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Poll: Majority Of California Voters Support Marijuana Legalization


vote for california marijuana initiativesCalifornia was a pioneer in marijuana politics when it placed Proposition 19 on the California ballot during the 2010 Election. Unfortunately, that initiative failed on election day. I was very sad when legalization didn’t make the ballot in 2012 in California, and it appears that sadness will continue through 2014. Hopefully national organizations and local activists can all get on the same page for 2016.

A poll was released recently which found that a slim majority of California voters support marijuana legalization. Below is more info about the poll, which was conducted by PPIC Statewide Survey:

As proponents of marijuana legalization consider another ballot measure, Californians are currently divided on legalizing marijuana: 49 percent say it should be legal, 47 percent say it should not be legal. Among likely voters, a slim majority (53%) say marijuana should be legal, and 44 percent say it should be illegal. Last September, 52 percent of adults and 60 percent of likely voters said it should be legal. Slim majorities of adults said it should be illegal in March 2012 and September 2011 (51% each). In 2010, California adults were divided (September 2010: 47% yes, 49% no; May 2010: 48% yes, 49% no). In a February Pew Research Center survey of adults nationwide, 54 percent said legal, 42 percent said illegal.

Majorities of independents (60%) and Democrats (57%) say marijuana should be legal; 62 percent of Republicans say it should be illegal. Blacks (63%) and whites (57%) say it should be legal, a majority of Latinos say it should be illegal (60%), and Asians are divided (44% yes, 48% no). Younger Californians are much more likely than adults age 35 and older to say it should be legal (64% 18 to 34, 39% 35 to 54, 47% 55 and older). There is majority support for legalizing marijuana in the San Francisco Bay Area (59%) and the Inland Empire (52%), while Central Valley residents are divided (50% yes, 49% no), and majorities of Orange/San Diego (55%) and Los Angeles (52%) residents are opposed.

I was surprised that a majority of Latinos support marijuana prohibition, considering how much they are affected by it. Minorities, Latino or otherwise, are more likely to be a victim of marijuana prohibition. Hopefully people see these results, and do more to educate the Latino population in California.


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  1. Our governor, Brown is 75, our senators are 80 and 73, all lifelong politicians and prohibitionist. They grew up, got fat and happy living the reefer madness policy. It’s a real long shot to budge them. I hate that we will have to wait until the kick or 2016. Obama and Holder are our best shot.

  2. Rohrabacker is a good man — the only Republican in the House (since Ron Paul left) who openly opposes cannabis prohibition.

  3. Oh, he had plenty of experience. Sabet’s experience as a policy hack for the White House is the one thing his education actually *did* prepare him for, which is why it never surprised me. At the age of 15, he distinguished himself among the drug warrior crowd when he “took a stand” against the board of his local school system when they refused to accept federal money for an anti-drug program the school didn’t think it needed. That spectacle he made of himself is what got him hired for a job at the NIDA at age NINETEEN. They’re the ones who got him into Berkeley, where he continued to be a drug war shill while he studied “social policy,” presumably on the dime of his employer, the NIDA.

    There was a great article (that I can’t seem to find, now) written by an actual research scientist who knew (of) Kevin Sabet’s campus reputation when they were both undergrads at Berkeley — the article basically said Sabet has been pretending to be a scientist since he was 22, and the PhD in social policy does not entitle him to pretend to be one, now, to lie to the American public.

    That’s reason we should all be upset. He’s using his PhD in public policy as if it were a PhD in an actual scientific discipline — have you not noticed that every op-ed he writes expounding on the “hard evidence” is authored by Dr. Kevin Sabet, professor of psychiatry at the University of Florida Shands Medical School? He always uses the full title. He’s not anything resembling a scientist in practice, but everyone he LIES to (which includes Congress) thinks he is because they all address him as “Doctor.”

    The ONDCP job should be no shock, as they fund the NIDA, who bred him to be a prop-scientist from the moment they realized he was willing to play the part (when he was still a teenager), which is precisely what he’s doing. Dude’s been a willing collaborator for the machine that’s been waging war on our own citizens for the majority of his lifetime, and he’s not even 40 yet. What people need to do is call him out for the non-scientist he is at every opportunity. We shouldn’t let the ONDCP/NIDA get away with inventing their own expert.

