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Pharmaceutical Companies Rush To Patent Medical Marijuana


pharmaceutical companies medical marijuana patentBy TruthOnPot.Com

It seems like one of the greatest fears of the medical marijuana community is slowly being realized, as corporations quickly adopt cannabinoids into their vast profile of patented medicines. Leading the charge is GW Pharmaceuticals (1), a UK- based pharmaceutical company who manufacturers Sativex, an outrageously overpriced oral spray that relies on THC and CBD for its medical effects.

Although Sativex is not currently available to patients in the U.S., it can be prescribed in Canada, the UK and other European countries, at a price of £175 per bottle. As crazy as it sounds, the only difference between a £175 bottle of Sativex and a $20 bottle of marijuana extract from your local dispensary are the patents that GW Pharma has been all-too-quick to file.

Just last month, GW Pharma’s newest patent application (2) was published with the title “Phytocannabinoids in the treatment of cancer.” That’s right, the makers of Sativex are trying to patent the compounds of marijuana for treating all forms of cancer. But is that even allowed?

Probably not, since medical marijuana’s cancer-fighting effects have been well known since the 70s, not to mention prominent spokespeople of the movement, such as Rick Simpson, who have provided personal testimonies of marijuana’s ability to cure cancer. As a result, it is unlikely that a patent would be granted on medical marijuana itself or common extracts like hemp oil.

Even still, pharmaceutical companies are well aware of the loopholes in patent laws that can easily be exploited by slightly altering a chemical or formula, which is what seems to be the case with GW Pharma. In their most recent patent, all GW Pharma had to do to claim exclusive rights to the cancer-fighting effects of cannabis was to call it a “botanical drug substance”, which they define as a mixture of cannabinoids and non-cannabinoid materials. As a result, GW may just be holding the golden ticket to a cutting-edge cure for cancer, something that has eluded medical research for decades.

It’s interesting to note that GW is not the first to exploit the medical properties of marijuana by form of a patent. In fact, it is almost common knowledge among the medical marijuana community that the U.S. government has been actively involved in obtaining patent rights on cannabinoids. Patent #6630507 (3) was granted to the Department of Health and Human Services in 2003 for “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants,” which clearly outlines their usefulness as a treatment for stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

Unfortunately, it’s not just GW Pharma and the feds than seem interested in monopolizing the medical marijuana market. Cannabinoid patents have been filed and granted to all sorts of corporations and individuals for some of the most obvious of inventions. But there’s really nothing we can do about it, since the federal government continues to state that marijuana is not a medicine, preventing honest and not-for-profit organizations from conducting human trials. And by preventing human trials, the feds have created a large gap in research and development that can only be filled by profit-driven corporations seeking to monopolize the incredible medical properties of nature’s most unique plant.

Once again, it seems like average citizens will fall victim to Big Pharma in their rush to claim the medical marijuana industry as their own. Sadly, it may just be a matter of time until hemp oil is wiped out and patients will be charged 10 times more for a bottle of Sativex, courtesy of the genius inventors at GW Pharmaceuticals.


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  1. Danny Holloway on

    Can all inventions be patented?
    No. An invention can only be patented if it is:
    • new – not already known to the public before the date a patent is applied for;
    • inventive – not an obvious modification of what is already known;……
    Other ideas that cannot be patented are:
    • scientific or mathematical discoveries, theories or methods;……
    • methods of medical treatment.

  2. In the time spent complaining about it, you could have invested in it. Its not as though hemp oil sprays will infringe on GW’s patents, their strains and mixture are proprietary and unique. They cannot patent a previously existing product, lol. They are one of the only companies who currently do controlled genetic breeding of the plant, while the medical cannabis community eternally churns out higher and higher THC-bearing plants. CBD was almost completely bred out of the California gene pool. If you ask me, the company is correcting a market inefficiency caused by the fact so many medical-marijuana consumers are only looking for THC, when all the other cannabinoids would remain bred-out and untested. Bless GW pharma for not being as short sighted as the MMJ industry has been so far.

