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Pharmaceutical Company Starts First Human Trials For Cannabis Treatment For Brain Cancer


gw pharmaceutical brain cancer cbd thc cannabisThe pharmaceutical industry taking over the marijuana industry has been something marijuana reform supporters have worried about for a long, long time. I personally don’t want to see a marijuana monopoly by the pharmaceutical industry, and I’m sure you don’t either. On the flip side of that, I do support sick patients getting the medicine they need to alleviate/cure their conditions. It looks like GW Pharmaceuticals is starting human trials to research how THC and CBD interacts with brain cancer cells. How do you feel about this? Below is a press release from the company explaining more:

GW Pharmaceuticals plc (Nasdaq: GWPH, AIM: GWP, “GW”) a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapeutics from its proprietary cannabinoid product platform, announced today it has commenced a Phase 1b/2a clinical trial for the treatment of Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM).

Glioma describes any tumor that arises from the glial tissue of the brain. GBM is a particularly aggressive tumor that forms from abnormal growth of glial tissue. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, GBM accounts for approximately 50% of the 22,500 new cases of brain cancer diagnosed in the United States each year. Treatment options are limited and expected survival is a little over one year. GBM is considered a rare, or orphan, disease by the FDA and the European Medicines Agency, or EMA.

This study follows several years of pre-clinical research conducted by GW in the field of glioma which has demonstrated that cannabinoids inhibit the viability of glioma cells both in vitro and in vivoi,ii via apoptosis or programmed cell death, may also affect angiogenesis, and have demonstrated tumor growth-inhibiting action and an improvement in the therapeutic efficacy of temozolomide, a standard treatment for glioma. In addition, GW has shown tumor response to be positively associated with tissue levels of cannabinoids. GW has identified the putative mechanism of action for our cannabinoid product candidate, where autophagy and programmed cell death are stimulated via stimulation of the TRB3 pathway.
“We are very excited about moving this compound into further human study and the prospects of cannabinoids as new anti-cancer treatments. This is GW’s first clinical study of cannabinoids as a potential treatment to inhibit tumor growth,” stated Dr. Stephen Wright, Director of Research and Development at GW. “We believe this clinical program demonstrates the flexibility and broad application of GW’s cannabinoid platform to treat significant, unmet therapeutic needs.”

This study is a 20-patient, multicentre, two part study with an open-label phase to assess safety and tolerability of GW cannabinoids in combination with temozolomide, and a double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled phase with patients randomised to active or placebo, and with a primary outcome measure of 6 month progression free survival. The study objective is to assess the tolerability, safety and pharmacodynamics of a mixture of two principal cannabinoids, THC and CBD in a 1:1 allocation ratio, in combination with temozolomide in patients with recurrent GBM. Secondary endpoints include additional pharmacokinetic and biomarker analyses and additional measurable outcomes of tumor response.

Source: PRNewswire


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  1. I have been reading about the clinical trial for this new GW pharm product which brought me to this forum which I hope can help me. My daughter is 15 years old she has a brain tumor, grade II giloma. She has been on and off chemo since she was diagnosed with it at 4 years old, just a baby. She had surgery when she was 4 to remove the tumor, the surgeons destroyed her cerebellum in the process. She, a healthy 4 year old child, except for the tumor, was brought into the hospital one day running, playing, laughing, singing then two days later came out of surgery a vegetable. She is disabled from that surgery and will never lead the life she would have, but we have moved on from that. She has made improvements with a lot of physical therapy and hard work. At 15 she is a miracle, she goes to school, walks using a walker and has regained the ability to speak. She has had multiple recurrences of this tumor and has been on 5 different chemo protocols over the past 11 years. She is finishing the current protocol this month. She still has multiple tumors in her brain and one of them in her temporal lobe that causes her to have daily seizures. I have tried RSO for her but she is small for her age only 90lbs and it knocks her out to the point that she cannot function and it seemed to make the seizures worse. I have her on CBD oil from Dixie Botanicals because I can get that legally through the mail, however is has such a low concentration of CBD I don’t think it is really doing much. If a pharmaceutical company comes out with a CBD product that can help my child then I am all for it. We live in a state where you cannot legally purchase it so I am stuck. I do not trust pharm companies. I have lived this nightmare for 11 years now watching my daughter suffer. Most of the chemos she has been on cause more side effects than they are worth. Some of them slow the rate of growth of the tumor but at the risk of causing secondary cancers all while causing pain and suffering to the child. My fear is that this pharm company will modify the meds so that it doesn’t “cure” anything but just keeps the cancer in check so you have to take it for the rest of your life. Their goal is not to cure but to “treat” because cures result in people not needing the meds anymore but treatment results in long term customers. Beyond that I am desperate to help my daughter. The seizures are awful. She already has a hard time trying to live a normal life but with now having seizures on top of everything else it is horrible for her. If anyone on this forum has any suggestions on how I can get the type of oil with high CBD and low THC for my daughter I would be forever grateful. For now I have no choice but to pray that this pharma company gets their product approved for use and fast!

