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Poll: 72% Of Likely Utah Voters Support Medical Marijuana Legalization


utah marijuanaA representative of the DEA warned Utah recently that if Utah legalized medical marijuana, it would lead to stoned rabbits all over the state. That scare tactic doesn’t seem to resonate with Utah voters that recently participated in a poll conducted by Y2 Analytics. The poll found that 72% of likely Utah voters support legalizing medical marijuana, as seen below in Y2’s press release:

Commissioned by Libertas Institute and the Drug Policy Project of Utah, Y2 Analytics surveyed a sample of 400 likely voters about their views on medical cannabis use for certain types of serious illnesses.

72% of likely voters support a policy in Utah that allows medical specialists to recommend cannabis to patients suffering from serious illnesses like cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s. Majority support is consistent across every identified demographic group, including 66% of Republicans (even 59% of self-identified Strong Republicans indicated support), 67% of self-described LDS or Mormon respondents, and 64% of respondents over 65.

52% of those surveyed have a friend or close family member who is suffering from cancer (34%), epilepsy (14%), or Alzheimer’s (31%). Among those who personally know a patient of one of these serious illnesses, 74% support allowing specialist doctors to recommend cannabis to their patients.

Respondents demonstrated a strong deference to medical expertise, prioritizing pharmaceutical flexibility for doctors over governmental regulations. 66% of likely voters agreed with the statement “It should be legal for people with terminal illnesses to use drugs recommended by their doctor but that have not been approved by the FDA,” while only 28% disagreed.

It is important to note that this survey did not ask respondents their opinions on non-medical cannabis use. This poll of 400 likely voters was conducted Feb 26-28, 2015 and carries a +- 4.9 percentage points margin of error. Live callers conducted the interviews over both landline phones and cell phones.


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  1. constant pain on

    I understand that me with constant back pain could use the herb. I have to get it other ways. If legalized I could get the relief i have always needed. Alcohol is legal and has caused lots of hard aches. I wish alcohol would be illegal and marijuana was legal.

  2. How is it that marijuana has so many “thumbs up” in medical use. While alcohol stays legal with so much destruction? I guess this is called population control? Utah, God gave us this medicine. Stop denying your rights to a healthy YOU!

  3. Is good that the rabbits are eating it in the wild life, it’s another food source just like anything else they eat. Wild animals aren’t dumb if cannabis was poisonous I’m pretty sure the rabbits wouldn’t eat it….. legalize Marijuana in all levels. FREEDOM!

  4. BongRipsForJesus on

    How did animals ever make for thousands of years before the DEA, and its infinite wisdom..? This is just as absurd as lawmakers, who are lawyers, making decisions for doctors and scientists at the expense of sick and dying patients! Assuming cannabis affects others species the same as humans, they would merely receive a moderate psychological experience should they happen to catch an unpollinated female plant late in the flowering stage, that is unless they find a way to properly decarboxylate it first. Is this really the greatest concern the DEA can muster? Who’s chasing the dragon now?

  5. It’s too bad most of Utah’s lawmakers refuse to listen to those they purportedly serve.

  6. God made Cannabis on

    Why do we have such a hard time removing mj from an act that was created by the most notable criminal in presidential history?

  7. God made Cannabis on

    Prohibitionists are mental midgets! Stop the crimes against humanity! Demand full legalization and nothing less!

  8. What about the rabbits? Oh no, a stoned Bugs Bunny, Jessica Rabbit, and Thumper. If anybody has trouble with my fictional allusions what about the prohibitionists fictions, note that the obstructionists and prohibitionists rants have been refiled under Science Fiction and Fantasy.

  9. That is a very small sample size and trying to glean anything from it is suspect at best.

  10. Yes, but this poll was taken before the citizens of Utah were warned about stoned bunny rabbits.

  11. “…specialist doctors to recommend cannabis to their patients”..
    Yeah, just like we need a specialist to provide a prescription for Tylenol. Oh well, it’s a start but we’ve been seeing this kind of “crap” mutate these bills into a total mess for years now.

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