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Police Chief Cites Hoax Story In Testimony Against Marijuana Legalization


police chief marijuana hoaxThere have been a handful of fake marijuana stories recently from satire news outlets. One of the most well known ones involved 37 people overdosing on marijuana the first day that recreational marijuana sales started in Colorado. Apparently, it wasn’t well known enough because a Maryland police chief cited it in his testimony to the Maryland Legislature when he was speaking against marijuana legalization. And marijuana opponents claim that we are stupid…

“The first day of legalization, that’s when Colorado experienced 37 deaths that day from overdose on marijuana,” Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop said in testimony at Tuesday’s Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing. “I remember the first day it was decriminalized there were 37 deaths.”

“If it was a misquote, then I’ll stand behind the mistake,” Pristoop said, according to the Capital Gazette. “But I’m holding on to information I was provided.”

The police department issued the following statement on their Facebook page trying to apologize for the horrible job they did testifying against marijuana legalization:

On Tuesday February 25, 2013 Chief Michael Pristoop testified in front of the Maryland Senate Judiciary Committee opposing the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana.  During his testimony the Chief indicated a number of deaths occurred in Colorado on the first day of marijuana legalization in that State. Chief Pristoop, after conducting additional research, discovered that the numbers presented were not accurate but an urban myth. “I apologize for the information I provided concerning the deaths. I believed the information I obtained was accurate but I now know the story is nothing more than an urban legend,” Chief Michael Pristoop stated. “This does not take away from the other facts presented in opposition to legalization or the good work of the Maryland Chiefs and Maryland Sheriffs Associations.”

The police chief makes $147,515 a year. One would think that at that pay rate, he would do a better job of fact checking before testifying before his state’s legislature. But then again, providing facts instead of propaganda has always been hard for marijuana reform opponents.


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  1. Foxeh Chandonnet on

    Unjust and unfair laws never last for long. Need i remind this police chief of the arguments FOR Segregation:

    “Others justified segregation laws as furthering the “public interest” by
    preventing miscegenation between “superior” whites and “inferior”
    Progressives argued that segregation laws promoted public safety, protected
    property values, and helped maintain the public order”- Buchanan v.

    Marijuana became a Schedule 1 drug because there was an ABSENCE of evidence that it was harmful. Congress put it on Schedule 1, until such a time, as the department testing the drug, could submit their findings. They found NO MEDICAL EVIDENCE that it was harmful, that it was adictive, or that it should remain on Schedule 1. They immediately recommended it be De-Criminalized. To which Richard Nixon ignored the recommendation, and it stayed Schedule 1, i.e Illegal. Funny enough, Meth is Schedule II.

    The only thing Harmful about Marijuana, is being CAUGHT with Marijuana

  2. Too bad I can’t post a picture of a black woman or Latina dressed as a well-known TV superhero…

  3. I thought you knew that already. You can tell by the hair.. Yep,1/2 Irish and 1/2 Hungarian.
    Ps. I didn’t know she was white, go figure

  4. The chief has been brainwashed, like many others, by a disinformation campaign that still persists. The only way to fix the problem is by relentlessly exposing the absurdity of current law and those who mindlessly use it to perpetuate the status quo. Thank goodness we still have a (relatively) free press.

  5. I want the police to no longer go by that name but as Peace Officer. They work for us to keep the peace. People in this Country view the Police as sadistic, money mongering morons who will f their own mother to pad their budgets. We need a system to where their budget is fixed per voters will. There is an inherent problem if you get more perks for screwing people over. No money from seized property should ever go to the ones who seize it!

  6. It’s a dirty, unpaid job, but somebody’s got to do it.
    Well, at least I can make it (somewhat) entertaining…

  7. Wonder Woman is Irish? What, just because she’s white?
    Plus, I’m half Hungarian too. So, maybe Wonder Woman is Hungarian!

  8. I know you didn’t mean to make me laugh, but it’s funny just the same. Especially since I’ve known a “Hanley” or two in my time. (I mean, because I’m half Irish.)

  9. Thanks PK. I get a kick out of how you go after these on-line hucksters hawking their wares. Keep up the good work!

  10. Don’t worry, Uncle Arthur, I’m just joking. :)
    (Hey, maybe a funny meme would make you laugh? Any subject matter preference?)