  2. We don’t have adverts for drugs in England,I’m sure they have them somewhere but not on the T.V. or in the papers..Only in the U.S.lol.

  3. Serg Azramenco on

    It looks like you don’t know shit. I a lot of countries it is not illegal to grow the plants and cure yourself.

  4. as soon as I hear “aspergillus” I know it’s a disinfo troll; go away JohnBoy Prohibitch! I was temrinally-ill not very long ago and thanks God for cannabis I’m still here demanding my right to His natural cures. “pHarmaceutical grade” is chemo with 70%+ failure rate, not to mention compromising immune system opening patients up to ALL sorts of creepy ailments. God made the plant, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s never killed ANYONE and I could get aspergillus on my frickin Publix-bought broccoli; that straw-man is fluff!

  5. And let the games begin! :/ They have known since 1974 the Cannabis kills cancer and treats successfully, many chronic illnesses ! with out side effects!!!!!They have knowingly kept it from the public so they could continue to profit on the illnesses of people that by the way they have a lot to do with!!! :( they are killing us with all the toxic poison they are putting in our food water air and on our crops :( Monsanto for one they are allowed to spray round up on our plants that is really asin orange the chemical war gas they used in the Golf war :( and we are not stopping them, Why!!!!! As for the FDA protecting people that is not what they do and that group of people were not put there to do that :/ They were put in place to protect Pharmaceuticals stocks and to help them profit i would put all the facts but it is easy enough to research it…. So Please do we the people have been deceived for a good long time now and we are paying for it :(

  6. I still fail to extract any kind of point or reasoning from your gibberish. You don’t seem to suffer from much except brainwashing.

  7. Judging by the legalization, regulation and taxation laws and ‘gotchas’ they are writing into the laws, (Notice none of this crap is anywhere to be found in the alcohol tax models) they still intend to hang on a tight as they can, before it gets away from them. The mandatory blood levels in the nanogram range and the new breathalyzer they want to use, is further proof that they, ‘the powers that be’, will harass and intimidate us until they can get a few patents out of it (our Government has registered one already). In Washington state, the King county Sheriff’s Office, and a local television station has already done testing and visual study of the effects of cannabis on drivers. Light user, occasional user, and a heavy user with a medical marijuana card from the state. They had a certified state driving instructor, a couple of the Sheriff’s Deputies, a medical response team standing by, and the film crew. It is interesting to see and learn from what they found, but it has been thrown out with the bathwater, when it comes to the Power that be, not wanting to learn anything. I mean, Denver had to hold a vote about whether it was against the law to smoke in your own yard, on your damn porch!!! Yes, it is lawful to smoke it on your own property, but I’d be real careful about who can see you, as there are still malicious people out there, who will call the cops on you, if they see their kids in any proximity to you. Not like you will be giving them any! They can buy their own!

  8. And another patent is born:
    London, UK, 11 December 2013: GW Pharmaceuticals announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a Notice of Allowance for U.S. Application Serial Number 12/996,124, a patent which covers the use of cannabinoids for treating glioma.

  9. well, I told all my peeps about it starting in July, GWPH was $9 a share….in 150 days it went to $36 a share; that’s 400% gain , in less than 6 months , and if they don’t get bought-out by Bayer or Novartis (who are both selling GWs cannabis-products outside the US) this will probably end up being another Amazon/Google type share-appreciation…at least until we take back our God given right to grow any plant we want to…

  10. you can bet that if you follow the money trail behind Otsuka and the licensing deal for Sativex in the US, you will find some greedy politician who is helping secure the monopoly…

  11. The trademark only protects the name, not the actual formula, so the protection would fall more in the line of branding and marketing. Like there are many store brands of Coca-Cola that probably taste just the same, but most people by the brand name because they trust it.

    If I liked a certain strain from a certain grower, and that strain was mostly the same year-in and year-out giving me a stable and reliable source for affordable medicine, and the grower trademarks the name of that great strain… say, something like Nature’s Best… then I can confidently tell other patients about it, and in the end, it will be just like buying any other product with a brand name we trust. (I know, I know, hard to find these days.)

