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Police Dog Bites Fifth Grader During Mock Classroom Drug Raid


cops law enforcement dog bites student drug raidI just read a very disturbing story out of Indiana. It appears that a fifth grade boy was bitten by a police dog while the police were conducting a mock classroom drug raid. Does anyone else find it ridiculous that fifth graders were used to show how a K-9 officer can find drugs? Even if a kid didn’t get bitten, this is ridiculous. The fact that an innocent kid was bitten in the process is just sad.

According to the Brazil Times:

According to the report, the officer and his K-9 partner, Max, as well as another K-9 team were requested by Clay County Superior Court Judge J. Blaine Akers to carry out a simulated raid of a party with actors in place to help “educate the Clay County fifth-graders on drug awareness.”

So a judge is sitting in his courtroom and one day thinks, ‘You know what would be a good way to educate the public about drug use? Have a bunch of innocent children line up, have an officer place drugs on one of them, and see if a drug dog can find which one has the drugs.’ Are there that many drug raids in classrooms in Indiana? How is this demonstration helpful to anyone? Shame on Judge Akers, I hope he feels like a total A-hole, and I also hope he is removed from his position.

One of the craziest things about this story is according to the media report I previously linked to, “Four scenarios were carried out that day with the incident occurring during the third scenario.” So a kid gets bitten by a dog, totally botching the demonstration and physically hurting a kid, but the show goes on for a fourth scenario? I absolutely hope that the family sues the judge and the police.


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  1. Just because the bible says it’s okay to hit a child doesn’t mean it’s right. And older people always think that the younger generation is fucked up. That’s not what I see. Perhaps you should broaden your view, eh?

  2. Well kids today are so fucked up and yes even at a 5th grade level. Why, you may ask, well i will explain it to you.

    Kids today are so fucked up because of the court systems today because parents can’t even spank their children with out being in fear of being arrested.

    So you want to wonder why kids today are they way they are. Plus today it takes both parents to work just to get by. So in this case how in the hell do you expect the parents to raise their children as they see fit?

  3. I am willing to bet that some of those kids came out of that classroom with a lot different feeling for authority figures. I would not want my kids exposed to police action, mock or not. They do not need to know the tactics of police special forces, or even know of there existence. This kind of thing scares kids in a bad way, and can lead to problems down the road. Is this how they are trying to get kids to respect the law? This is not respect, it is fear and loathing!

  4. If I was a dog, I would not want to be an attack dog. That sounds like a very stressful career. I think it would be okay though if I worked for the DEA (as a dog), because spending my day sniffing for drugs actually sounds kinda fun.
    And a dog bite is no joke. It is traumatizing (maybe for the dog too).

  5. Well. Honestly I don’t think k9s should be trained to attack. When a dog is in attack mode they don’t stop attacking. Which is bs. So lets say a criminal is running from the cops he gets pretty far away. Then gets to a point where its hard for an officer to find him and get to him. (Which is the point of running) okwell the cops release the dog. The dog can out run the criminal and cops. That’s good right. Wrong. So when the dog catches up to the criminal he is trained to subdue the criminal. Which means the criminal gets attacked. And while the criminal is being attacked he/she has to take the assault. Until the cops get there. So in the mean time good old criminal gets mauled by the k9 which is typically a German Shepard. But we say its wrong to train dogs to fight each other but nothing is said about dogs trained to attack people. Kinded messed up. But here’s the kicker to this. If you harm a police dog in any way you get charged just like you assaulted an officer. Sorry but if a dog is going to skill me I’m going to defend myself and stop the assault from the dog.

  6. I wonder if the K-9 dog was shot for biting the kid, the same way a neighborhood dog is shot for growling (!) at a cop.

  7. The same can be said for a human who has a guard dog. If they have it trained properly and have it to protect, let’s say their family or just themselves (provided it is not a criminal doing so for illegal matters), the human would still be at fault if he was walking it and it bit someone, but the animal would be put down.

    It makes it that much worse that this is a trained dog, he shouldn’t be trained to do that. He should be trained to find the drugs and sit down or bark, that is what the majority of K9 dogs are trained to do in these types of situations…the non-life-threatening ones (like when they smell luggage, etc.). Unless of course they are the ones who go into drug dealers houses during the raids and bite them and all that fun stuff, but then the question is asked…why was one of those types of K9 dogs brought into the classroom and not simply a sniffer K9 dog who is trained to sit and bark?

  8. The dog was doing his job, what he was taught. It is the fault of the human’s for allowing this to happen

  9. Not the dogs fault so why should it get put down? This is a problem of stupid people not dogs.

  10. Michelle Salcedo on

    Wow… I find it difficult yo understand why they would need to educate fifth grade children on this matter in yhe first place. I hope the dog has been put down..

  11. What happened to the police dog?? If a civillian dog bites a kid here and a complaint is filed the animal is destroyed.

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