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Poll: 56% Support For Legalizing Marijuana In Arizona


arizona marijuana legalization legalize poll majority supportRecent nationwide polls have shown that a majority of all Americans support marijuana legalization. Survey data released this week by Behavior Research Center shows even stronger support at the state level in Arizona.

Behavior Research Center asked respondents whether or not they favored or opposed legalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, 56% responded they favored the idea and only 37% were opposed. Marijuana legalization had support from all age groups, across all counties and with both Democrats and Independents.

Commenting on the results, Behavior Research Center stated: “It is perhaps ironic that as support for same-sex marriage and defelonization of marijuana have long been albatrosses which conservative candidates could hang around the necks of some of their moderate or liberal challengers, it now appears that hard opposition to gay marriage and perhaps even to marijuana liberalization could become issues moderates and liberals can use against their conservative opponents.”

You can view the full results of the poll here.

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  1. Arizona is one of the conservative states. Even here we can see majority support for the inevitable legalization of Cannabis. Maybe I won’t have to be a criminal after retirement after all.
    Cannabis should be legalized, regulated, and taxed at both the state and federal levels. It’ll probably take the states to see any change at the federal level. While I have no issue with, and strongly support the concept of medicinal Cannabis, this plant needs to be legalized for responsible adults to enjoy as they now enjoy alcohol. Why? Simply because it’s safer on so many levels.

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