    Now I know growers love to try new strains all the time, and I am all for variety and trying new things, but I’d like to feel safe in the knowledge of the availability (and affordability) of my reliable Nature’s Best medicine.

  12. they could trade mark a name but through selective breeding i could produce the same thing without ever “stealing” intellectual property so………as with the patch….. they selectively pull out compounds from the plant and create a product…. by the way… biotech is not really the same as genetic modification ,,,, i would say with the basic roots of the movement that most of the customer base would stay away from genetically modified cannabis when the original works so well…. if it did happen…. commercially… it would be a loooooong way off….there are tons of products going through testing right now… its all out there to read about… the medicine that there are going to test for epilepsy is estimated to cost 10,000 -15,000 a year for a child vs. 200 a month for the treatment they are getting from suppliers in CO.

  13. As I said below, a grower would have to create an “agriculture biotechnology,” and you’re right, I don’t know what this would entail. I guess if I were really interested, I would look up all the patents that have been filed for cannabis at the Patent Office to give me an idea of what others are claiming. I saw a “patent pending” on the THC transdermal patches, but I haven’t looked into that product yet. There could be some patents that are awaiting approval which have been kept under wraps and not in the news, but the USPTO should have some kind of public filing system.

    Instead of patents, perhaps growers could look into trademarks. If a grower has a great strain, then it could trademark or register the name, offering some protection, if not the same kind that a patent would.

  14. by your logic someone with enough money any flower variation with a different phenotype…. this happens in nature all the time… hence why you can’t patent it…. all of these plant were talking about are of the same group of species that have all been cross breed already…. everything we have is merely a variety of phenotypes…..if you do know how genetic manipulation is conducted then you would understand this i guess….. the pharm companies have patents but only on isolated compounds and products… none of the plants they use have patents on them.. obviously…. growers have no legal recourse to patent a strain( phenotype) because it naturally occurs , thats all these names represent… different phonos … you can’t police nature….. now if i created out of a lab a cross between two totally different species then i would have “invented something” hence how monsanto gets it…

  15. Fluoride Action Network
    It looks like Cranbrook will settle the fluorosis lawsuit out of court for an untold amount of money rather than lose the lawsuit. If you have fluorosis, consider following Kevin Millership’s example and hold your local fluoridating government responsible:

  16. I don’t claim to understand “dude” talk, but here goes…

    What I meant was, don’t fucking bother, you have not done for all two help with getting it legal (was so you now) because you have just realized you can make a fast buck, LOL, well fuck off, the research and testing is done, we don’t need your fucking, need you useless bunch of cu**s. (emoticon with mean face)

    Man, that was hard, don’t think I could have done it without this new sativa. Basically, I think he’s on our side. :)

  17. I agree with both sides of this argument. I would like to add that if we were to just look at the population of patients who are terminally ill, and who then make a decision to medicate with marijuana, you will have basically two kinds of patients. One kind will be more interested in prolonging their lives, and the other kind will be more interested in pain relief. And I think the terminally ill should be able to make up their own minds about how to medicate effectively, and I have faith that all of these patients are more than capable of choosing for themselves.

  18. I was liking your comment up until the fucking stupid part. And the giving up hope for humanity part. I am going to prescribe some Sativa for you so you can lighten up. Cheers mate!

  19. I have not read the government’s patent. But I know that, considering conflicts of interest and the like, each grower (to protect her OWN interests) would need a separate lawyer if she wanted to file a patent. Of course, that is the optimum choice, but just like in divorce, people can and do use the same attorney. But it’s almost impossible for one attorney to completely protect the interests of two opposing parties, and when we talk about cannabis patents, then we are talking about competing interests which can be almost the same thing.

    And just because the U.S. filed one cannabis patent for cancer treatments, doesn’t mean that others (like GW Pharmaceuticals) can’t file for other specific treatments (epilepsy). Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT a lawyer, nor do I give legal advice. I’m just a Saturn avatar in cyberspace, that’s all, not some kind of expert (in anything except intractable pain).

