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Poll: Majority Of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana


legalize cannabisBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

A majority of Americans, including two-thirds of Democrats, believe that marijuana should be legal for adults, according to nationwide survey data compiled by YouGov.com.

Fifty-two percent of respondents said, “[T]he use of marijuana should be legalized.” Only 34 percent of respondents opposed the idea.

Support for legalization was strongest among self-identified Democrats (66 percent), those with a household income of $100,000 or more (62 percent), and African Americans (59 percent). Support was weakest among Hispanics (39 percent), those over 65 years of age (39 percent), and self-identified Republicans (36 percent).

Sixty-six percent of respondents agreed, “[G]overnment efforts to enforce marijuana laws cost more than they are worth,” while 62 percent said that the government should no longer enforce federal law in states that have legalized and regulated the plant’s use.

Fifty-three percent of those surveyed, including 68 percent of respondents between the ages of 45 and 64, acknowledged having tried cannabis.

The YouGov.com poll is the latest in a series of national surveys showing majority support among Americans for regulating the adult use of cannabis.

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  1. Haywood Jeblowme on

    She’s taking our support for granted now, and is a liar anyway, so why bother? Vote Bernie!

  2. She would get a lot more votes if she did change her stance. That is the major reason Sanders has been able to keep up in the polls.

  3. let’s focus on today and americas future. As long as marijuana is illegal it has a devastating cost to the communities and states. people are forcedto buy weed from uncontrolled sources for medical and recreational uses. these illegal suppliers avoid paying taxes which we need bad, and while people are using the government waste billions on stopping marijuana use. wake up america legalize it so america can grow and harvest a good product for proper use.

  4. Hello downthelaw. I think what others are objecting to here is where you said “selling weed is most of their jobs.” That is not true, that most Latinos sell weed for a living. Most Latinos make a living the way Americans of all ethnicities do, as professionals and blue collar workers. Many are legal business owners who employ lots of white Americans. Many Latinos serve proudly in our armed forces. And speaking for myself personally, every weed dealer I have ever met has been white.

    It is true, however, that the cartels — controlled by a handful of very powerful individuals — exert a lot of control over the politics and economies of Latin American nations. And it certainly could be argued that this influence has affected the views of many Latinos.

  5. There is no racism in my statement at all what so ever. The only racism in this conversion is the race pimp who keeps making himself look stupid with his racist remarks. No one can point out something about a “race” in this f***ed up country without someone crying bc it’s racist. It’s like saying white people can’t dance and have small d**ks or black people can dance and love chicken. All mostly facts but now I’m a racist. Racism WOULD NOT EXIST if it was for people turning themselves into victim and calling everything racist. F**KING MORONS.

  6. Hello HellNo. While I agree that making generalizations about Latinos such as downthelaw has done is wrong and misses the mark, his overall critique may not be entirely rooted in racism. Speaking for myself as a liberal white, who has marched with Latinos for immigration rights, to see that 39% support frankly feels like a kick in the gut. I don’t agree that the 39% support level is due to Latinos being drug dealers — an ugly stereotype to cast upon an entire culture, but it cannot be denied that revenues from illegal cannabis sales by the cartels accounts for a significant portion of the Mexican economy, as well as the economies of many other Latin American nations. In my view, transitioning to a legal cannabis economy would be great for Latin America, and some countries, such as Mexico, Uruguay and Chile, have already taken steps in that direction, and that is commendable.

    However, the attitude of many of the nearly 2/3 who are opposed to legal cannabis, in my view, can be summed up in a Facebook meme I have seen recently, in which a little girl is holding a sign that reads, “Fuck weed. Legalize my mom.” It is this kind of attitude that I think will lead to a backlash against the cause of immigration rights among liberal whites, such as myself, who support legal cannabis, who use cannabis and wish to continue to do so without risk of prosecution and imprisonment, and who also support and have fought for and voted for immigration rights.

    And it’s not just liberal whites who are harmed by such an attitude, but to a much larger extent, American citizens of color who have born the brunt of the war on cannabis. That “fuck weed” message essentially tells black communities that they should continue to bear the brunt of the drug war so that Latinos can come to this country illegally. It also says, “fuck you” to undocumented Latino immigrants who have been caught with weed and thus face deportation.

    The reason for such a backlash is that the sentiment expressed in that meme shows contempt for my culture — a cannabis culture comprised of people of all races. The meme says, “fuck weed” — while expressing an expectation of entitlement: American citizenship for those who are in the United States illegally. But the problem is not just the expectation of an entitlement but rather the entitlement at the expense of the civil rights of American citizens and non-citizens alike — “Legalize my mom AND fuck weed.” So when someone like me, who has gone to the mat for immigration rights, sees a message like this — it feels like a betrayal. It hurts. It feels like a friend telling me, “Fuck you. Your concerns are not important, and even deserve contempt. Only my concern matters.” It is an alienating message, and a divisive one, not a unifying message.