  3. Possession of Cannabis as well as all herbal medicines being criminalized is just part of the war. An infinitely greedy sub cult of the pig worshiping tribe owns a monopoly on the monetary system. They finance and profit from both sides of every war since and including WWI. They sided with Hitler against communism and profited from the Holocaust yet we never hear the total premature violent death due to the war they profited from is between 50 and 90 million. The Zionists who financed Hitler profited from the Holocaust, yet if you say anything against then, they will label you a bigoted anti-Semitic. The since WWII US wars and intervention have violently killed another 30 million. We need to organize and force the inbred infinitely greedy class of people I call ZioNazis out of power. Jews, for the most part are not ZioNazis. Many real Jews protest against Zionism and Apartheid in Israel. The war against natural herbs is a war against the people of the Planet. Free ourselves and our natural medicinal plants will be ours.

  4. The D.E.A. is seeding a GMO version of marijuana in South America, it is invasive and produces no THC. Good luck growing outdoors in the near future.

  5. What idiots honestly believed that medical marijuana laws would lead to the freedom to use marijuana recreationally nationwide? Every State in America has what they call illegal possession of a regulated drug laws. That means being caught with a non-pharmaceutical made bag of weed, which used to be a misdemeanor, is now Felony Prescription Drug Possession. Look it up. You people made marijuana taxable, regulated and more illegal for recreational users.

    “Bud-Tenders” earning $25.00 an hour to retail pot; hilariously stupid. The federal government gets half of gross revenues on all marijuana and marijuana-based products according to the law passed during Reagan…that is before State taxes! This country is a joke.

  6. you heard right. monsanto sued a farmer in indiana for using his own soy beans to plant a crop! monsanto won and a judge ruled the farmer had to pay them 80 grand. i recall reading that obama made one of monsanto’s people head of an ag program. does anyone know which gov agency it was?

  7. dont spose you wanna explain how a company with a UK based licence to produce 20-30 tonnes of Medical cananbis for a legit script med for MS and Cancer could possibly ” monopalise” the entire medical cannabis industry, which currently consumes many thousands of tonnes per annum isplace where its legal to do so ?

    you r lying, and if u did some actual research instead of dumb wowsering u might find that 5 of the ten big Phaarm companies inlcuding Pfizer have researched cannabinoid medicines and rejected further research,.,.theres no other companies planning to release ‘any’ new cannabinoid medicines.

    Patents are a normal part of business, if u dont own something or own the licence to it u cant supply it, especially in highly restricted industries such as Pharma…as its medicine . if it genuinley helps patients them all good really, infiltrating the pharmecutical scene with real cannabis will only help the cause of MC grow…

    so grow up and stop trying to blow an issue out of context, theres room for ALL kinds of medical cannabis use for all levels of health care, they r not mutually exclusive…

  8. the patent is valid untill 2012 after that generics will be available to the public all over the world- in the long term its legalization, in the short tirm we are still growing and using it…so as i see it they will not be able to accomplish what they are trying to do.

    they tried to do it with neem oil…didnt work out, now we know that we may as well go to court with them- they will lose as i have books from 2001 describing the supercritical extraction of cannabis-meaning they dodnt invent anything really…so when it will come to court they will probably loose, unless the judge is bought out.

  9. Bob Carter on

    This is BS I am a Medical Cannabis patient In Canada and the pill is avalable there, it is CRAP two tyonal works better.First of all Big Pharma would have to produce 300 different pills to match 300 strains, it has taken me two years of trying this strain & that and yes breeding to get the right one FOR ME for Maximum Pain Reduction, is it Sativa or Indica? each have different THC and CBD Levels, this is so Wrong! Cannabis has been a edible and smokable Medicine for 3000 years it has helped so many people.

  10. The article say’s; quote; ,, Just last month, GW Pharma’s newest patent application (2) was published with the title Phytocannabinoids in the treatment of cancer.”

    The patent ALSO speaks ” the of prevention of.. “

  11. Quote; Just last month, GW Pharma’s newest patent application (2) was published
    with the title “Phytocannabinoids in the treatment of cancer.” Its patent say’s also; ” the prevention of.. “

  12. They can patent all they want but no one is going to buy their expensive crap. As soon as the world wakes up to the lies its been told and understands that cannabis is an extremely healthy and nutritional vegetable, it will pop up in farmer’s markets all across the globe. This could happen even before the laws change, but will certainly happen after.

