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Pharmacy Group Announces Formation Of Medical Marijuana Task Force


pharmacy group task force medical marijuanaIt looks like a nightmare for many medical marijuana advocates is coming true. A pharmacy group apparently wants to explore the pharmaceutical management of medical marijuana. According to the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy:

NASP’s Professional Practice Committee will oversee a group of volunteers, representing all major stakeholder areas, to discuss the issue and provide a framework for future educational content, practice parameters or other standards of care, that serve the goal of improving patient care and equipping specialty pharmacists with the knowledge needed.

Once formed, the taskforce will develop a project framework and determine key areas of integration with current specialty prescription therapy for patients with chronic diseases.

“Essentially patients receive treatment from dispensaries, outside of their pharmaceutical regiment management, and we believe that a drug with such a broad scope should be managed effectively through the Specialty Pharmacist to ensure patient education and proper dispensing,” Cohen said.

I think all of us knew this day would come. I personally don’t want to see the pharmaceutical industry have anything to do with medical marijuana. Most people use medical marijuana to replace pharmaceutical drugs, and there’s a good reason for that. Chemists and profiteers don’t care about side effects and other negative things that go along with their pharmaceutical drugs. I’m also not a fan of corporate America, and big pharma will no doubt try to monopolize the medical marijuana industry, which isn’t good for anyone. How do you feel about this? I look forward to reading your comments.


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  1. Keep their greedy, frankenstein making(hybrids), filthy corporate hands off of a natural remedy, like marijuana. We dont need them to ruin and regulate our medicines. The prices would absolutely double as soon as they gained control of the market for inferior product. It grows free, let us grow our own. We will lose that right if the corporate pigs gain control.

  2. Charles Waller on

    If smoking is an issue, get the vap first and a good magnifying glass. Use in bright light.

  3. What should I buy first, a vaporizer (on my wish list) or a magnifier (a potential wish-list item)?

  4. Sativex will be competing with all other “oral” cannabis and it will only be successful in very niche markets (as medical cannabis tinctures are now). I assume the product will also be competing against ALL other cannabis products on the black market (you know, until legalization).

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  6. Charles Waller on

    Until the unalienable human right to cultivate any plant on private property for personal use is acknowledged prohibition continues to violate those rights which are guaranteed by the Constitution & the Bill of Rights. GW Pharma has already demonstrated the course of “Big Pharma” in regards to cannabis, by adding alcohol and propylene glycol to extract oil in order to market Sativex in an oral spray form and guarantee shelf life. Contamination is counterindicated in medicinal formulation.

  7. Scott Sherwood on

    Thanks Johnny for the post. I have my doubts about this group but I know very little about them. Looks like all they want is a piece of the action. I too am no fan of big pharma or big corporations invading the MMJ business. Only thing is if I want to help as many as possible with a collective, I would have to incorporate. Fucked If I do, real fucked if I don’t. The barriers are huge, but with enough money possible. For instance, $250.000 as min. capital and $20k for the license per NV’s new statues. That just start up costs. Inventory, rent, rent for the grow (70% must be grown by the collective), and everything else that goes into a new business. We need help from big money so they will have get their cut unfortunately. Here in CA the barriers are less but you have a risk that the feds will come for you. thanks again!

  8. Scott Sherwood on

    You pathetic loser. How many email addresses are you going to burn with this scam. I count 2 so far. From what I can see your scam is going to end very soon.

  9. I use marijuana medically because I became addicted to BIG PHARM’S opiate pain killers and it basically destroyed my entire life. My children were taken, I was institutionalized, I lost three years of my life. Marijuana has been like a gift from god for the seven hard years I’ve stayed sober. I’ve had five surgeries all without any opiate or narcotic pain meds, my most recent was two days ago I had my gallbladder removed band some repair work done to my intestines. I’ve only needed to use my marijuana for the little pain relief that was needed. Plz keep Big Pharm out of the medical marijuana collectives!!