    I think you would be surprised at what can be patented and how patents are used. The intellectual property system has been used and abused and is mostly for rich people now. If a grower had enough money (and really, I don’t know how much money it would take), then protections can be bought through patents. But the ball has already started rolling, obviously, so I think growers would be entering quite the aggressive patent game in the cannabis industry. I don’t know how rich MMJ growers and producers are, I mean we’re not talking about Silicon Valley, are we? So I don’t know what kind of strategy would work best overall, but it seems to me that the MMJ industry is fragmented and not cohesive enough to fight big pharma. And so we come back to my point that, if you are a grower, perhaps it’s best to look out for yourself right now, at least if monetary protection is what you’re looking for in the MMJ market.
    Sorry so long…

  20. The FDA allows Water & Toothpaste to be medicated with Fluoride that slowly Kills with a multitude of illnesses Cancer is one of them, Read your Toothpaste Warnings the toothpaste Companies are covering their ass from future lawsuits it is a poison if swallowed it immediately absorbed in the mucus membrane you wouldn’t use Bleach! http://fluoridealert.org/
    But it is ok to slowly kill people but it is not good to save human PAIN & From the DEATHS that they have caused!
    Something is truly wrong with this country!!!

  21. if you were that informed, then why in the world would you say something like every grower would need his own lawyer due to patent laws…. the gov has patents on isolated compounds for some time, but they cant patent the cannabis plant as it is….

  22. You don't know shit about weed on

    What good does any pharmasuedical company do these days? Have you seen any of their commercials on television lately? Then I’m sure you noticed the drugs they offer have worse side effects than the diseases they treat. How about the death toll for over doses on pills in America!! People are so fucking stupid, I have pretty much given up hope for humanity.

  23. You don't know shit about weed on

    Fuck those assholes grow the plant and cure yourself. That’s why growing it is illegal. Wake the fuck up idiots.

  24. If you wish for me to address the thc removal from a plant, it is done at the breeding stage, and that is where the high CBD/low THC ratio plants is obtained, not by processes done in the home (unless you grow it yourself, by obtaining a cutting of such a strain from a source who has already bred the plant for that result). You make a batch of an edible and the size of the batch is usually done with the duration (a day, week, month, or whatever applies to THAT patient). Do you cook? Do you know how to use a stove/oven?
    There is another way to obtain the needed compounds, and that is with cannabutter, or the oils, tinctures and extracts. One patient uses the cannabutter, melting some down once a day, and sopping it up with a slice of bread, a roll or by using it on a dish she has prepared. She uses a teaspoon of it if you are concerned with amounts, since you believe so strongly that the pharmaceutical methodology of dosage/effect and efficacy is the only means of helping one’s own body heal itself. The cannabis compounds help to re-tune the endocannabinoid system in our bodies to balance out things that have been thrown out of whack by the poisons that are dumped onto our planet daily by these chemically hooked corporations.
    BTW, why not check out the woman who does it for her daughter that suffers from Dravet’s syndrome, on the stove. It is a labor of love, and caring, for her daughter, who through no fault of her own, has a debilitating disease that the Medical community has thrown up their hands and said there is sno more they can do for her, That is after the dozens of drugs and treatments they have put that little girl thru, and maybe could have done more damage, that would be in addition to what the 300 seizures per month would do to her.
    Now, talk to me about caring loving parents who will do what it takes to help their children change from a disabled being with no future to a walking, talking, laughing little girl who can now go to school, because of a plant you understand government spewed ‘facts’ about. I would much rather take deal with any form of cannabis for the rest of my life, instead of the seizure, PTSD and heart medications I will be on for the duration.

  25. Smoking is in no way the only way to get the needed components of cannabis into your system. Smoking is the preferred way for many seriously ill patients to get their dosage, as they have faster feedback about what is the correct amount. You need to read, study and UNDERSTAND the subject we are talking about here. I have this information from intelligent, enlightened doctors who have been in the respective fields for decades. One of them performed a study (for 20 years to get his results, and these have been, substantiated by other less involved studies) funded by NIDA, to find harm and got the exact opposite result. The Administrations of this country have been traveling this road for decades as well, and keep ignoring their own sponsored studies, so they can keep spouting the same crap you keep believing. Nixon did it with the Schafer report, and if you want more look it the hell up, because it keeps happening. Stop acting like cannabis is a dangerous substance that will kill you if you do anything wrong with it. I don’t know how much experience you have with it, but maybe you need more in depth study to understand if you won’t try it in a manner of your own choosing, and form a real life opinion. make sure you get high on it when you do. THEN I might believe what ever you say is not a result of the stigma, the tall poppy syndrome, or some other negative idea you have floating around in your head. You suggest nothing useful, and are here to keep spreading the same garbage. BTW, apsergillus niger is not an issue with government controls on the production of this plant. Or are you implying that the government doesn’t do it’s job? Wait, that is what is driving this stupid debate in the first place, now isn’t it? SMH

  26. “You mean no none has patented the poppy plant?”
    This was a rhetorical question, which is hard to read inside these comments, I know.
    However, thanks so much for educating me, because otherwise I would never understand patents, seeing as how I used to work for a patent attorney who taught me absolutely nothing.
    Gracias, dickwad.

