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Poll: Majority Of Swing State Voters Support Marijuana Legalization


vote marijuanaBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

The majority of voters in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania support permitting adults to possess marijuana legally, and super-majorities in all three states endorse allowing doctors to recommend cannabis therapy, according to survey data published by Quinnipiac University.

Fifty-five percent of Florida voters say that they support allowing adults “to legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use.” (Forty-two percent oppose the idea.) In Ohio, voters back legalization by a margin of 52 percent to 44 percent. In Pennsylvania, 51 percent of voters favor legalizing marijuana versus 45 percent who oppose doing so.

Voters sentiment in favor of legalizing the plant’s availability for therapeutic purposes is even stronger. Pollsters reported that voters in all three states back medical marijuana legalization by margins of five to one: 84 percent to 14 percent in Florida, 84 percent to 15 percent in Ohio, and 88 percent to 10 percent in Pennsylvania.

Legislation seeking to regulate the plant’s use and retail sale is pending in both Florida and Pennsylvania, though to date, lawmakers have yet to hold hearings on either bill. Legislation to permit regulatory access to medical cannabis is also pending in both states.

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Johnny Green


  1. Perhaps the real question about marijuana and if t should or should not be legalized lays in who controls the law. seeing it this way says how it works. DEA can arrest you for the usage of this simple drug. An by doing so they have control over your life. There then allowed by law to put you jail control your movement tell you more or less how to live your own life. This simple way of law has allowed the government the right to jail 100.000 of thousand citizens. So ask yourself if you a voter want the government to control your life this way or are you more interested in saying you live I a free country that allows you the freedom to make your own choices on how you wish to do things. if god blessed America then why are we destroying our onwn freedom by allowing old men and women to control us.

  2. You hit it on the head they don’t want to admit they have failed at this drug war and keep us all locked up.its a joke, they wanna keep these thugs in the Dea and enforce these bullshit laws.

  3. Why is pot legalization being blocked? :o(

    We should really ask ourselves ” What the heck are people trying to stop by not legalizing Marijuana? ”

    :o( Are they part of the DEA? are they part of the police? are they part of the judicial system? because all of those people I just mentioned are very biased because they are protecting their jobs that oversees the millions of lives they destroy on pot crimes that would go away if pot was legalized? )o:

    :o( Or are these fighters of legalization so propagandized, and uninformed that they want to continue in this police state we now live in where we have half of the worlds jail population, but America is only four percent of the worlds population :o( what’s driving that? )o:

    The EU has 700,000,000 ( million ) people, but only 10% of the jail population America has? Are the American people worse people then the rest of the world?

    ( That’s a true statement 320,000,000 million Americans, 7,500,000,000 ( billion ) people world wide, we are 4% of the world, but we have 50% of the worlds prisoners counting probation, and parole; you can find the numbers yourself on us.gov/attorney general. ( and i do think probation, and parole counts, they are still the state controlling the population )

    2012 = 800,000 people arrested in the u.s. for simple possession of pot nation wide…

    The FBI says they did and average of 6 months each in prison :o(

    ( these 800,000 people are our friends, and family members, you know them )

    So no one murdered, no one died, no one robbed, and no one was hurt, but there were 800,000 people in 2012 that spent 400,000 man years in prison, at an average cost of $60,000 each to incarcerate them… so that is a cost of 24 billion per year to the US economy, and that is just simple possession of pot…

    Every year we create 800,000 felons because of pot, thats tens of millions of felons over the years, these people are pushed down into destitution their whole rest of their lives, the war on drugs is now just another war on the American people by our own government, we need a real change in the distortions we have allowed our congress to make over the last forty years of propaganda, and drug laws…

    Don’t trust me, look for yourself at us.gov / attorney general’s site. these people have a constitutional mandate to inform the American people, so you should be able to trust us.gov.

    ( don’t ever let authority be your truth, always let truth be your authority live by that and nothing is confusing anymore. )


    data from a report by the FBI “fbi@us.gov please go there and read it your self

    Data released Monday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation show there were an estimated 1,552,432 arrests for drug-related crimes in 2012 – a slight uptick from the 1,531,251 drug arrests in 2011. Marijuana offenses accounted for 48.3 percent of all drug arrests, a slight reduction from 49.5 percent in 2011, which itself was the highest rate since before 1995.

    Most marijuana-related arrests were for possession of the drug. By mere possession, there was one marijuana arrest every 48 seconds in 2012. Including arrests for distribution, there was a pot-related arrest every 42 seconds, the same interval as in 2011.


    The bottom line is arrests for marijuana are a waste of money, a waste of life, a waste of liberty, and a waste of the America principles of what is morally right in the treatment of the American people, legalize marijuana, and free 1/3rd of America’s prisoners. Think about how far that would go in reducing the stress in America, as well as the American Declaration of Independents: where we the people declared our mandate for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?…

    We have population’s of color who rightfully, and statistically feel like pray in their own homes, we have a large part of the white population that has been so propagandized by lies, and fear that they don’t even realize the bigotry they project when they generalize negatively to other groups because the stress of the police state is always hanging over all of us…

    We all have to find empathy in the knowledge that we are all 99.9% the same with the same wants, hopes, and dreams. we just need to calm it all down.

    No one dies from pot overdose, you need 300 times the intoxicating amount to kill yourself… if you take too much, just go lay down for awhile your not going to die…

    John C…

  4. And yet all of us will see that same child come home in 8-24 hrs – happy, healthy and a bit wiser about sneaking into mommy’s brownie stash. A hospital visit with NO long-term adverse side effects. Name anther “drug” we can say that about? Short-term munchies yes – but NO lasting harm. No offence “skoallio” – but no scare-mongering either.

