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Pez Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Pez Marijuana Strain Review

Pez dispensers were the greatest trick ever pulled on kids: Here, take this candy, then load it up into this goofy toy, then slowly eject them for eating. Cut out the toy and who cares, right? Well, the folks at New Horizons in Colorado Springs have your back with their own Pez strain, and all you have to do is load it into your favorite bowl or vape. Everything about the smell and structure screams, “sativa” at us, from its candy-like sweetness to its dark orange hairs on thin, long buds. The office smelled like we had just hosted a bunch of trick-or-treaters.

The effect, however, was a good mix of pain relief with an uplifting, peaceful buzz that it must owe to Livity in the cross. The Afghani came through heavy, though, after half an hour or so. Watching a horror flick was a bad choice, as we felt very much like kids: paranoid and anxious about noises around the house. Use Pez in small doses and it should give you that almost sugar-high. Like most candy, moderation is a good thing with this highly potent strain.

Strain review courtesy of Culture Magazine, the photos below are courtesy of WeedPhotos.Com:

pez marijuana strain

pez marijuana strain


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  2. There is no photo shop.  I have met the creator of WeedPhotos and they just do fantastic pictures.  I have been trying to get them to do posters!

  3.    I have been partaking of some of the best weed in this world but I do not think I”ve ever seen anything this pretty in years. Is there some photo shop involved in these pictures ? These pix R incredible. I wish that I could C these buds in person ,LOL  puff puff pass.

  4. Mommyslilplaytoy on

    We had an awesome strain of duncanville back in the late 70s that looked so similar. So nugliscious!!!

  5. Gorgeous!  I can just taste it and feel melting in my lungs and on my tongue!  MMMMMHHH  MMMMMM  GOOOD!

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