  13. Great read My name is Terrance Brown and I have frontal lobe damage to my brain ” and I have been smoking Marijuana since the age of ten I am now 48 and full of integrity and now face a challenge that makes them think Howe did this young man acquire all this I say letting the days go by is what they do not under stand

  14. I’m not 100% sure that cannabioid-based pharmaceuticals are such a bad thing. If anything, I’d think that it lends credibility to the cause of medical cannabis. Sure I don’t agree that people should pay exorbitant amounts for something they csn grow freely, but it might be a wedge we can use against prohibition overall.

  15. have been watching since he signed over rights to only one company allowed to grow cannabis in december 2011—made no sense at the time except that this was coming–it was quickly silenced and only saw it once–just been waiting –thats why they have been so quiet about the legalizations and not divulging a plan other than him going and having colorado governor sign where the secret service can arrest any county officer if they dont up hold the law–i know appeared to bejust for gun control but he is smarter than that— had he (governor) not signed it the feds cud not have gone in legally and done what they want to do –not even the dea if governor says not constituitional and not going to allow-why just do in colorado and not other states? only makes sense they will be hit hard–probably on both issues. ——what needs to be done is declare prohibition unconstituitional period. Reason I say this is ppl need to look up the constitution and the agreement between the states (look up defintion actually states r little countries that signed and agreed as long as constitutional they agree to be bound to the feds as one country–however if the feds try to do something unconstituional that state is not bound to remain in the agreement and can opt out and become their own country again—PROBLEM—MONEY TALKS AND ALL FED ASSIST WILL BE TAKEN AWAY– there is a way and with the growth and sales wudnt need the feds to help–wud solve many problems from education (they cud teach the truth instead of having to strictly follow the fed education board that is full of big shot names i dont have to mention–when u get down to the truth of who owns what–the names r there. basically by signing that he gave them free reign and to secret service who only answers to him??? time to wake up and use the constituition and the aggreement signed in the beginning against them—once one state does it and i see texas as only possiblity at this point–others wud follow suit and they know it—thats why he flew all the way out there to have him sign it. -makes no sense anyother way u look at it.. we all know that each cannabinoid found so far does a different “job” all r necessary to do the healing–u cant just use one and u cant just pick and choose—research what has been put into vaccines–then look for a study anywhere that says it proves vaccines stopped anything ever–u wont find anywhere—when first vaccine (i have some cognitIve issues and cant remember i believe was small pOx) whatever it was done and over with only new cases that were found were after children i believe in ohio and i cud be wrong on the state cut i know general area is correct (if i am not sure i tell–when i say it i have seen it–fyi)–but only new cases of it after vaccine created were by children who had received the vaccine. And they say cannabis not safe due to not enough research–make them show u the proof that vaccines given to children in the 20’s in number before age of 2 —which means b4 their immune system is developed and working—no studies/proof–not even enough studies on what happens to children thru out life who have recieved and never b4 so many given–research that and u come up with the same family name behind it all.—i have seen where in late 30’s the gvrnmnt was given the cure for cancer patented by 3 scientists, given for free to the feds ” for we the PEOPLE” FUNNY THAT PROHIBITION STARTED AROUND SAME TIME and most of what i see says they have known since the 70’s but they have known alot longer than that due to that patent. may take somE digging–i had all the proof on old acct that got hacked in the notes—listed for just me to see –thinkin they wud leave alone–but 40,000 hacks shown to me by fb wh took over my computer to show me and that was done in hours not days–i have no banking info/never purchase anything on line —only fb info on my pc to be gotten and any other info they cud get from a simple search on (i beleive called people search com?), easily and free for any info on my pc they didnt need to do anything else.we all know any cannabinoid changed for a patent wud have to have another chemical link attached and that makes in non bio identical to the body and causes more problems than help )best proof of that is researching bio identical hormones and what progestin vs bio identical progesterone does to you….i no longer trust any of them–same family created germ warfare/hired the scientist from germany after wwii and brought over here—so much more to all of that it is sickening—want a clue as to why/how and what has been used for already read book “lab 357 ” (cud b 257 but i think i am right on original)—also the claim and request from gvrnmnt on anti depressants and what really does to you by a scientist who worked on it–pushed thru in 2 weeks thru fda by gvrnmnt due to an epidemic of depression in this country???? now over 50% of country has been on and often under demise of another illness like fibromyalgia but in order to get insurance to pay for u must have dx of depression so thats what they put on there.