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Poll: Conservative Iowa Voters Don’t Care That Jeb Bush Smoked Marijuana 40 Years Ago


jeb bush marijuanaJeb Bush was in the media a lot following the most recent Republican debate. During the debate Jeb Bush tried to make the case for opposing marijuana reform, and admitted that he had consumed marijuana forty years ago. The admission even came with a public apology to his mom. For some reason Jeb Bush thinks that people should go to jail for something that he did himself when he was younger, but never experienced any repercussions of marijuana prohibition because he grew up in a very privileged situation. Had Jeb Bush received the ‘marijuana scarlet letter’ himself, maybe he would think otherwise.

A new poll was released yesterday that dealt with the decline in popularity for Jeb Bush in Iowa, which is a key campaign state. There are many reasons that Jeb Bush isn’t as popular as he once was in Iowa, but his admission of consuming marijuana doesn’t appear to be one of them. Per Public Policy Polling:

Admitting in the debate Wednesday night that he had smoked marijuana in the past probably isn’t Bush’s problem at least- 59% of GOP voters say they don’t care one way or another about that, and 7% actually say it makes them more likely to vote for him.

I do not plan on voting for Jeb Bush, and don’t think a third Bush presidency would be good for America. But I do like that these poll results were released, because it tells politicians that it’s OK to come out of the closet. But unlike Jeb Bush’s admission, I hope that they also come out and get on the right side of history in addition to admitting to their personal experiences with marijuana.

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  1. He’s still a deus bag and the country will be better off if they don’t vote for another Bush or Donald (I love gold so much it’s in my bathroom ) trump.

  2. I tried to comment three different times and had to start over each time…”No more Bush”…that is the most PC thing I can say. If a “Bush” became president again I would either become fluent in Spanish or French…Mexico sucks…Canada’s National Anthem “O’ Canada” is horrendous, but I wouldn’t want to live here anymore!

  3. Perhaps he has a lack of motivation to do his job to protect everyone, even though he swore to GOD he would..
    One way to motivate him would be to file a class action law suit to have him hanged for wanting to continue a high treasonous war on the very people he swore an oath to GOD to protect.

    Wikipedia high treason…third paragraph, second sentence…


    ” Participating in a war against one’s native country” is one of the definitions of that crime, and the offenders will not be corrected, until a judge does THEIR duty and convicts them!


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