  5. If your against legalization that’s fine, I just don’t see how anyone can say marijuana is not safer than alcohol and cigarettes.the health and societal problems with those vices far our weigh any damage marijuana is doing.not to mention legal prescription drugs there’s no comparison

  6. I’m not talking strictly using marijuana or even possession, I’m talking all the non violent people in jail for any drug offense it’s bullshit and needs to stop

  7. Not a majority of people who went to Kevin Sabet’s conference or read his book, thats for sure. With how things are headed, by the time election day 2016 comes, there wont be any legalization supporters left other than the few pro marijuana extremists who treat it like a religion. Kevin Sabet is persuading people like crazy and its spreading by word of mouth fast.

  8. And none of us want our kids eating pot candies by accident and ending up in the hospital.

  9. Oh boy, The myths lives on….. In Kevin Sabet’s book, he says its a myth that countless people are in jail for smoking marijuana. Less than 1% of the prison population is there just for smoking marijuana. I know the US has the largest prison population, but its no reason to twist and cherry pick your way to legalization. Look at all the data objectively.

  10. Even if usage went up its still ridiculous to throw users of any drug in jail. The drug war has not worked and is never gonna work it’s time to legalize.

  11. Why in the name of Goebbels would someone associate any risk to children? We can see the Dutch model is almost 50 years old, and the decline in interest among youths has held since it first dropped, just like it did in Colorado, and even states like California with liberty loving Medical Marijuana laws. Kids have access to Mexican Cartel marijuana in every public school in America right now. There is not a public college campus in the in US that doesn’t have a regular supply of marijuana and it’s been that way since the 1950’s at least that I know of. Respected polls at least must appear to be unbiased or they are paid no attention. Note the Vermont study. Only 56% of Americans said they supported legalizing Marijuana. But of the same sample group, over 80% believed that marijuana should not be prohibited. The result of both questions is the same.

    In your example it’s apples and oranges. Any town can prohibit anything they like and argue for it in court. Look at the US map of Dry counties that still don’t allow booze from back in the first Prohibition. That is another conversation. Even if a state chooses to end prohibition or legalize, each county can still decide if they want it there, then each city or township can decide if they want it there. Your county could ban coffee tomorrow and so could your town. They could ban any type of food. Prohibition isn’t cheap though. If you want to live like 1930s Germany in your town that’s your business, but don’t expect the Federal or State government to help you keeping paying the gestapo.

    Research Amsterdam first, then make your way over to California Medical Marijuana 1996. read the NIH reports from Dr. Donald Tashkin, and his follow up research. Look at the actual translated report from the Finnish study reported in the UKmail, where they conveniently left out a “NOT” in the translation. As in it was “Not” causing mental orders. Don’t expect a lot of patience for sources on the actual argument of Prohibition. We went through that 20 years ago. Clear your cookies from your cache, then start doing Google searches. If you happen to frequent Right Wing media site it will affect your search results by offering you what you they think you want to see. That is not necessarily the truth.

    What we are discussing now is what is best for each state to choose, a Medical Marijuana Model, or a Recreational Model, or just plain Decriminalization. If you missed the debate about whether we are going to build the wheel then that’s your responsibility. You can be a Prohibitionist in America and I will fight for your right to exercise that freedom even though I strongly disagree.

  12. There’s been little to no increase in teen usage since legalization in Colorado and Washington. Your propaganda doesn’t match the data, plain and simple.

  13. Conservative Christian on

    Let’s start doing unto others as we would have them do unto
    us. None of us would want our kids put in jail over a little marijuana. None of
    us would want the police to confiscate and sell our parents’ home because they
    grew a couple of plants to help with the aches and pains of growing older.
    Let’s start treating other people the way we would want to be treated.

    We can contact our representatives at:

    Congresswomen and Congressmen: http://www.house.gov/representatives/

    Senators: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

    Polite + Friendly + Responsible = Success!

  14. is it not misleading to say even if more kids were to use it??? that is not part of any bill proposed anywhere. i believe the age is 21. beyond that it regulates kids from buying it. they would have the same chance at getting it as they would alcohol.and as a matter of fact if it surpassed alcohol in use by a choice over alcohol i think there would be less deaths among our youth.but, it would be up to parents and education to suppress those numbers. children will always get ahold of things they shouldn’t., let’s see your same argument for guns in the home. you don’t deny everyone there freedom because of a careless few.

  15. This is misleading. To say a slim majority of the public supports “allowing adults to possess marijuana” in a poll is NOT THE SAME as “I want a pot store in my town”. Redo the poll with a question like “Do you support treating marijuana like alcohol” or “Do you support allowing adults to possess, use, grow and buy marijuana even if more kids were to use it”?

  16. As voters, we need to hold politicians accountable and remind them who they represent and who pays taxes in this country. Those hiding in veil of medical cannabis to appear progressive need to be voted out. The majority of americans want full legalization. We need to smoke these rats out and keep them out. Progress and justice for the majority is via full legalization nothing else.

  17. PhDScientist on

    Its long past time to legalize Medical Marijuana nationally. It shouldn’t be viewed as a political issue — its a scientific, medical, and moral one. Americans who need medical marijuana shouldn’t be used as political footballs. They’re people, suffering and dying, and they’re being denied the medicine that can ease their suffering and save their lives.

  18. One of these days the politicians are gonna catch on to the fact that marijuana has gotten more “yes” votes than any candidate running for office in all elections lately where it has been put up for the people to vote on. (ballot initiatives only of course — I’m jealous that in Louisiana we don’t have that option). We even have a bill in our legislature to allow the people to vote on it, but sadly it’s still pretty much a “fat chance” that it even gets out of committee (criminal justice committee, that is). Congrats go out to the Wichita, KS voters for getting their voice heard this past week. (Although the state DA is trying to sue to have it nullified)

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