  27. “People need to start calling there senators if they oppose this corporate takeover”

  28. no one has patented the poppy plant dipshit,,, if they create a new version of the plant by manipulating genes in a lab then it is therefore an invention… but regular old poppy varieties… no.. no one has a patent on them…. a patent involves producing something unique … it may have attributes of its predecessors but in actuality it is a NEW organism,… by your logic and apparent lack of understanding they would have a patent on valarium … where valium comes from… or willow bark…. where tylenol comes from… they isolate… and they patent… they create… and they pattent….

  29. You mean no one has patented the poppy plant? If the biotech industry can patent DNA strands, what makes you think our legal beagles can’t patent the cannabis plant itself? Yes, it hasn’t happened yet, but…

  30. Animals don’t smoke plants. So please go on with your ridiculous rant how smoking is au natural, and chemotherapy drugs are evil.

    Combustion of flower creates a bunch of negative bio-feedback. To suggest very sick people should be “smoking” anything could be deadly advice. Your liver still needs to be functioning correctly to filter out toxins ingested when smoking (anything). Yes, you can make your edibles at home, but how do parents do that for children, while removing the thc? Also please speak on the efficiency and practicality of preparing and dosing with edibles every day/ multiple times a days for the duration of a patient’s life?
    Who is going to be legally liable if an immune compromised person dies of apsergillus niger exposure?

    I am not suggesting smoking plants and consuming edibles can’t help some people, but we are talking about the chronically and terminally ill here. I think you’re coming from a pro-recreation mindset, and are discounting just how sick the people are in question who need pharmaceutical grade medicines.

  31. Shelly Garrison McMillan on

    GW Pharma already has the patent for cannabinoids in the treatment of cancer. This matches directly to the PDQ in the National Cancer Insitutte. The US Patent & Trade Office on March 7, 2013 granted GW Pharma a medical patent covering all plant-based phytocannabinoids for use in the treatment and prevention of basically all forms of human cancer.

    United States Patent Application # 20130059018

  32. Shelly Garrison McMillan on

    The US Patent & Trade Office on March 7, 2013 granted GW Pharma a medical patent covering all plant-based phytocannabinoids for use in the treatment and prevention of basically all forms of human cancer.

    United States Patent Application # 20130059018

  33. I do not have enough of a scientific mind to really understand GMOs. From a common sense standpoint, GMOs and all they entail seem really, really bad. I just hope my reasoning is not clouded by my inability to understand all the science. As a side note, I have stopped eating corn, which I really love. :(

  34. Cancer drugs are really in a class all by themselves, they are designed to be very destructive in order to fight the cancer. So I wouldn’t necessarily use them as an example, not that you couldn’t, it’s just an extreme example, ya know?

  35. and yes.. monsanto did invent ghastly things that should never have come about
    none of them can patent corn,,, in it original form… if they could have they would have a long time ago

  36. they patent genetically modified plants….. cultivating and bio engineering in not genetic modification… they create a legitimate NEW species that could not have been done in nature

  37. It seems to me that their favorite treatments for almost anything involve drugs and surgery. They love to drug us and cut us up, along with the widespread practice of over-medicating us. Don’t even get me started on the dangerous properties of chemical therapy.

  38. Look at how long alcohol was used for ‘medicinal purposes’, and how many ‘speak-easies’ opened after the made THAT illegal. Look up Bathtub Gin, for a very similar example of what is going on with today’s cannabis.

  39. That one must be 18 years old, and thinks he is posting on Twitter, with all those truncated words. For the uninitiated, Twitter only allows 140 characters to get your thought into a box.

  40. Dravet’s Syndrome, which is the most extreme type of epilepsy, which effects children as young as a year and a half (if not younger), is being treated in this country with the tincture made from strain specifically bred to have a low percentage of THC, and a high level of CBDs, and has completely turned these children around. From being lifeless children unable to move much less play with their friends, and having a couple hundred seizures a DAY, to walking talking, going outside to play and go to school. I’m sold. Big Pharma has nothing on this plant when it comes to results like this.
    These children typically (meaning the cases I have read and understand) take it by tincture (a small amount on a pacifier, to treated edibles or formula, in small amounts 3x a day. The results are dramatic only taking a few weeks to manifest themselves. With no side effects or groggy doped out children. Some level of THC IS necessary for this to work, to maximum effect (variations are necessary, depending on the action and effectiveness produces in each individual patient.

