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Please Support The 420RADIO Legalization Or Bust Tour


420Radio legalization or bust tour radical russ belvilleI have had the benefit of becoming friends with Radical Russ Belville over the course of the last year. He is a tremendously hardworking activist and he is trying to organize a legalization tour. I have personally witnessed Radical Russ Belville dominate marijuana prohibitionists like Kevin Sabet regularly, and if you are looking for a talented speaker to come to your area, please, please contact him and support his efforts. More information is below:

Help Bring Marijuana Legalization to All Fifty States

Hi, my name is Russ Belville and I have been a professional advocate for ending marijuana prohibition since 2005.  I worked for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws from 2008-2012.  In my career, I have traveled to seventeen states to educate and inform people on the facts about marijuana.  My articles, data graphics, and presentations on marijuana law reform have been seen on network news affiliates from Seattle to Atlanta, online at Huffington Post, Alternet, and Salon, and at drug reform conventions for NORML, Drug Policy Alliance, and Netroots Nation.

Currently I am the director of 420RADIO and the host of The Russ Belville Show, available at 420RADIO.org and RadicalRuss.com.  My show is rebroadcast on TheWeedBlog.com (1.3 million monthly hits), Pot.TV, HempBeach.com, MikeCann.net, and many other marijuana activist sites throughout the net.  My podcast and videos are downloaded by the hundreds of thousands every month.

Now I have the opportunity to take my show on the road to the non-West Coast / New England states that are so often ignored in the fight for marijuana legalization.  With your help, I can bring a polished and professional presentation to the people and record the tour for a documentary film.  I hope to begin in June 2013 in Ottumwa, Iowa, and from there I’m already booked for Dallas, Texas, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I Already Have the Logistics, I Just Need Equipment

Throughout my career I have built quite a network of fans who will provide much support for the tour from state to state.  Local activist groups will also provide the promotion and help securing venues in their town.  All I really need to bring the presentations to them is a vehicle and some equipment.

The $25,000 I am seeking for the tour very loosely breaks down as follows:

  • $10,000 = cameras and computer equipment, equipping the mobile studio;
  • $5,000 = mobile studio van;
  • $5,000 = advertising, printing, promotions;
  • $4,000 = initial gasoline and travel funds;
  • $1,000 = vinyl wrapping for mobile studio.

The perks of donating to this campaign include advertising for your company as a sponsor of the tour.  Your brand will be seen on our touring bus as we travel all across America.  Your ads will be heard on our live broadcasts from the lastest stop on the tour.  Fans will take their pictures in front of our photo curtain where your logo will be seen on their Facebook and Instagram shares.

Together, We Can Bring West Coast Legalization Eastward

This project has been my dream since beginning my work with NORML.  I am originally from Idaho, a place very opposed to marijuana.  Finding like-minded people to begin activism was very difficult.  When I moved to Oregon, I was amazed at how open the conversations were about marijuana.

It is that open dialogue I hope to bring to the Great Plains, the Midwest, and the South, and everywhere in America from big city to small town.  My presentations are well known for being captivating and motivating for activist audiences and challenging to the preconceived notions of marijuana opponents (visit YouTube.com/RadicalRuss to see any of my 500 videos for evidence).

All Donations Are Welcome

If anybody understands how tight money is these days, it’s a professional marijuana rights advocate like me.  Help as much as you can, even if that is to simply pass on the link to this campaign to your friends and contacts.

Click here to sponsor the 420Radio Legalization or Bust Tour.


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