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Petition The White House To Allow Industrial Hemp Farming


hemp petition white houseA Request For Presidential Action Related To The Cultivation Of Industrial Hemp By US Farmers

This petition requests that President Obama instruct Attorney General Eric Holder to work with the states of Colorado and Washington [and additionally any state in the future who, through ballot initiative and an affirmative vote of the state’s citizens, pass similar laws]to honor the legalization of industrial hemp as a states rights issue. Further, we request that in the event of the failure of the 113th Congress to act on pending legislation addressing both states rights and de-coupling that the President issue an Executive Order de-coupling industrial hemp from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, honor the rights of the states in the absence of a change in current federal law and move the regulatory oversight of industrial hemp from the DEA to USDA

Created: Jan 16, 2013

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  2. This needs to be added to the Farm Bill… I signed the petition, but you SHOULD be calling your US Senators and Congressmen to get this done. The WH isn’t going to do shit about anything marijuana! So sign the petition, but follow up with CALLS or Letters to DC. Industrial Hemp could create another Manufacturing Economy for us, rather than the Service Based Economy that we’re TRYING to live in today! A professor of mine in college told me 20 yrs ago that “…we cannot sustain the standards of living we are today (1983) with our Economy being a “Service Based” economy. If you don’t PRODUCE something, the country’s economy will LAG.” Looks like he was RIGHT! But Industrial Hemp should be added to the Farm Bill and THAT’S where you have SOME power as a constituent. STAY ON THEM TOO! Don’t just call and say something ONE time. Make him KNOW your name whenever he turns around. Have them discussing YOU at the Dinner table. THAT’S the only way that we’re going to get this Government and Economy to move in ANY upward direction.

  3. DavidTheExpert on

    Hey everyone, let’s all sign another meaningless online petition!!! They may have ignored the last 200 cannabis-related petitions we signed, but maybe this one will be the one!!!

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