    It basically tells us Americans who support both immigration rights and who have had to live with the threat of arrest and prosecution all our lives merely for use of cannabis — that the welfare and civil rights of our community do not matter to most Latinos. That all they care about is getting what they want, even if it risks alienating the very people who would be among their staunchest American allies, because it says that they don’t care about our own well being.

    “Fuck weed.” Really? If that’s the attitude, then that certainly causes me to re-evaluate my support for immigration rights, if I know that the attitude is not “we’re all in this together”, but rather, “I’m entitled to live in the United States illegally, while actively opposing civil rights for American citizens.” Frankly, that attitude stinks.

  7. Bill Clinton is also on record favoring decriminalization in the movie “Breaking the Taboo.” The media do a fantastic job of ignoring this issue in presidential elections.

  8. No, it’s not a true statement that “selling weed is most of their jobs (Hispanics)”.
    No matter how you spin it, that’s an inaccurate, and racist statement.

  9. Senior Citizens are the fastest growing group of Medical Marijuana.Users
    Google Silver Tour

  10. And you all have good weed and I wish you would fight to make it easier for the world to get to. 39% Hispanics against legal weed is terrible. We need you in this battle for what is right. If there was a country wide vote to legalize weed and only 39% of Hispanics vote for it . That’s bad for legal weed. And what I said is the reason rather you like it or not. Sorry. And just for you my “not enemy”, Go Hispanics. That’s all you get. I don’t do well with people who make themselves a victim of “racism”.

  11. Just to say it for you racism creating fools out there. I love all Hispanic forms and will buy and smoke all the weed you want to bring on with it legal or not. But please lets start fighting for legalization. It hurts me to see such a small % for something that helps destroy a amazing drug and gives you and all of us a bad name. LEGALIZE.

  12. Racism was the , and I’m going to say it again, THE one reason that started the war on pot. It sucks. It’s sad to say that now the “criminals” who have done no real crime when they are arrested for drugs alone become criminals. My comment was to point that out. It is a true statement. And it is sad that they don’t won’t to fight for their own freedom from the laws that hold them and there product back. And the reasons for this is sad as well. The taxes they would face are horrific and just as unjust as the laws. And I have seen many many many white and black drug deals and saying the same thing. Legalization would be bad for their business they got going. Both cops and illegal drug dealers are the main ones again legal weed. Because it’s there cash crop. But we all need to be fighting for what’s right instead of are few more dollars.

  13. Nothing eases the physical discomforts brought on by the aging process better than cannabis. We need to get AARP to throw their support behind medical marijuana for seniors. That’s another 39% of voters that currently oppose legalization that politicians listen to. Seniors need medical marijuana, and seniors vote.

  14. Racist or not it is a true statement. And that is ok. I’m not racist and I didn’t mean anything racist by that. The truth is the truth. Sorry. If it wasn’t for morons like you all calling everything racist then there probably wont even be racism to talk about. Wouldn’t it be great to see legalization and all those i speak of become real farmers of marijuana and be great citizens instead of “criminals”. But sorry to anyone if they feel that was a “racist” comment. But it’s not the Mexican cartels fault that weed is illegal. But they do like it that way FACT, they make more money and aren’t taxed with it being illegal FACT, and they do run drugs into this country to make said money and that is way it says 39% FACT. Stop the racist call outs and grow up a little bit people.

  15. It’s also sad that only 2/3 of the dems support our cause. It should be 100% or vote them out.

  16. Read close. CANNABIS was a big part of Hispanic culture. LA cucaracha song Mexican hat dance
    Latins. Had to give that up because of the first prohibition by the asslinger

  17. Being retired can get boring at times… weed is nice for that (and 3-4 other “aliments” that need treating too). I’ve thrown away my Tylenol. lol

  18. Racism played a big part in creating prohibition. You won’t defeat prohibition by endorsing the same racist rhetoric.

  19. Because you are not my enemy. I’ll say this nice. HISPANIC PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT are not drug dealers. Just to school you. We are doctors. Lawyers policemen firemen nurses . And some even own businesses here. Some have been here since before the Anglo pilgrim’s
    your remark is racist. While police don’t kill as many of us. We make less money for the same work. We are quietly left out. So many latins work in public works and those institutions are drug free. What ever peace.look a little deeper

  20. The funny one is the Hispanic vote at 39% for. They are against legalization because selling weed is most of their jobs. The cartels who are deadly and getting funded by the prohibition on marijuana hate the idea of legalization. And heaven forbid our government do something smart and right and see that. So that maybe we can stop wasting money on throwing our own people in jail. And start making money and creating jobs for those people instead. Wake up out of the lie filled propaganda against weed that has created the most failed policies this country has ever made. And vote yes to legalize marijuana every chance you get.

