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Poll: 74% Of Minnesota Voters Support Medical Marijuana


minnesota medical marijuanaA poll was recently released by Public Policy Polling which shows overwhelming support for medical marijuana in Minnesota. 74% of poll participants stated that they support medical marijuana in Minnesota, while on 18% stated that they opposed it (the rest undecided). The results showed significant support across all party lines. Democrats supported medical marijuana in Minnesota 86% to 9%, Independents 69% to 21%, and Republicans 64% to 28%.

The results clearly demonstrate that medical marijuana is a bipartisan issue in Minnesota. Minnesota recently passed a ‘medical marijuana’ bill. I don’t personally believe it’s true medical marijuana, despite the fact that some organizations and the media consider it to be true medical marijuana. As I stated sarcastically on Twitter when the bill passed, soon people in Minnesota will be able to use medical marijuana, but only in the presence of a left handed unicorn.

Minnesota has one of the most strict ‘medical marijuana’ laws in the nation. Minnesota’s version is better than CBD-only laws that were passed by nine states, but it’s a far cry from true medical marijuana. Minnesota’s law was the first in the nation to ban smoking medical marijuana. Medical marijuana can only be consumed in vapor, pill, or edible form once Minnesota’s law is implemented, which could take forever.

I would have liked to see the poll go farther in depth and ask people how they feel about smoking medical marijuana. I would also add to the poll questions asking if there was support for home cultivation and what specific conditions should qualify to become a patient. I’m hopeful that real medical marijuana will come to Minnesota, so that all those that suffer can use medical marijuana if they feel it helps.


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  1. Mayo Clinic wants to protect cash flows as they are working on doubling in size. Lots of bogus appointments for many meds that dont work well. Time for some accountability via competition in healthcare!

    Maybe a canna-entrepreneur will have a bus line from MN locations to Denver to get such medical necessities!?!

  2. Whole Plant Marijuana is the only answer. If you want to get high then smoke it or vape it. If you want to get well eat the Marijuana Oil.

  3. Very ill in MN with no hope. must move into car and drive to where real Medical cannabis is legal. :(

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