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Petition Filed – Idaho’s New Approach To Marijuana


new approach idaho marijuanaA press release from my hardworking friends at New Approach Idaho:

New Approach Idaho is pleased to announce that we submitted a citizen’s initiative petition named “Idaho’s New Approach to Marijuana” to the Idaho Secretary of State’s office on Friday, February 20th, 2015.

It will be available for circulation at the beginning of April, 2015.

Our petition includes:

The Idaho Medical Marijuana Act, which will create a safe access program for Idaho’s qualified patients to utilize Marijuana as a beneficial medicine. The petition will allow for 12 plants, 3oz of usable marijuana, and medical marijuana organizations.

Decriminalization of 3 oz or less of marijuana for responsible adults, as well as Decriminalization of Marijuana related paraphernalia and a medical exclusion for qualified patients. This makes marijuana an infraction like a traffic ticket, with a fine, instead of a misdemeanor with jail time.

50% of all money collected through the fines from Marijuana and Paraphernalia related possession tickets will be made available to Idaho Public Schools through the Idaho Department of Education.

And an Industrial Hemp program to allow Idaho farmers to participate in the new “green rush” that has emerged through industrial hemp production throughout this country.

We need 6% of the voting population in 18 of Idaho’s legislative districts, or 6% of the general voting population in the state (which ever is greater), in order to get the petition on the ballot for voting in November 2016.

We need these signatures by the end of April 2016 and

Please help us get this petition on the ballot so that we can tell our government what we really want when it comes to Marijuana in Idaho.


~ RSVP to this event, invite your friends and family, and share the link!

~ Register to vote today so that you will be ready to sign the petition when it is released for circulation this April!

If you’ve moved, changed your name or it’s been over four years since the last time you registered/voted, chances are you probably need to register again.

You can download/print a voter reg card at http://www.idahovotes.gov/VoterReg/vtr_reg_form.pdf or you can pick one up from your county’s elections clerks office.

Don’t worry, all the instructions on how to fill it out is attached to the card!

(If you do not know if you are registered to vote, you can also check your status at http://www.idahovotes.gov/YPP_NEW/AmIRegistered.aspx)

~ Awareness is our greatest hurdle, and you our greatest asset in getting past that hurdle.

Please help us by telling everyone you can that the petition is coming and to get registered too!

~ Check out the petition page of our website to stay up to date - http://www.legalize208.org/the-petition.html
(The petition will be uploaded soon for review and comment!)

~ Follow our facebook page - www.facebook.com/newapproachidaho

~ Become a volunteer and help circulate the petition when it is ready! Join our volunteer group here to stay in the loop! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1502047370048259/



If your court ordered sentence is complete, you are free to register, sign petitions & vote!

Thank you for your help. If we combine our voices, we can finally make enough noise to bring logic and justice to Idaho’s archaic and harmful Marijuana Laws!

new approach idaho marijuana legalization


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  1. As much as I’d love to see this pass, it won’t. Even if it gets passed the ballot, our shitty, narrow minded, bigoted, self-righteous, asshole congress people and douche bag governor will work tirelessly to keep things the way they are.

  2. When law enforcement comes to your door you are not required to answer it. They will likely claim they smell marijuana and enter your home if you do. Many arrests and hassles can be avoided if you know your rights. and all of you marijuana activists need to register to vote.. It is your only chance. Give law enforcement something better to do, like fight meth and property crime.

  3. Gorilla grower on

    And when somebody is caught and convicted of a marijuana offense, the only victim in the courtroom is the defendant.

  4. Gorilla grower on

    “They are not just transporting a personal amount. When we stop someone traveling from a legalized state, they are transporting 10-300lbs” I bet this is by far the exception rather than the norm, and it sounds like law enforcement propaganda. Law enforcement is famous for making up any ridiculous lie or excuse to pull somebody over and intimidate them, then search thier vehicle. Like some misinformed ass on a power trip. Know your rights when talkung with police people! if cannabis was legal in Idaho, then nobody would be importing it. And most of what they bring in from a legal state is for personal use and a small quantity. Law enforcement just isn’t finding it. so how is marijuana prohibition working for you so far? It’s not. And it never will because the public doesn’t agree with the law. You will forever fight a losing battle.

  5. I hope this works. I wish Arkansas had worded their petition like this one. I love this one, it makes more sense and should be “The Model” for other states as well. In Arkansas we have the imbecile Jerry Cox that pops up when there is a vote on this here and vomits out lies,disinformation and propaganda along with his delusional bible thumping ranting.

  6. Regardless if they are stopped with high amounts or small amounts, they still shouldn’t get half the sentencing they get. It’s ridiculous. I’ve heard of people getting caught with crumbs and getting in a substantial amount of trouble. This is a fair petition in my Opinion. It’s about money for the state. Any little thing they can do to achieve more money.. legalize it, and you’ll see this state go up on wealth. The facts are true.. look at Colorado.

  7. They are not just transporting a personal amount. When we stop someone traveling from a legalized state, they are transporting 10-300 lbs

  8. Good effort and at some point Idaho will relax the laws maybe not full legal but relaxed …… And I’ve heard and read some horror stories about folks traveling thru Idaho and the trouble they end up in – Leagl in the state you are leaving and the state you are going but you can’t carry between states – that just is not right you should at least be able to transport a personal amount with, silly (greedy) rabbits!

  9. Idaho. The state where legislators actually passed a law requiring the state legislature to oppose any and all relaxation of any cannabis prohibitions.

    Good luck ya all!

  10. Good luck you guys! Watch out for legislators heads exploding… those bastards running the show there really hate weed.

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