  4. Don’t forget that he was also a senior advisor to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) from 2009-2011, again despite any actual experience, and his approach has always been forced rehab while keeping it illegal except for synthetics produced by major drug companies.

  5. My best guess, the pharmaceutical industry. Kevin Sabet was handed a faculty position at the University of Florida’s medical school, despite the fact that he has no medical or scientific background, at all. His education is in public policy, and there’s no evidence he’s taken so much as an intro to biology class since he was an undergraduate. The only industry I know of with the backroom influence to hand a paid liar like Kevin Sabet a job as faculty in a teaching hospital would be Big Pharma, who dumps millions of dollars of funding for drug trials on teaching hospitals across the country. Sabet has no students, he teaches no classes, he conducts no research, he publishes no papers — by every objective requirement of a faculty member, he shouldn’t be there.

  6. They are not Latino but I wonder where their $$$ comes from? Follow the money. Cui bono? To who’s benefit?

  7. Our governor is 76, Feinstein is over 80 and Boxer is 73, what can you expect? It’s very disappointing to have old prohibitionist calling the shots. Prop 215 is being hammered, very few store front clinics open while prohibitionists are working to stop home grows. While it’s easy to get a card the testing needs to be updated, we can still be fired for using cannabis as medicine. I’m checking my local politicians for their views on legalization, I’ll never vote for a prohibitionist. My congressman is Dana Rohrbacker and he is pushing the Feds to allow states to decide. My state senator, Lou Correa is the worst prohibitionist, he wants to return cannabis business back to the cartels. Who are you voting for? You only have yourself to blame.

  8. It all depends on which poll you believe. From NORML:

    ” A majority of California voters says that cannabis should be legal to possess and purchase, according to the results of the 2013 annual Field Poll. The poll has been measuring Californians’ support for legalizing cannabis since 1969, when just 13 percent of respondents supported legalization.

    Forty-seven percent of respondents backed legalizing marijuana “with age and other controls, like those for alcohol.” An additional eight percent of respondents supported legalizing marijuana without any restrictions.

    Only 31 percent of respondents said that they supported the strict enforcement of present laws or enacting tougher laws against cannabis.

    FIFTY-SIX percent of respondents also said that they would vote ‘yes’ in favor of a proposed 2014 ballot measure to legalize the plant’s production, possession, and sale.

    A previous statewide poll conducted in October by the state affiliate of the American Civil Liberties reported that 65 percent of likely voters would support a proposal “to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in California for adults.”

  9. Medicine Man on

    I lived in humboldt and ended up working for those greedy growers, I HATE THEM! they were all major arrogant assholes, they hated me too because I knew how to grow better that they did and they had a dozen years on me. I also hope cali goes legal in 2016. The greed of too many growers has prices down locally from $4000 to $2000 and $1500 a lb. I love it and hope they all lose their asses!

  10. Jeez. There must be a lot of big money moving around the west coast for negative messaging if the polling numbers for registered voters in Georgia are better than the polling numbers for LIKELY voters in California…

    That’s cool! Let the prohibitionists burn all their cash out west. I really hope they don’t realize how expensive their efforts are. Let them have at it! While they keep hammering CA like an anvil, the rest of the country is tipping. They’ll continue to come up short no matter what, and continue throwing good money after bad. Perhaps it’s a little sadistic of me to enjoy watching the prohibitionists struggle to keep their fingers in the dam. It’s not like we didn’t see this flood coming.

    It’ll be very disappointing if it turns out these polling numbers are a result of efforts by greedy growers within the medical cannabis industry who want to continue charging “risk” prices in a semi-legal market. People shouldn’t go to jail to keep their profit margins fat. If that’s the case, they’re no better than the private prison lobby.

  11. Barneys FarmShop on

    Marijuana legalization is going to occur nationwide as the States cannot turn a blind eye to the Tax revenues legalized and medical marijuana states are bringing in.

  12. What will the 2016 excuses be for not making the ballot? Will they claim there are too many different initiatives trying to get on the ballot again? We heard excuses in 2012, and now more this year. Will they keep ignoring the decline of the medical cannabis in California while other states are rapidly progressing?

  13. “I was surprised that a majority of Latinos support marijuana prohibition.”

    And you don’t realize that marijuana prohibition has been a huge source of revenue for the Latinos?

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