  10. Fuck off you spamming, scamming asshole. You burned my brother for 600 bucks. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR

  11. Yes! Getting off pain pills is possible. Alot of people are getting away from opiates and the science is backing up how versatile this plant is!
    PTSD ,trauma and now anti-physicotic
    Anti inflamatory the list goes on

  12. Cordell Hendricks on

    we better keep an eye on what companies these guys open so we can watch them very carefully; these guys screwed up their own companies now they want to branch out to spread there evil!

  13. If I was a lawyer, I would find a Native American to be my client, then I would sue all governments everywhere for stealing my client’s land. Then, after we win all of North America back for the Indians, instead of paying me a legal fee, my client will agree to make bud available for free to all peoples.
    Since I am not a lawyer and never will be, I will instead watch for a CannaJob heading at the LinkedIn website and search it for non-MJ states advertising jobs for Head Cannabis Connoisseur. See you there (or here)!

  14. Well. Currently all us Marijuana smokers will be in 58% of the states and the non pot heads will be in 42% of the remaining states. Lets give places like North dakota, south dakota,Minnesota,and all the other states a true MJ connoisseur Truelly would not care to live, to the non marijuana smokers. Kinda like the white man did to the indians. P.S I’m a white man Connoisseur by the way!

  15. I’m not sure how to spot mold, bugs, or pesticide use, so that wouldn’t necessarily apply to me. At this time.

  16. I expect all will get behind MM for full FDA approval. The problem then will become the THC strains that don’t fit the “approved” CBD list and stay illegal. BTW, does cartel weed approximate top shelf? Haven’t used since 1970 but need to start so I can eliminate the narcotics the VA gives me.

  17. It’s incest. But it’s out in the open (mostly), so we can work to avoid it. Can’t we choose not to bend over?

  18. Looks like we’re going to have to go back to communal-type living, like back in the 60s. Then we’ll have to put up a fence. All of us potheads will be in one state, and everyone else will be… elsewhere. Or maybe Soros or Sir Richard will buy us an island. It could happen.

  19. Just like tabacco
    10$ a pack/ encourage black markets
    Then the banks launder the moneys and pay fines to keep gov funded

  20. Hatin it!
    Just like wall st trying to buy in now that its trendy
    Look at Sativex in UK
    They arrest people for growing and license who they choose
    Hypocrites ,
    Block cheese will never compare
    Look at missisipi U still growing gubmnt substandard crap!
    Or NJ ridiculous 10 percent rule
    Almost as silly as Cali banning

  21. I’m just a pot head and have been for 20+ years I love pot I don’t want to ever stop smoking it I think more ppl could benefit from it- I think it should be legal and sure as hell not in the same class as cocaine – toke on

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  23. Dear Pharmacy Group: I neither want nor need your profit-driven services. Stay the Hell out of my life!

  24. Once a free citizen on

    I could understand if Marijuana was lethal, but it is a harmless plant that has Medical benefits and should not have a pill mill with their fingers in the mix. They are just trying to find a way to make money so they are not loosing revenue. I knew it was bound to happen because of the money hungry people we have in this world. To ensure patient education and proper dispensing… WE ARE TO F’KIG IDIOTS LIKE THE ONES TRYING TO POISON US WITH CHEMICALS THAT KILL PEOPLE EVERY YEAR!!!!!!!

  25. I grow my own plants for my use only and I do give to a few friends that cant grow, i have been off pharm drugs for 10 years I WON”T GO Back and If they think they can stop me from growing this fucked up government is in for a rude awaking,the see a light at the end of the tunnel, its all about corp. greed and the government wants to control mother nature well its not going to happen. I refuse to be a sheep.

  26. Charlie London on

    Hello. I lookin for buy pills of marijuana. Im from Argentina. Please tell me where I can buy that pills. Thank you very very fuckin much

  27. Cannabis is the only form of medication that I have had in the past 90 days. I had been on anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, etc for 13 years. I am 27. Finally I have a full functioning, enjoyable life again!