  21. The major reform organizations should push Clinton to simply de-schedule marijuana. With four states already re-legalizing and many on the way in November, nothing else makes sense. – She knows marijuana should be legal. – She’s just bowing to the police, prisons, prosecutors, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, etc. – She needs to go ahead and cut them loose about marijuana. – Everyone knows it’s coming anyway. – I still wonder why some reporter hasn’t asked her this question:

    “Do you agree with your husband’s statement that marijuana should be decriminalized? (He stated that on leaving office in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.)

  22. This is no longer a political issue.
    Its a human rights issue.
    Its as immoral to deny Medical Marijuana to Cancer Patients or Kids with Seizures as it would be to deny insulin to diabetics or antibiotics to people with life-threatening infections.
    HDMMOT fights Cancer six ways and is one of the most exciting things in Cancer Therapy in years.
    Every Cancer Patient deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana.
    Every. Single. One.

  23. saynotohypocrisy on

    They need to be nailed to the wall over their hypocrisy and prejudice against marijuana. Time to find themselves some other scapegoat for society’s ills, time for cannabis users to get their deserved place in the sun.

  24. saynotohypocrisy on

    What are your priorities for her to support, short of outright legalization I assume? I think you make a good point about needing to pressure her now, but what should that pressure be focused on?
    Patients can’t wait for their medicine to be legal state by state, cannabis needs to be rescheduled so that doctors are able to prescribe cannabis when they think it warranted anywhere in this country,subject to reasonable regulation. I think this would have strong public support, do you think it’s something that Clinton should be pressured on now?

  25. Even if Marijuana wasn’t a “Wonder Drug” for Cancer Patients, Kids with Seizures, Vets with PTSD, and People in Chronic Pain, it would still be a moral imperative to legalize it because of the fact that Prohibition 2.0 ruins countless lives, more than 30 MILLION Americans use it on a regular basis, the majority of Americans want it legalized, and there isn’t valid reason in the world for it to be Illegal.
    But what’s heartbreaking is that Medical Marijuana truly is “Wonder Drug” and a “Gift from God”, a life saving medicine for so many Americans, especially Children with Seizures and Cancer Patients, and that HDMMOT is showing so much promise against so many forms of Cancer.
    This is a MORAL IMPERATIVE, at the level that ending segregation was and fighting against racism and discrimination of all kinds still is.
    This is a MORAL ISSUE of the highest order.
    Americans, including American Children, are suffering and dying — needlessly.
    We need to end this horror now.

  26. If Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a primary opponent, then that would be another way to show that political power.

  27. >>>” two-thirds of Democrats, believe that marijuana should be legal for adults”

    This is so important and what is frustrating to me. – Right NOW is the time marijuana reform should be making their power felt – in this moment before the Democratic primaries. It goes without saying that marijuana reform will not support Trump, or any other Republican.

    We need to prepare for the strong possibility that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. Now is the time she is most sensitive to our voting strength. – We need promises of support NOW, before she wins the primary. She will take our support for granted after the primary.

  28. I believe Hispanics have just internalized the propaganda and responded to the massive persecution. – When I was studying Spanish long ago, I was amazed at the many Mexican families I met who did not want their children to speak Spanish. When I talked with them, I learned it was because, throughout the history of the U.S., communities with large Mexican populations – especially in the Southwest, inflicted heavy prejudice and discrimination against Spanish-speaking residents. – So the great richness and heritage of this beautiful language was lost to several generations.

  29. Closet Warrior on

    Thanks for the sidebar, very informative. If any state and it’s Governor wanted to halt legalization or just oppress the nation it would be Florida. It is one of if not the biggest manufactured drug states in the country. The town of Lakeland is home to the largest legal drug shipping company in the country. No surprise when I read that the lot of the money and interest came from Florida. Florida- “We’re not just destroying local lives, we’re expanding””!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. The statistic about support among people over 65 is very surprising, given the fact senior citizens are the fastest growing group of Medical Marijuana users.

  31. Don’t forget another important statistic: 82% of Oncologists want their Cancer patients to be able to use Medical Marijuana.

  32. Closet Warrior on

    Not surprising from the Republican conservatives but I wonder if Hispanic votes are down because of what our government did to them in the1930’s. You know, the Anslinger years. They took away their right to bring their favorite cure-all to our country and thus began the Reefer Madness smear campaign. I’m not being a racist asshole but just maybe they see this as payback or possibly don’t want their families in Mexico and other below-border countries to go hungry because when we finally do legalize it , that will put a crimp on black market crops. It actually already has.

  33. The sad part of this survey is the percentage of Republicans that oppose legalization. For a party that claims to support less government intrusion, you would think allowing adults to make their own health choices would be a Republican issue. But with only 36% support, it’s obvious that Republicans are very selective about what they call small government.

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