  41. The Federal Government ignoring any research is a reasonable concern, since they have a history of forming and paying for studies, and then ignoring the results of said study (ie., the Schafer Report done under the Nixon Aministration is one), when it comes time to deliver on the results. They still have the gall to say there is NO medical proof that cannabis

  42. Pharmaceutical grade poisons, you mean? These businesses can guarantee one thing, and one thing only; their stuff will have side effects which can and usually ARE worse than what they are trying to treat it with. I am sorry you have such a closed mind, and I am sorry for you or anyone who doesn’t have faith in nature, which has been around millions of years longer than US. They want you to believe only they can produce the proper kind of medicines that will work. Look at how many people die from the pharmaceutical grade cancer chemotherapy. THEN, tell me how good they are at ‘helping’ us.
    You can make your own diabetic grade cannabis infused edibles at home, if you aren’t too jaded by the misinformation the government has fed you for so many years. In the proper setting, and in any one of many states which allow you to access the amount of cannabis you need to do so. Smoking cannabis has a protective effect on lung tissue and has even been shown to protect tobacco smokers (although at a reduced level which varies due to the amount of tobacco use). Sure, you will cough and the lung tissue will become irritated with cannabis smoking, but when stopped for a reasonable duration, this will subside, naturally. It is not linked to COPD, in any manner.

    Stay Healthy, my friend.

  43. As long as patients have a choice. If big pharma pursues squeezing out home-grown, then I think it is my enemy. Perhaps not YOUR enemy, but definitely my adversary. You might think that pharmaceutical grade medicine has to come from big pharma, but I don’t. Especially since it has such a crappy track record of poisoning so many, the complete effects of which we will not likely see for some time.

    Nah, big pharma had its chance. Over and over again. They mass-produce and are unwilling to do otherwise. And they always price a big part of the patient population out of the market because of the ridiculous length of its patents. Unfortunately, the MMJ industry is overpriced also, but that has a lot to do with no insurance coverage. However, there should not be so much profit in medicine and both big pharma and the MMJ industry will have to face that fact at some point in time. Legalization will MAKE them face the price structure. Nothing else will.

  44. Or you could invest in GWPH yourself. Over the past 20 years in the underground marijuana industry, I have met good people and bad people. I have no allegiance to them as a group. Why? [It is] because they are like most everything else, some good, some bad. I do support full blown recreational legalization, and I think it’s coming. That will be where the people who don’t want to invest here, and want to work with their hands can make their living. And yes I think both recreational and pharmaceutical can stand side by side, because smoking and eating high sugar edibles are not medicinal. Pharmaceutical will be products unobtainable outside of the big money laboratories, and they will also hold the liability of guaranteeing their products are free of things such as aspergillus niger and pesticides, in high court medical cases.
    If I’m suffering from some minor illness or sickness, I’m down with the homeopathic, naturalistic stuff, however if I have a CHRONIC and possibly TERMINAL illness I want pharmaceutical grade medicine. Sorry.

  45. Do you think the tobacco plant had this same problem? Maybe there were tobacco growers way back when, and then Big Tobacco stepped in and commercialized it, making it into yucky cigarettes. Looks like the growers lost that fight big time. :(

  46. i think the chance, any chance, to investigate it further with funding and research is a positive. the negative downside of course is the non acceptance of said work on a fed level. how do we promote the trials and research AND demand it to be used properly and accordingly with what is medicinally beneficial, according to them? WHO do we have to vote in or out of office to establish this as solid research, for the 100,000th time? I dont know what more they need. I think it’s fantastic some research facilities somehow are managing to be allowed these clinical trials. I hope they find the same if not better effects and benefits as we do, who have sworn by it for ever. The balancing beam is steadying out, slowly, but surely.

  47. daddy tax 2013 on

    my fear is that these companies will change the original, instead of provide proof, usable for the global nature of medicinal marijuana

  48. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade agreement allows patents on methods of treatment. No doubt they will require clinical trials for patenting methods to cure illnesses. That means a pharmaceutical companies can pantent marijuana for all medical conditions that they’re the first to prove the method of treatment works.

    People need to start calling there senators if they oppose this corporate takeover.

  49. The TPP treaty being negotiated now allow you to patent methods of treatment which could mean you could patent the use a plant to cure certain conditions. Our future doesn’t look very bright if pharmaceutical companies can patent the use of marijuana to cure illnesses just because they paid for clinical trials to prove what we already know.

  50. Marinol was not meant to treat something as complex as, say, epilepsy. So for nausea or mild pain, I would think Marinol probably helped some people. Not very many, but some. I just don’t see how you can treat seizures without the THC, at least in most of the patient population for epilepsy.