  28. I see them as wanting to be the “standards bearers” of medical marijuana, and they won’t stop there. Reminds me of the efforts made to have big pharma oversee herbal remedies a few years back. But you’re right, it is inevitable. And we’ll see many more attempts at control, as well as all the other things that will develop, as money can be made on all levels with legalization for all uses. Makes me sad, but it’s the American way to make money. Capitalism. It ain’t sacred. We all need to be vigilant and watch what we acquiesce to in our quest to be legal.

  29. Grow on, little grasshopper, grow on and on. (sorry for the double post, I swear Disqus hates me…)

  30. This group was formed in 2012, it seems specifically for medical cannabis. The website says they do not endorse any corporate products, yet that’s who they are marketing to, and its “sponsors” include elite healthcare industry partners in the biomedical industry, and big-league players like Walgreens. They also talk a lot about end-of-life care, perhaps focusing on a subset of medical cannabis users. There will be MMJ patients, past, present, and future, who may switch over to the corporatized and FDA-regulated side, but it will probably be those who distrust the current MMJ market. That said, it is apparent that big pharma will be a competitor to the MMJ market, and it should be prepared for that.

  31. As a Medical Cannabis patient in my 2nd year as a registered patient, I have done away with all the chemical compounds given to me from the Department of Veteran Affairs. I am doing better daily now then I was for the past 11 years getting medications from the VA to treat my issues. I have a problem with these morons getting their hands on this and destroying it. Mother Nature got it right, man has screwed it up wanting to mass produce and charge for what is freely given from nature. Now they want control over a plant. Hell no, when the law changes and they decide to outlaw personal patient grows I will become a criminal. I grow maybe 4 plants, 2-3 times a year to offset cost, as well as to grow 4 specific plant strains that help me specifically. I will not give that up just to pay for it. I have no problem contributing to the market, but I will not be regulated and dictated too, as to where, I get my medicine. If I can produce what I need for myself at my own cost and have total control over what nutrients are used, I am going to continue to do so.

  32. We are talking about Marijuana legalization! People are so stupid! Marijuana is the best stress reliever in the world. Drug makers for prescriptions shouldn’t be allowed to vote against or for Marijuana legalization, because it conflicts against their profit, selling man made drugs to the public. Now we don’t have freedom to be free because the US Government and States are trying to make it a profit margin by making it their drug to tax it and keep growers from growing it. As a Government we should make it cost 1.00 a gram and stop illegal marijuana trafficking and underground sales to gangs and such. Make it cheap and legal will kill the market to the criminals seeking profit even the Government. The Government and Perception drug makers are the ones that are doing the damage to the public. If it was legalized then it would be less prisons and less court hearings and plea bargains the states and Governments cant use more tax money to fund their pockets for their Jobs. So many people are out of Jobs and tax dollars are slim and it’s biting the system in the butt. So now they are trying to take over the marijuana market to survive. That will bite the States and Feds soon too. Because its not going to end crime, but create cheaper underground market. Nobody will buy from the States because they want to make it too expensive. It’s a trick by the Governments, who has a brain anywhere that can see this happening? End the crime, don’t make more crime for the profit. I’m ashamed of our own Country for lying and setting up the American People. Our own Country Men are taking out our own People that work hard to survive and live good lives for the benefit of Pay Offs by the very Gangs that Pay our Government. Cops don’t make enough money so they take bribes. Cops and Lawyers call it Job security. I pray for those that smoke marijuana that is being persecuted and consumed by our own Country Men to line their pockets.

  33. firetheliberals on

    Given the shutdown of the washington state mmj industry by the wa lcb proposing mmj adhere to recreational weed rules, it appears we are heading toward corporate cannabis. This pharma move is the white flag of surrender and the first move to completely taking away the magic herb. I see this as only enhancing the black market. Where will get reasonably priced quality cannabis?
    Watch the news. Next thing you will see is big pharma with a license to produce and process in washington state..

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