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Philadelphia Mayor Says He Will Sign Marijuana Decriminalization Measure


philadelphia marijuanaThe Philadelphia City Council voted to decriminalize marijuana recently, drawing praise from civil rights organizations and marijuana reform activists. Yesterday, Philadelphia’s Mayor said he would sign the measure, but only after there were some tweaks to the law. Per CBS Local:

Mayor Nutter today agreed to sign into law a bill that essentially decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana.   But he says he’ll sign it only after City Council tweaks certain details of the measure.

Mayor Nutter praised Kenney’s efforts and says the councilman’s original opened his eyes about the issue and prompted the administration to study how other cities were handling possession of small amounts of pot.

“So I think the agreement ends up putting the city and our citizens in a much better place,” Nutter said.

The measure has to go back to the City Council to be amended, then has to be re-approved, then to the Mayor’s desk to sign it. Even after the measure becomes law, there is still the hurdle of getting Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey to follow the law. In June Chief Ramsey said that he will ignore the city law and not follow it until state law has changed. I’d advise Chief Ramsey to look at his badge and remind himself he was hired by the City of Philadelphia, not the Pennsylvania State Police.


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  1. A step in the right direction.

    Unfortunately possession of cannabis “paraphernalia” such as a bong or pipe, even if you do not have cannabis, is still a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year incarceration and a $2,500 fine for a first offense.

  2. Maybe the idiot mayor should focus on Filthadelphia’s illiteracy rate!!!

    Illiteracy, the scourge of Philadelphia

    This city is in deep trouble,” says Judith Rényi, executive director
    of the Mayor’s Commission on Literacy. “We got a problem. We got a huge

    Half of Philadelphia’s adult population, Rényi says, is
    without the literacy skills to compete for “family-sustaining” jobs with


  3. Mr. Ramsey, your title is Police Chief, not King, not dictator, not Lord of the Universe you twit! Arrest this criminal for abuse of power.

  4. There is a simple way to deal with insubordination coming from Police Chief Charles Ramsey, fire his ass.

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