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Poll: 74% Support For Marijuana Decriminalization In Texas


texas marijuana legalization dfw normlI always say that Texas is a tough place for marijuana reform. Unlike most other states that have voted to reform their marijuana laws, Texas does not have a citizens initiative process. In states like Oregon, where I live, citizens can gather a certain number of signatures, and put marijuana reform on the ballot. Texas does not provide its citizens that option.

To make matters worse, Texas has very harsh marijuana laws. Get caught with over four ounces, or selling over 7 grams, and you are looking at up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine. A recent poll found that 74% of Texans support marijuana decriminalization. Per Your Houston News:

Seventy-four percent of Texas adults say the maximum punishment for being caught with pot should be changed from a criminal penalty to a ticket or fine, according to a new poll conducted by The Texas Lyceum.

Heather Fazio, Texas political director with the Marijuana Policy Project, said spending thousands of dollars prosecuting people for minor possession or consumption doesn’t make sense to taxpayers.

Fazio said decriminalizing marijuana could also free up the criminal justice system to focus on violent crime.

“I’m a limited government kind of girl, and I think one of the core functions of government is the facilitation of justice,” she said. “We’re not able to fulfill that duty when our law enforcement officers are distracted and our courts are flooded.”

Imagine how much money Texas would save if it decriminalized marijuana. The City of Philadelphia decriminalized marijuana, and in the first year saved over one million dollars. Marijuana prohibition is a waste of money. It’s beyond time that Texas politicians realized that and reformed Texas’ harmful marijuana laws. No one deserves to go to jail for a plant that is 114 times safer than alcohol.


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  1. Could not agree more. Texas is one of the most backward states I have lived in. Obviously, the politicians would rather have drug dealers selling marijuana to kids, because that is they way its been for years. If I could move to Colorado I would. Too many on the take politicians in Texas who will never change there minds.

  2. Joyce Russell Brocke on

    no one told me , I fear all pain medicines and do not permit anesthesia except locals even for surgeries

  3. 82ND Airborne Paratrooper on

    Its simple. MONEY . The cops and any form of association of law enforcement don’t want it legalized because they wont have the money from fines, property confiscation,ect Prisons wont get the mandatory requirement of inmates to attain the 3.000 $ { thousand } per month to support their private business ventures. The monies they seize all goes to buying their high tech toys and equipment. Not to mention the undisclosed amounts of money they put in their pockets. Texas should change the white star on their state flag to RED since that color represents the communists agenda of total and absolute control. Remember Visit texas on vacation Youwill leave on probation or worse. Texas loves prisons ! Look at how many they have

  4. saynotohypocrisy on

    I wonder if you could use a vaporizer.
    How dare they tell you you can’t use cannabis to deal with your severe pain. Or that medicine should be priced at prohibition levels. I wish these control freak bigots would get a grip.

  5. saynotohypocrisy on

    Nowhere near as expensive either, other than thru government suppression. Big pharma has good reason to fear this safe herb.

  6. Joyce Russell Brocke on

    pain is imporetant, I have had far more than my share and I should not have to break the law by relieving my pain with edible cannibis

  7. Joyce Russell Brocke on

    Okay How do I obtain a copy of the wording for the petition message me on facebook, I donb’t smoke pot because of my lungs but tried the candy kind edibles and it actually stopped my severe rheumatoid arthritis pain

  8. I lived in small towns in Texas. The county cops are the most corrupt I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve seen them plant pot under cars and then bust you for it. There’s a lot more such as ballot box stuffing, lying, racism, ect. I’m glad I live in Oregon now. Should have never left.

  9. They think (if that is not to strong of a word ) they are saving you by destroying your life and future. Welcome to Texas.

  10. To go against the criminal justice establishment and change things here isn’t easy. There’s a cowboy, ultra-conservative attitude that Texas police have kept to for over a hundred years. There’s also a strong Freemason connection that makes the “good ol’ boys club” a literal fact in our courts. Texas cops are scary. And our prosecutors, and Judges are even scarier.

  11. The problem here in Texas isn’t public opinions, it’s the mindset within the criminal justice system. Police, Prosecutors, and Judges still tend to have very negative opinions of anyone that uses marijuana. Police make a lot of arrests for possession. To most police officers here, if you smoke weed, you’re a scumbag.

  12. The conflict between what states like Texas say and what they do is shocking. If Texas really is a place where individual freedoms are so highly valued, even cherished, how can they persist in interfering with a citizen’s right to use cannabis? The same goes for their other medieval morals laws. Hypocrites!

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