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Pittsburgh NORML Responds To Media Reefer Madness Hysteria Over Cannabis Concentrates


Reefer MadnessIt is with utter dismay that we awakened this morning to salacious reports from WPXI about a dangerous “new” form of marijuana that has arrived in Pittsburgh. WPXI seeks to warn us of the “dangers” of hash oil concentrates, also know as “wax”, “oil” “shatter” and “butter.” The alleged journalists at WPXI would have us believe that the risks from making and consuming hash oil concentrates are the latest “crisis” to afflict our region.

Simply stated, this is absurd “reefer madness” nonsense. Hash oil concentrates have been safely produced and used for decades. Hash oil concentrates are safely produced and sold for both recreational and medicinal use in legal states. Hash oil concentrates are particularly effective for patients who need an immediate onset of medicine. Hash oil concentrates are produced utilizing a variety of extraction methods including closed loop, vacuum purged and supercritical CO2 extraction. “Solventless” hash oil concentrates are increasing in popularity and pose absolutely zero risk during the extraction process.

Pennsylvania passed a medicinal cannabis law that permits the vaporization of cannabis oil. States with effective medical cannabis programs have seen the rate of prescription opioid overdose deaths drop by over 25%. Regardless of how potent hash oil concentrates are it is still IMPOSSIBLE TO OVERDOSE FROM CANNABIS. There has never, ever, in the entire history of the human race been a cause of death attributed to “acute cannabinoid toxicity.”

WPXI’s investigative journalism is a one-sided hit job designed not to inform or educate but to frighten. We call upon WPXI to retract this garbage unless it is willing to actually do real research about the production and use of hash oil concentrates across the United States.

Shame on you, WPXI.

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  1. Stacie Keenan on

    The main risk is people trying to extract their own concentrates at home, without ventilation, without knowledge. If recreational and medicinal dispensaries were ubiquitous, there would not be a subculture of people cooking up their own concoctions. Fire and explosions are what you might expect from an amateur. Leave it to the professionals, and make safe procurement a possibility. The other obvious problem is people using torches in their apartments to heat their nails. Doesn’t seem like a great idea to have that type of “firepower” in an apartment setting.

  2. This is to scare those how do not know about cannabis or drugs in general! We know it’s BS and so do the publishers, until the public learns the truth, they will keep telling the reefer madness BS.

  3. The whole debate is so ludicrous. The only reason cannabis was outlawed in the first place was lobbying by the plastics, oil, and logging industries. Imagine how much pollution could have been prevented and how many more trees would still be happily making oxygen for us to breathe… Its all about money. Nothing else. Nothing.
    Extracts don’t get you higher. You can only take so large of a hit or you’ll cough your lungs out. Just more portable really. And edibles.. they’re about the only way to take too much, but it wont kill you like alcohol will (alcohol toxicity). It’ll just scare the piss out of you and you won’t likely make that mistake again. We need the tax dollars, we can save money by reducing incarceration rates, and the criminals who now profit from it, won’t. Simple.

  4. Nothing matters other than destroying this complete and utter fallacy. The cannabis content of extracts, edibles, etc. are no more dangerous than smoking a joint. The act may be, as accidents with torches, etc. have happened, as well as morons blowing up their, or others homes making BHO. Make certain people are educated, make home-made BHO illegal, and carry on. Quit making it more complicated than it is. Don’t even allow the absurd nimbys a moment of your concern. They’re about done in this argument, just have a couple years patience.

  5. While I understand why some people like (or need) concentrates, as a consumer of cannabis flowers for nearly 50 years, when I first saw a titanium nail concentrate rig, and encountered shatter, my mind immediately went to the “crack cocaine” corner of the room. Logically I knew that was bullshit, but that’s how my gut responded. So I’m not surprised that the uninformed media are hyping this. It looks “druggy”.

    I believe that concentrates have a potential for turning off non-tokers who are already freaking out over opioid abuse and remembering past decades where crack cocaine use was hyped. The problem with that is that we need these non-toker’s support in states that haven’t legalized 21+ cannabis yet.

    In states like my Washington, where the shops are full of flowers and concentrates, it’s no big deal now. But if I, a long-term toker since 1968 (and pushing 70 years old) was initially turned off by it on appearances, I can only imagine why non-tokers can be whipped up by the media.

  6. saynotohypocrisy on

    I’m not talking about what should be, I’m talking about what is needed, and concentrates are way down on my list of what is needed. If a state decides to legalize but leaves concentrates out, I won’t be spending any energy trying to get that decision changed. It can be revisited later.
    Would you rather see a state legalize without concentrates, or wait until they are ready to include concentrates?

  7. Come on hypo, it has never hurt anyone in any concentration, don’t let the haters suck you in, cannabis should be no more illegal than tomatoes(although tomatoes actually KILL people every year)

  8. saynotohypocrisy on

    ‘I’m not saying that we should somehow suppress these forms, but I do wish they simply didn’t exist, and thus that we didn’t have all the sideshow nonsense that comes from them.’

    Not sure I share that wish, but it’s a reasonable view. If states decide to legalize adult use weed, but leave concentrates out, at least at the beginning, I won’t lose any sleep over it.

  9. Using concentrates is much like a responsible drinker using strong whiskey. You dont drink a pint of
    Whiskey like you would beer. Alot less is used than standard herbal cannabis.

  10. OK, I know I will get grief for saying this here, but someone needs to state the obvious; the worst black eyes the cannabis movement has gotten recently come from edibles and concentrates.
    Whether the prohibitionists’ claims about them are true, exaggerated, or outright lies, the fact of the matter is that the forms themselves open up a whole new can of worms that we don’t have when pot is just pot.

    Sure, someone will remind me that pot brownies have been around forever, and that I too ate my share of them in the 60s and 70s.

    What I learned from those experiences is that cannabis becomes a (put in quotation marks, so you hyper-literalists can back off) “new substance” once processed. That shouldn’t be a revelation, but it is a point that goes unnoticed.

    I’m not saying that we should somehow suppress these forms, but I do wish they simply didn’t exist, and thus that we didn’t have all the sideshow nonsense that comes from them.

    Here’s something else to consider; all those prohibitionists who are calling for processing cannabis into a pill form so we can have FDA trials on them are really just asking cannabis consumers to take the idea of edibles and concentrates to their logical conclusion.

    Why would anyone want to feed their narrative? Leave pot alone, Drs Frankenstein. God gave it to us as a flower. Why isn’t that good enough?

  11. Robert Dewayne King on

    There aint no shame in the prohibs game ! they will spout that swill ad infinitum until some other entity PUBLICLY takes them down decisively !!

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