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Poll: 78% Of Kentuckians Support Medical Marijuana


kentucky medical marijuana pollAccording the latest Kentucky Health Issues Poll78% of Kentuckians support the legalization of medical marijuana, and 25% say they would be okay with regulating recreational use as well. Only 38% oppose any form of legalization.

Proponents were split when it came to legislative action. Almost half thought the decision should be left up to voters, 23% thought state legislators should change the law, and another 23% believed ending prohibition was the job of the federal government.

Citizens of Kentucky will be happy to know that State Senator Perry Clark (D-Louisville) has been tireless in his push to introduce medical marijuana legislation; unfortunately, his bill has yet to receive a hearing.

Let’s hope more Kentucky lawmakers start listening to the people they claim to represent.

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  1. Me too. I retire in 2-1/2 more years. I probably dont have time to wait on wv to do something good. The west is beautiful country. And its becomming more inviting with everything I read. Ive done some serious thought.

  2. My morning routine is get up, slowly, get coffee, log onto TheWeedBlog and hopefully see news that Ky is considering making MMJ legit. It finally came true. If Sen. Rand Paul runs for president in 2016 and is elected I’m sure it will become a reality……hopefully, it doesn’t take that long. Until then, look for little spots of GREEN among the bluegrass.

  3. Oh yea, ky is better off than us here in wv. You guys are #44 on the national average income chart, where we’ve only come up to #47 out of 50 on the chart. We were lower than that but we are on the mm ove man!!!!! We’re coming on now. Right? Haha

  4. I live in wv. Imo wv and ky are slow to change. I blame some of it on internet access and also on our lifelong teachings we’ve been through, but what do I know. Our officials knows best…. right. They know what we really need, don’t they. They know all this needs put down and kept quiet cause thats how its been here, aint it?

    The war on drugs has given the man the right to take everything we have from us if he wants. For what….. a small amount of weed. A couple of plants. A nonviolent crime….. They can do about anything they want it seems. They can put us in their industrial prisons and use us to fill their beds if they want. They punish us to what end, and for what reason? Because we have been bad?… or is there another reason?…. Could there be another reason?

    Could that reason be………

    im not gonna say it. I charge you to find that out on your own, if you dare to that is. If you dare to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

    Good day my friend.

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