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Petition Telling VP Biden To Back Off Marijuana Needs Your Signature


Joe Biden marijuanaI posted an article previously urging TWB readers to sign the White House petition telling Vice President Joe Biden to respect state marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington. Below is the language of the petition, which currently has 16,730 of the 25,000 goal signatures. Please sign it today if you haven’t already!:

Tell VP Biden to end his war on marijuana users and to respect the people of Colorado and Washington

On November 6, the people of Colorado and Washington state passed ballot measures to make the possession of marijuana legal for all adults and to regulate the sale of marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.

Sadly, on Dec. 7, the New York Times reported that top level officials in the Obama administration are conspiring to undermine these historic victories.

Worse, an article published on the same day in Rolling Stone magazine indicated that a ringleader for this anti-marijuana activity is Vice President Joe Biden. A former top White House drug policy advisor was quoted in the article saying, “As long as [Biden] is vice president, we’re very far off from legalization being a reality.”

This is wrong. Mr. Biden should end his war on marijuana users and respect the voters of CO and WA.


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Johnny Green


  1. Johnny, I read this blog for some of the most current Cannabis news available, and I’ll continue to do so. However, don’t expect meaningful feedback when you get into the habit of deleting comments just because they don’t agree with you. Prohibitionists do that. You think that signing a petition that will change nothing makes a significant contribution, fine. I don’t. I’ll put my words, name, and money where I think it’ll actually make a difference.

  2. Cannabis O Mellow 420 song on you tube, the soundtrack to the fast track for legal federal marijuana. As Head of the exec branch Pres OBummer has the power to change the schedule of Pot from1-5, making it an innocuous, un legislated substance. Though its nice to think the Feds will keep pot as low priority , it’s really not a good move for a president to just ignored the federal law, when he can easily help change it.FLY GRREN FLAGS ACROSS AMERICA for NATIONAL LEGAL POT.A populist movement is just as effective as waiting for the inequity of it all to subside. Though great strides have been made in WA and CO, there are still many sitting in jail, and pets being killed by Green Harvets Spraying in Hawaii, in the name of justice?

  3. Johnny Bloomington on

    Johnny, I tried getting you to do a blog on my petition about hemp a while ago which you said you’d do but didn’t. Whats the point in posting this when VP has no power regarding weed?

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