    The GW Pharma trials consist of a very small number of patients, something like 10 or 12. They are using a combination of CBD and CBDV, which has shown progress in mice. Unfortunately, GW will not release the findings of their research, although it seems they are going to soon. It’s hard to get excited about such a small trial, but they had to start somewhere.

    I have not studied epilepsy, but since there is an inflammatory component, the no-THC drug may have long-term positive effects. Can’t show that in these kinds of trials. But for management of seizures, I would think that a combination of edibles and vaping/smoking would be best. Just like with pain management, you would want a steady, low dose of cannabis through edibles, with the option of quick medication when needed. Helps to break the cycles.

    Sorry, looks like I wrote a book. Again, jeez…

  51. Yeah I would think after Marinol it’s obvious you can’t just pluck out all the Cannabinoids leaving only 1 in there and hope for the best…

    Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for an epilepsy sufferer to just eat an edible? Seems they can’t give up the idea of a synthetically made / extracted pill with one chemical in it. They’re still missing the point!

  52. For those keeping up with GW Pharma:

    In October of this year, regarding news of Epidiolex™ (a cannabis drug for seizures that contains no THC) —

    GW chairman Geoffrey Guy, MD, says, “In the coming months, if the FDA is comfortable about how things are going, there will be a number of senior epileptologists in major university centers throughout the US, each treating a couple of dozen patients with various epilepsies.”


    When we’re talking about treating epileptic seizures (which I understand are becoming more common), testing a cannabis drug without any THC is not going to achieve the results they’re looking for. I predict that their success rate will be around 25% (which is still damn good). If they were to add a percentage of THC, the success rate would probably be more like 70%.

  53. Chinese have been using it for centuries in their medicine… we have documented proof, we do not need pharmaceuticals touching our plant

  54. The end result of the knowledge that Cannabis treats cancer should be a world population that is able to freely grow Cannabis in their own outdoor gardens, community gardens, or personal indoor grows, however much they wish to grow. And those who wish to treat themselves will do it like it’s already being done now, as has been done already for years with great success. Authorities must keep their dirty hands off the plant entirely, or Cannabis remains an underground remedy. We don’t need big pharma or government interference of any kind, as these are God-given rights to grow and use an ancient plant. Again, keep dirty hands of authority off the people and their Cannabis.

  55. Really? Do people really write like this. Who’s paying these people to post here in this arena to make us all look nuts? God, I must be too freaking old.

  56. harry "pott"er on

    they are being done in various location in the world you can find the affilates on their site itally is one of them

  57. All still living? (just kidding)

    Russell Brand? No, somebody richer.
    Bill Maher? No, he’s still pissed about that $1 million he gave to Obama’s campaign hoping for legalization. Fooled him.
    Tom Cruise? No, he’s a psycho.
    Bill Clinton? Nah, he’s on the side of the 1%.
    Oprah? Is she still loaded, or did her poor-ass TV channel clean her out?
    Chinese or Russian billionaire? NOW we’re talkin’…

  58. Vincent Nibblin on

    Plant patents do exist, do the research. Monsanto has been doing this in order to try and control the vegetable seed market. Knowledge is power.

  59. Vincent Nibblin on

    Now assume the position as we search and fingerprint you, here are your new fashions, a bright orange shirt and matching pants. We suggest you sleep on your back!

  60. From the proposed new international Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty :
    One provision “shall make patents available for inventions for the following: plants and animals.”

  61. From the National Corn Grower’s website, commenting on the recent U.S. Supreme Court case Bowman vs. Monsanto:

    “Courts have repeatedly ruled that patent law protects innovations in agricultural biotechnologies, just as it protects innovations in computers, medicine, and other technologies. The principles apply to readily replicated or so-self-replicating products, such as seeds or cell lines, as they do to other patented products. Easily replicated products like seeds are highly vulnerable to patent violation specifically because they are easy to copy, like books or music, and they can be reproduced at an exponential rate.”


    It appears as though cannabis growers will need to define their product as an “agriculture biotechnology.” Although, to agree with, and be on the side of, the National Corn Growers Association doesn’t seem like a vote for the planet. (shrug)

  62. For our first contestant, we have these “cute,” sassy little buds, pine-green in color and sporting a shimmering, candy-dish-like receptacle. To view our next contestant, please follow the nice DEA officer through those metal doors, that’s right, keep going straight along that yellow line…

  63. I guess I would look for comparisons of how others have done it, say for craft beer, wine, or a coffee bean.

  64. I am pleased to hear this news, and I would get really excited if this and similar stories would hit the mainstream. What a glorious day that will be when all the mainstream news outlets report that “pot cures some cancers”. I feel positive news is good press fodder to help align more disinterested and apathetic people to the cause of legalization. They will at least have to admit the medicinal value of cannabis.

