows that between the indoor Portland weed being sold and the Southern Oregon outdoor being exported, the only choice they had was to limit the counts and weights on OMMP. People were making bank on the back of patients cards, giving the patients the crap, and selling or holding the rest. Does Genesis come to mind, ask some of his patients about him and then ask how long he has had his new house! And most don’t know that if you try to have rec and med at the same residence, it won’t work, it will make you over your numbers or weight on the Med side and vice versa on the rec side, you can’t combine the two per residence. The problem is so many have been doing this selling or exporting in Oregon for so long, they actually don’t think its wrong, etc. Also, ever wonder why so many Martial Arts instructors in the Medford area are mulitpatient growers? Ever wonder why the largest farms being registered in the OMMP in Selma belong to Orange County, CA residents? Use your fucking heads, people, in Oregon, for the most part, folks are growing and selling weed instead of working and the worst part is, if they are patients, they aren’t even concerned with growing their own for themselves, its all about multiplot, multipatient grows to make money. I’ve also never seen another state that had so many non users growing for others, do you really think they know what they are doing and do you really thing since they don’t use the medicine, it sits all year in their cupboard waiting for patient requests? People are really blind to what is going on in Oregon, legalization is gutting the med atmosphere and so you get what you get. With legalization, its nothing more than a cig or a beer or glass of wine. That’s a slap in the face to the actual med patients that use it to keep off narcotics or use it for many other ailments that it helps with. You get what you get, Oregon, you let the compassion groups run black market for years, hiding and lying, and now that the secrets are out about all the selling going on and the legislatures are adjusting accordingly, many of the no work, cash croppers off patients backs are crying foul. Fuck em! They made this mess and tried to cover it up, you get what you get. JMHO

  4. D Armstrong on

    It was ALL started by MEDICAL MJ…now what? SOS find your black market connection!D Ar

  5. Bongstar420 on

    It would be a shame for all those Californians to lose their Oregon Connection…Just a shame

  6. Bongstar420 on

    A talented grower will only “need” the basic entry cost of a 4 patient grow. The grower picks up 1 slot per outlet per month or so and has a full fledged big grow in a couple years if they are good.

  7. Bongstar420 on

    An individual patient can now have 6 huge plants under OMMP + 4 huge plants under M91 with a carry of 24 oz + 8oz dry flower…A grower can have up too 24 huge plants under OMMP + 4 huge plants under M91 in a city…Vegetative plants do not count as “mature” under the changes and therefore your huge vegetative plants are not part of the total plant count. That effectively makes an urban grow possibly harvesting 24lbs a month if they can manage it with a 6lb carry.

  8. I don’t see how setting tighter regulations on plant amounts would help curb black market sales. Wouldn’t that actually have the reverse effect and drive more growers underground? By allowing larger legal amounts of plants that are tracked then growers who want to be on the up and up can compete with market prices. More regulations on businesses just hinders their ability to survive and will for a fact drive more people underground till things are fixed. In my opinion.

  9. John Comyn OfWestley on

    The straw man is insistence on government officials; with lawlessness comes community solidarity. Not everyone wants marijuana in their children’s hands, and as of now it is easier for a child to obtain than an adult.

    Medical Marijuana is the current source of Black Market marijuana. You cannot refute that and seek diversion.

    This hinders the Black Market. Prove otherwise.

    Whether it is the Government or Community, standards are set. If you cannot abide by it, quit crying and take a larger part in the process. Great deeds were not achieved by men who sat at home and made excuses.

    This summer is going to be a hot one.
    Peace. :)

  10. Every government rule comes with enforcers. That is not an assertion. It is an identity.

    And you seem to agree:

    You do not want enforcers at your door?
    Don’t do it. The rules are clear.


    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

  11. John Comyn OfWestley on

    That which can be asserted without evidence can be refuted without evidence. However, keeping up with OLCC we see they are not Legion nor are they another arm of our current standing army called ‘Police’.

    Relax, brother. Look to Baltimore and see result of government gone bad.

    That is not Oregon.

    The Black Market will be reduced to one of generosity: gifts given between friends with no reciprocation.
    I attack it as the competition it is.

    You do not want enforcers at your door?
    Don’t do it. The rules are clear.

    Peace. :)

  12. The Black Market is a feature of rules and regulations.

    Every tax, every regulation comes with it an army of bureaucrats and behind that an army (with guns) of enforcers.

    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

  13. The bill is very complex and now has layers of amendments. Overall I believe the bill is improving and is a step forward. The mature plant limits are balanced by the fact that all medical growers will be able to grow unlimited immature plants of any size. Depending on your growing techniques the plant limits may have increased. This bill now means that patients and growers do not have possession limits at all! Growers for other patients will have to report monthly to OHA and could be subject to inspection. Patients who register as their own grower will not be subject to reporting or inspections. Representative Buckley says the reporting will be easy. The SB 844-10 amendments were about whether local governments can ban dispensaries and processors. On a party line vote the democrats said no bans. Rob Bovett, attorney for the Association of Counties, provided provacative testimony arguing that if the state doesn’t allow local bans then the ensuing litigation may end up overturning Oregon’s medical marijuana law. He also discussed how police want access to more program data so they can crack down on the black market. This issue will be coming up again in the future and activists should be prepared to remind the committee that the point of M 91 was to end marijuana prohibition and focus police on real crimes.

  14. The Measure 91 Committee voted to adopt the SB 844-6 and SB 844-7 amendments and voted to reject the SB 844-10 amendments. SB 844 is a major rewrite of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. Cities can’t ban dispensaries. Processors and growers regulated. Out-of-state ownership prohibited for 4 years for growers and 2 years for processors. Gardens limited to 12 mature plants in city residential areas. Other gardens limited to 48 mature plants with more grandfathered in. Unlimited immature plants allowed and no possession limits.The evolution is televised at http://oregon.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?clip_id=9486

  15. Imagine a grower working there butt off to get to the next level and being left out of the pack due to a post grandfather clause date.

  16. It seems fair to be grandfathered in after this year and not before this bill passes….They are technically basing it from last year, sounds fishy

  17. The logic is sound: Medical Marijuana is source for the majority of non-card carrying imbibers. Once regulation hits: that will be the black market.

    Attack the Black Market as the competition it is.

  18. Manny Stockton on

    I recieved pretty much the exact response. However, having been “grandfathered” into the tattoo regulations 21 yrs ago, and watching OHLA remove the “grandfather” clause 5 yrs aftet adoption gives me pause and makes me worried about the future of OMMP.

    ps in his defense, Buckley was the ONLY rep to even reply.

  19. Remember poop runs downward, so look to the north.. We don’t want any part of Washington’s greedy plan.

  20. The medical and recreational markets should be merged. Just as soon as there are no limits on plants and amounts. Until then, it’s far too soon to subject patients to an experiment.

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