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Police Officer Goes Crazy When He’s Told He Needs a Warrant to Search Car


This is insane. I cant believe we live in a country where this is OK. Very vulgar language so be warned.

Know your rights! Don’t allow cops to search your car or home: http://policecrimes.com/police.html

Never talk to police officer without a lawyer, even when you’re not under arrest.



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  1. Wow, without knowing anything about how many houirs he had already been on-duty, it sounds like this officer really needs a vacation, or some personal leave time to majorly unwind, fortunately for everyone, he did not escalate this otherwise routine random traffic stop any further. This is scary, I really feel sorry for the next poor guy he stopped…

  2. Shannon Weirich on

    WOW, dude needs to lay off the roids, that’s about the only thing I can think of that would make someone so bent on serving the law– so crazy irate when it’s upheld. *Goosebumps* and to think I used to drive through WV a lot during my x-husbands R&R in the military, going home to PA.

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