  11. I responded but my post seemed to get erased. I wasn’t trying to offend the good people at Circle K. I am saying that they are more competent than this sorry cop who gets 147K. I apologize that it didn’t come out the way I intended.

  12. Actually I was paying them a complement. I am saying that they are way more competent than this sorry police cop who gets 147K per year. Sorry, didn’t mean to offend. I guess it didn’t come out the way I intended.

  13. Let’s see how long it takes for you to disappear… :)

    This one’s for both the Chief, and for all the scammers!

  14. Don’t believe anything you think? Who am I supposed to believe? :)
    I think the best advice we can give to Chief Pristoop is this:

  15. Psycho-Pharmacological McCarthyism in it’s true form, this why cannabis will be legalize across our nation by 2021.Just say yes grow your own!

  16. He believes his position to the point where he would pass a polygraph when asked that statement. If a person believes a misconception to be fact and the truth. They will pass the test. Some will pass the test, when in their own mind they believe a lie to a point to where it becomes the truth (in their mind). This applies in all cases. Apparently he was later corrected and the “Oh Shit light came on”
    Which brings me to a rule I use. “Don’t believe anything you think”

  17. [This is…] Just another man who, like many others, who think they own the law. Just as their are preachers who think they own the Word and doctors who think they casuse healing, this man believes what he wants to believe and that he owns the truth. This is a man who has become so God-like in his own mind that he believes he speaks the truth because he hears himself speak. This is the same mentality who will testify falsely under oath (as he did in this case) confabulating about details they did not witness. To use the common vernacular; Hey Chief; what have YOU been smoking?
    Other than the face book page has he corrected his testimony before the committee? It would be interesting to know. To man of this caliber it doesn’t matter what he did; what matters is that he got caught. In that sense he is he no different than a class of persons he should be chasing.

    This is not a minor matter. Sworn to uphold the law this man is not fit to wear the uniform because, arrogant, and full of himself, he lacks the simple integrity that we expect from our law enforcement officers. He sees the public (or in this case a fact finding committee) as an entity (not unlike a court) to be manipulated so whatever bullshit will float the day works for him. He can just shine them on. Business as usual.

    Police Chief Pristoop turn in your badge and gun You are not only a disgrace to the good men and women of law enforcement you are a pariah. You are not fit to lead.

    It pleases me that he is going to keep the reference material he got when he published as his sworn truth what was likely the work of a troll. Perhaps he can use it to light a fire after he twists it at both ends and sticks it where the sun does not shine.

  18. This is why it’s so irritating when the anti prohibition crowd so readily agrees to pay tribute (taxes) to the gubmint. They’re morons. These sadistic idiots are the same monstrous clowns that imposed the drug war on us in the first place. Showering them with more of our money will only result in more stupidity. We already have the right to smoke whatever we want, why should we pay extortion to proven assholes who have shown no inhibition to using violence to get their way?

  19. No he is ignorant, it’s ok to say it. To use a fake story as fact, especially for being in the position he is in, is not smart and should be used to evaluate his work performance.

  20. Perhaps calling Police Chief Pristoop an idiot or stupid is not nice to, well, people who are not as smart as others.

  21. “cannabis prohibition is coming to an end……one state at a time. Here in Colorado the police protect my rights and are not full of fear and lies….” I was first to post on this video over a year old , 33 views http://youtu.be/ax3YrebrkZM

  22. No one is that stupid; he must have deliberately quoted this story to make the whole pot debate look stupid. So, is he a genius, or is he that stupid? Either way, the legalization movement should thank him.

  23. Bert Yelverton on

    “This does not take away from the other facts presented in opposition to legalization or the good work of the Maryland Chiefs and Maryland Sheriffs Associations.” <– Actually Chief, it goes a long way toward proving that you have no clue what constitutes a "fact" and that you're willing to say anything to prop up your prohibitionist agenda.

  24. smarterthanthatcop on

    how stupid everybody knows that marijuana cant kill you these people that are anti marijuana know nothing about it how can people be so ignorant

  25. “But then again, providing facts instead of propaganda has always been hard for marijuana reform opponents.”

    and it ain’t gonna get any easier! I have also had a few laughs with far right politicians quoting The Onion. What a riot. I’m glad his credibility was so badly compromised. Dumb shits.

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