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Pittsburgh NORML Endorses US Cannabis’ Seminars Coming To Pittsburgh In June


pittsburgh normlUS Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development is honored to announce a strategic partnership with Pittsburgh NORML for sponsorship of the US Cannabis Medical Marijuana Business Seminar Series being held in Pittsburgh June 11th and 12th. Registration for all seminars is at uscprd.com.

“We only work with the best, and NORML sets the standard for professionalism and results. They are the best marijuana advocacy group in the country. It’s an honor to have them on our team,” said Michael Patterson, CEO of US Cannabis. “NORML has fought tirelessly for adults to have access to Marijuana without persecution. We want to implement their mission through educating Pennsylvania’s best and brightest on the new Medical Marijuana law to facilitate successful marijuana commerce in the Keystone state.”

“It’s a win-win,” said Pittsburgh NORML Chairman Isaac Holeva. “We want to give our supporters and all persons interested in this new legal industry the best chance to succeed. By attending this seminar, they will get expert advice and analysis from US Cannabis detailing both sides of the business: growing and producing marijuana and also medical regulation and compliance.”

These one-day seminars will give an extensive overview of the new Medical Marijuana Law, also known as Senate Bill 3, and how to invest or work in this new industry:

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana System: What you need to know

When and Where:

-   Saturday June 4th 2016   Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

1201 Market Street   Philadelphia, PA 19107

–   Sunday June 5th 2016   Philadelphia Marriott West

111 Crawford Avenue   West Conshohocken, PA 19428

-  Saturday June 11th 2016   Pittsburgh Marriott City Center

112 Washington Place   Pittsburgh, PA 15219

-  Sunday June 12th 2016    Pittsburgh Marriott North

100 Cranberry Woods Drive   Cranberry Township, PA 16066

Time: 9:30am – 4pm

Admission: $300.00 before 5/27/16 12:00 A.M.      $350.00 after 5/27/16

Info and registration:www.USCPRD.com

US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development has been successfully operating in the legal United States cannabis industry since 2009.  This one-day seminar will provide an extensive overview of the following areas related to operating a legal medical marijuana business (and ancillary businesses) in Pennsylvania:

  • Review of the legal marijuana system in Pennsylvania (SB3) and the United States
  • Ins and outs of the Pennsylvania Grower/Processor and Dispensary application
  • Grower/Production and Dispensary selection and required zoning
  • Distribution profitability
  • Operational protocols
  • Compliance and legal issues
  • Accounting, audits, banking and tax procedures
  • Investment/Fundraising opportunities
  • Human Resources
  • Teambuilding (for grower/processor and dispensary applications)
  • Ancillary business opportunities (legal, transportation, security, real estate, insurance, marketing, accounting, plumbing, cleaning services, etc.)

Source: Pittsburgh NORML press release


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  1. Kissmyazz123 on

    Why is there a need for a seminar? I predicted that there is a great potential for a great deal of money to be made in this new niche industry; which was one of my Master’s theses in Public Administration. I also detect the great potential for discrimination in who will be able to acquire businesses in this new busines area. What safe-guards or legal remedies have been put into place to mitigate and/or prevent this from occurring? Will wee see the same ones who are already financially solvent take control of this industry; thus monopolizing this industry as they have so many others, throughout the industrial history of the United States? Does attending this seminar guarantee that you will definitely be given everything needed to start the business. Can’t this information be found without paying $350.00? Why is it an overview(broad, brief summary)? Won’t there only be a very limited number of dispensaries allowed in Pa? Which in turn, would limited the possibility for equal access in resources to start a dispensaries or work in the industry, in some other capacity?

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