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Police Turn Down Large Donation For Kids From Pot Dispensary


By Steve Elliott of Toke of the Town

A $5,000 donation to the Fresno Police Activities League — which would have helped troubled kids — has been returned. The cops say they don’t want the money because it’s from a medical marijuana dispensary.

The donation was presented to the police department Wednesday morning by the owners of Buds 4 Life, but by Thursday the check was sent back, according to the collective, reports KFSN-TV in Fresno.

While the donation “was made with good intentions,” said Police Chief Jerry Dyer, neither he nor the city “supports medical marijuana,” claiming it would “send the wrong message” to the city’s youth.

If the message is “The Fresno Police Department is a bunch of dumb-asses,” you may consider it already sent, loud and clear, Chief Dyer.

?”That’s all we were hoping to do was to just help some of these kids,” said Buds 4 Life owner Brian Cooper. “Get them off the streets where the real problems lay, the gangs, the hardcore drugs.”

“We do not believe it sends a good message to our youth to accept monies to support their activities from an organization that is using marijuana and distributing marijuana,” Chief Dyer said, displaying an almost complete lack of brain activity.

Meanwhile, Buds 4 Life said it plants to give the Police Activities League even more money, even if they have to do it anonymously.

Article From Toke of the Town and used with special permission.


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  1. But if it came from some Co. like One of the big whiskey or beer makers or one of the big Tobacco outfits that has killed thousands over the years and has corrupted our children over the years that would have beenFINE…DAMM HYPOCRITES. In So. La the moonshiners put a new roof on the church, and built a new room for the school. What does it matter where the help comes from as long as it helps the kids?????Chief Dyer Even if you wear a Badge, just remember you never break the law till you get caught.

  2. Yes it sure looks like Chief Dyer is lacking brain activity; more to say he is brain dead. I guess he feels that this money is, dirty money. well how about all the dirty money that passes his hands and all the dirty money that passes through his department. Of course there is no such thing as a Dirty Cop; RIGHT!!!!!! Look who is calling the kettle black!!!!

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