—name of book and real eye opener is “prozac now” i believe written in 1999 (that may be year i found it though) . there are ways though and i believe begins by going thru supreme court to declare unconstituional but look at who those ppl have worked for in the past and may give a big clue as to reason probably wudnt go thru—-oh and where is their mega research proving so harmful??? proving alone that docs can hardly ever get it to do studies like they want them—shud count for something–that their type of research is being denied— and we all know why –because it cant be proven harmful and just by all i have seen today they can nolonger say it has no medicianl value—-if anyone wants proof of anything i have said u can msg me–the original one i found last year about patent from the late 30’s i have not looked for and not sure if cud be found–someone cud find it though i am sure—and gulf war syndrome recently inlast year proven to be fragmented DNA when original vid came ou on youtube at the end it said they loooked at cfs/me blood and found same thin–also on hacked acct i refuse to touch with my new pc–but may still be up —probably in notes or drafts for only me to see–had the original one–i looked in december and gone (just the end part saying cfs/me also same fragmented DNA–depending on what chromosome affected wud explain why symptoms can be different for all—how many with all these tons of auto immune diseases and what we call invisible diseases like ones mentioned including numerous others we never saw when we were kids–like autism/lymes chronic/cat scratch fever and list goes on and on—too many ppl getting it now—if put in vaccines on purpose what do u think they put in meds we take—including chemo and radiation. i will quit now–just my opinion but at this point i think our only hope—- I have seen with all past exec orders done–it is the silence of what is happening that is so freightening–when it takes months for rand paul to get an answer as to whether they wud use the NDAA AGAINST AMERICANS OR NOT AND FACT THEY NO LONGER FEEL THE NEED FOR CONGRESSIONAL APROVAL TO ATTACK ANOTHER COUNTRY—THE SILENCE HAS TOLD THE STORY TIME AND TIME AGAIN–IF THEY SAY NOTHING NO ONE SEES IT COMING AND THEN IT IS DONE–STAND STRONG AND TALL—-THE ONLY ONE THAT WINS THE RACE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT REFUSES TO LOOSE – I SEE NO OTHER WAY FOR US TO BE ABLE TO USE WHAT WE WANT FREELY TO HEAL THE DAMAGE CREATED BY THEM AND STAY AWAY FORM DOCS—WHO OFTEN DONT TELL US THE TRUTH/CHART THINGS DIDNT HAPPEN AND THEN USED AGAINST US W/O US KNOWING WHAT WAS WRITTEN AND WHAT U GONNA DO ABOUT IT—COURTS LOOK AT IT LIKE THE GOSPEL TRUTH EVEN WHEN NEVER HAPPENED.MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PROTECT THIS PLANT FROM ANY DANGER–AND PLS GOD DO WHAT U MUST TO GIVE US BACK THE AWESOME PLANT WITH THE AWESOME POWER TO HEAL US JUST THE WAY YOU MEANT IT FOR–FOR U KNEW THERE WUD BE A DAY U WUD WANT US TO HAVE IT–TO HEAL OURSELVES FROM THE POWER OF GREED—-AND A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE BELIEVED FOR DECADES IT WAS ALL A LIE AND STANDING STRONG WHILE SOME OF US WERE STILL BUYING THERE CRAP—SERIOUSLY THANK YOU—MANY HAVE PAID A HIGH PRICE AND STILL REMAINED ADIMANT AND PASSIONATE—WE OWE OUT THANKS TO YOU AND YOU ALONE FOR NOT BUYING INTO THE CRAP THEY DISHED OUT—WE OWE ALL OF U A GREAT DEAL OF GRATITUDE—I LOOK AT IT THIS WAY—WHY WUD I TRUST A GROUP OF PPL (FAMILY WHO DEVELOPED THESE DISEASES AND POISONED US WITH THEIR “LEGAL” DRUGS AND PUT THINGS IN US AND OUR CHILDREN IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN CONSTANT CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE DENIED THESE DISEASES EXIST OR THAT THEY CREATED AND R STILL GIVING—TO MAKE A DRUG TO CURE ME??? ALL IN THE NAME OF PROFIT—WHILE WE WATCH FAMILY MEMBERS ENDURE LITERAL TORTURE AT THEIR HANDS AND BANKRUPT AND SPLIT FAMILIES UP—WHY IN THE WORLD WUD I TRUST THEM TO CURE ME WHEN GOD HAS GIVEN US A PLANT TO ALL FREELY TO HEAL US FROM WHAT HE KNEW WUD EVENTUALLY COME??? AMKES NO SENSE TO ME—-ESPECIALLY AFTER THEIR DRUGS HAVE DONE MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD AND WORSE OFF 13 YEARS LATER OR AT LEAST NO BETTER??? MAKES NO LOGICAL SENSE AND A GVRNMNT WHO SINCE 80’S LEGALLY EXPERIMENTS AND WEAKENS OUR MILITARY KNOWINGLY AND DENIES TRTMNT TO THEM AND THIER FAMILIES AFTER DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE??? WHO WUD TRUST THEM?? NOT ME AND I TAKE OFFENSE AT HAVING TO SEE A DOC TO PRESCRIBE SOMETHING THAT WILL NOT HARM ME–WHEN THEY HAVE HARMED SO MANY OF US–JUST OUT #2 KILLER OF PATIENTS IS DUE TO “LEGAL” TRTMENTS DISTRIBUTED TO PATIENTS BY THEIR DOCS.??? IF WASNT SO TRUE PPL WUD THINK IT WAS A FICTIONAL STORY AND THATS HOW THEY GET US.—I AM IN CHARGE OF MY BODY AND MY BELIEFS BELONG TO ME—AND SO SHUD MY CHOICES AS LONG AS THEY DONT HARM ANY ONE ELSE——I SEE ALOT OF HARM BUT NOT DONE BY PATIENTS BUT EVERYONE ELSE CLAIMING THEY R THERE TO PROTECT US–I DONT NEED THEM