    I’m not sure about patents, but there does seem to be a protection for plant strains according to this website: http://goo.gl/nYDfGp

    “proprietary cannabinoid product platform” intimates to me they have their own strain, and GMOs are proprietary too, so it can be done. Personally I think the cats are so far out of the bag on strains that I don’t think big pharma will ever be able to reign it in.

  65. wat i meant waz dont fukin bother u ent done 4 all 2 help wiv gettin it legal waz ya so y now bcuz u have just realised u can make a fast buck lol well fuk off the reseach n testin is done we dont need ur fukin need ya usless bunch of C^$ts :/

  66. Hypocrites. These guys have known that cannabis treats cancer for many years. Now that there’s an undeniable profit to be made they are talking about how cannabis treats cancer. MInd you the last thing they want is for people to make their own Rick Simpson oil. That would take away from their profits. They are going to spend gobs of money to try to keep cannabis illegal so that they will continue to have their monopoly.

  67. We had to wait for a pharmaceutical company to allow human trials and take all the credit as if their “discovery” is “revolutionary”, when people like Rick Simpson and Jack Herer have been telling us about cannabis’ cancer-destroying properties for years, not just brain cancer either. All they had to do was give people strong daily doses of oral cannabis daily, something that’s hard to do and very expensive in the illegal black market. Why isolate compounds when the cannabinoid concoction in marijuana is formulated so well for our biochemistry and they have not found any isolated or synthetic compound that works as well. Just use the non-toxic cannabis plant for disease prevention like we use other non-toxic plants like chamomile, pomegranates, and echinacea (which contains cannabinoids) for their health benefits and disease-prevention properties.

  68. It looks like your Mom should ask her doctor directly about being in one of these trials. Or ya’ll could email GW Pharmaceutical directly, I guess, although that’s probably a long shot. Usually these trials are advertised on local TV stations or newspapers in the areas where they will take place. So you’ll need to monitor your local news sources daily.


  69. Who would there be to choose from? Venture capitalists? The owners of Tom & Jerry’s ice cream? I really don’t have the first clue as to who would be on a list of possible financial backers. To be willing to fund cannabis patents and not have ties to big pharma? Possible?

  70. It seems they will be very hard-pressed to match the medical efficacy of one solid toke of California kind bud. But I sure hope they do. Either way, we can just grow our own.

  71. Glio is the type of brain tumor my mom has been fighting for 10 years. We live in WV where weed laws are not yet as friendly as they need to be. She uses high grade pot locally grown to alleviate symptoms of occassional chemo treatments. Anyways, does anyone know of an outlet to find out more on becoming part of one of these trials?

  72. Wooo!!! This is great news. Really excited about this! Who else has been waiting for this to go to human trial?!

  73. Your right the financial part is expensive in registering a patent. What the industry need is a financial backer with no connections to big pharma. There has to be a way to do this, any suggestions out there weed bloggers?

  74. Your right the financial part is expensive in registering a patent. What the industry need is a financial backer with no connections to big pharma. There has to be a way to do this, any suggestions out there weed bloggers?

  75. Our current health system is only for people who want to turn their lives over to big pharma (or a surgeon). And have the money to do so.

  76. I’ve mentioned this in a previous post. But I wonder how that would work considering the U.S. government and GW’s existing patents. Patent lawyers are expensive, and because of the nature of patents, each grower would have to hire their own lawyer. Not sure how that would be accomplished.

  77. Homeopathy versus Allopathy

    The debate between these two schools of thought seems to cause a lot of mud throwing. Homeopathy medicine, is mostly natural medicine that also accepts parts of allopathy medicine. Allopathy medicine is our current system of chemical drugs and surgery, with practically no allowance of natural medicine. As you can see from the marijuana debate.

    How did America get here? Please watch this video for a good explanation. (warning, this guy is an independent, so Rs and Ds, please don’t be offended) So, watch how the modern medical paradigm came together in the early 20th century, courtesy of the Rockefeller Foundation and their cronies.


  78. Growers from europe, canada and the us need to purchase the patents on the strains they have worked so hard on to produce. This would protect certain strains from being hijacked by big pharma, this is what Monsanto has done with vegetable seeds. This is the only way to protect and control each strain. This way we will beat them at their own game.

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