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Police Forced To Return Over 60 Pounds Of Marijuana To California Dispensaries


vallejo cops return medical marijuana california dispensariesPolice in Vallejo, California have returned over $200,000 worth of marijuana, including 60 pounds of dried bud, and boxes full of marijuana-infused food products, to two dispensaries in the city after a judge ruled that they were illegally raided. The police also returned hundreds of now-dead plants: Scott Candrell, an attorney for one of the dispensaries, stated that they would seek damages in court for anything that was lost or destroyed in the raid.

The situation started last year, when in February, Vallejo police raided around six dispensaries, charging them with marijuana distribution. Given that all six of these organizations were legally following state law, the cases were dropped.

Since these raids, which cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars, Vallejo Police Department has cut their staff from roughly 150, down to 90, which has resulted in an increase in crime.

Since the raids, the number of dispensaries in the city has increased, prompting the city council, without logic, to place a moratorium this month on any new medical marijuana business.

Did we mention that this was the same city that was so unstable with their finances, that they were forced to file bankruptcy?

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  1. Everything we do in life has consequences, sometimes it takes those in positions of power to understand this concept as well. Unfortunatly, they only realize the consequences of their actions at the expense of us, and even then they do not always see the consequences of their actions.

  2. What idiots, we have rapist and murders and child slavery going on and they want the weed house that’s legal. Again idiots.

  3. Whats fucked up is because they’ve raided legitimate businesses, they’ve hurt themselves so hard financially that they can’t even afford to open up to operate! My friends car was stolen out there recently, and between the idiot dispatcher and the closed 5 days a week office, she could hardly get any help when she needed it! Vallejo just started to pull itself out of bankruptcy and these hasty, stupid decisions by the police have cost them to go right back down the whole!

  4. So does this mean that “WEED COUNTRY’S” Matt Shotwell, is FREE and CLEAR? Plus, he’s getting his product back or is being compensated for the ILLEGAL SEIZURE by the police. This Police Dept. has wasted their resources trying to STOP Medical Marijuana, in which is LEGAL in their State, SO MUCH that they’re letting the REAL CRIME go right on by because picking the “Low hanging fruit” inflates their “arrest statistics” and makes them LOOK, tough on crime. However, when the Courts decide, that picking that “Low Hanging Fruit” is ILLEGAL… & now they MUST compensate these Dispensary owners. We actually SEE how much time, money and man power has been WASTED as well as the COST that society pays, for the Police NOT FIGHTING the REAL CRIMES! On top of all that, because of their DESIRE to STOP a product that’s LEGAL in that State, they LOSE 43% of their Police Force and the REAL CRIME… INCREASES!



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