  16. When Sativex is FDA approved, it will be the only “medical cannabis” that the government will tolerate. It is made from GMO raw cannabis and in available in different strengths. It is a peppermint flavored oral oil spray. This is why we must repeal prohibition in order to provide access to those who use cannabis as a medicinal herb.

  17. umm…well, as far as we know…No one can patent it…..the US Government has the patent already…..so what could be patented? hmmm

  18. i hear the fu@kers got a law passed to give them power over our food supply (veg.) but not a chance over weed .

  19. In order to patent something there has to be something unique, one of a kind, something that did not exist before. Doesn’t there need to be exclusivity in some form, or a novel approach to cultivation that makes a plant substance patentable?

    Cannabis is a plant that has been available for thousands of years (as stated above). It’s medicinal value was even known in America as doctors carried cannabis tinctures in their medical bags. Cancer fighting abilities of cannabis is common knowledge, so I believe any attempt to patent cannabis’s many constituents will be difficult.

    Cannabis activists will have to shift our activism to ensuring that the many active constituents in cannabis will remain emancipated from corporate or private exclusivity. If there is any one company to fear it might be Monsanto. Even Monsanto will be hard pressed to deliver a patentable RoundUp ready cannabis seed for a plant with hundreds maybe thousands of strains and hybrids (Indica/Sativa percentages).

    I believe a patent does not allow sales of the patentable item, but you can cultivate or create the patented item for personal use without limitations.

    I am going to build a grow room for my plants, plant cannabis in my backyard. I will do guerrilla rows in public parks and waterways and anywhere I can so there will always be some kind of naturally diverse strains in the wild. Cannabis needs to be as common as it was prior to the federal government’s eradication attempts.

    :reddit r/trees

  20. Fantasy article. Pot’s been studied across the globe for years . Who need USA’s permission to study it ? lolol You cant patent something which is free if you grow it .Amatter of time till GW Pharm. is a laughingstock for trying it . I’m wondering Johnny Green believes this crap

  21. Federal agents enforcing monopolies? Yes, they can come to my garden to donate fertilizer. Warm, 6-foot walking bags of FRESH(not dried) blood,bone meal, and the SHIT they have for brains makes an excellent soil conditioner!

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