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Poll: Majority Of Voters Back Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative


Responsible Ohio LogoBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Fifty-six percent of registered Ohio voters say that they will vote ‘yes’ this November on Issue 3, the Marijuana Legalization Amendment, according to newly released WKYC/Kent State Polling data.

Sixty-seven percent of registered Democrats and 50 percent of Independents told pollsters that they endorse the measure. Sixty-five percent of Republicans oppose it.

Only ten percent of voters remain undecided on the issue. The WKYC/Kent State poll possesses a +/- 4 percent margin of error.

The measure would initially establish 10 state-licensed commercial growing sites and commercially produced cannabis would be sold at over 1,000 proposed retail dispensaries. The measure also permits adults to cultivate personal use quantities of cannabis (up to four plants yielding no more than 8 ounces of usable product at any one time) at home.

State lawmakers opposed to the plan have placed a competing measure, Issue 2, on the November 3 ballot that seeks to prohibit state regulators from permitting the limited production of “any Schedule I controlled substance.” If voters approved both measures, Issue 2 states that the “entire proposed constitutional [marijuana]amendment shall not take effect.” According to the WKYC/Kent State poll, 54 percent of registered voters — including 57 percent of those who say that they also support Issue 3 — say that they intend to vote in favor of Issue 2.

Twenty-six percent of Ohio voters are undecided on the measure.

If both competing measure are passed by voters, it will likely be up to the courts to decide which initiative takes precedence.

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  1. remember florida it missed getting 60 percent of the vote by two percent. a few lessons have been learned since then. the youth will turn out on this issue. It is the only issue that directly affects them. if you are looking for world peace go to a miss america pagient. you will find plent of candidates that want wirld peace.

  2. Voters, be aware that 2 largely cancels 3. If you want legal sales vote NO on 2 and YES on 3.

  3. Have you been tricked by the corrupt politicians that run our state legislature? Let’s look at the issues.

    Issue 3 is a ballot measure that was initiated by hundreds of thousands of signatures of Ohio citizens who are seeking to end the ridiculous and costly prohibition of cannabis in this state. Why has it taken this long for marijuana legalization to reach the ballot? Well, its quite simple. The people who run the state legislature don’t want it, despite the fact a recent poll showed 90% of Ohioans support marijuana for medical use.

    But why would our legislature – the people we elect – not want to pass something that we, the people of Ohio, want? Well, that’s also pretty simple. The people who run this state make money off prohibition. Our tax money – an estimated 120 million dollars per year – is given out to people who are friends (donors) to the politicians. We are talking private prisons, law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, mandatory rehab centers – all who receive millions of our hard earned money to enforce a policy we don’t want. The state legislature also wants to protect other interests that legalized marijuana would take profits from – tobacco, state liquor, and the enormous pain prescription medication market. It’s a pretty basic and corrupt system – they pay the politicians to get them into office, and the politicians return the favor by protecting their interests using government policy.

    So what happened when a marijuana amendment proposed by citizens of Ohio reached the people who run our state? To put it bluntly, they were FURIOUS. You see, the state’s primary problem with Issue 3 is that they receive absolutely zero of our tax money from it. That’s right, Issue 3 is actually designed to take all the revenue received from marijuana taxes and actually dumps it right back into our local communities – schools, law enforcement (against the truly harmful drugs), and infrastructure/repair.

    Why is this so important? Well, it means the corrupt politicians who run our state can’t get a hold of the money to misappropriate it or use it for their own gain. If you haven’t been following Ohio politics recently, I strongly urge you to research Ohio charter schools as well as the absolute gutting of the funding to our local governments for important services. To put it simply, the corrupt Republicans that have a chokehold majority in our state legislature are pushing policies that steal our tax money and give it out to their wealthy friends – all the meanwhile our streets are filled with potholes and our public schools lack proper funding.

    Upon seeing that this new amendment would lock corrupt politicians out of billions of our tax money, the Republicans quickly worked to squash it. It started with Jon Husted, our elected secretary of state, abusing the power of his office to harass the people working on the amendment. Despite the fact that there were hundreds of thousands of signatures of concerned Ohio citizens who care passionately about an issue – Husted and other corrupt politicians completely ignored our concerns, and instead worked diligently to prevent us from ever being able to vote on it. But it doesn’t stop there.

    Fortunately, Husted’s efforts to block our freedom failed and ResponsibleOhio managed to secure the amount of signatures needed, but now the amendment had to be approved by the Ballot Board. The Ballot Board is a group of 5 hand-pointed individuals led by none other than you guessed it, Jon Husted. The language for the amendment that was petitioned for was altered by Husted to fit his agenda to kill it. To start with, he changed the wording of the ballot to include the word “Monopoly” in the title of it. He then moved the word “recreational” further to the front in the title, while moving “medicinal” to the very end, despite the fact that medicinal is one of the key components of the amendment and something the widespread majority of us are passionate about. Not only that, but Husted then worked to bury the entire focus of the amendment.

    For an amendment about the legalization of marijuana, wouldn’t you think the very first sentence on the ballot would be about the legalization of marijuana? Nope, not for Jon Husted! Rather than start with the most important part of the amendment to us and voters – ending prohibition – Jon Husted wants you to see the phrase “endow exclusive rights”. Wait, but this is a legalization amendment we created, right? Well surely the second bullet point is about ending prohibition right? Not for Jon Husted. He feels the second most important thing on the ballot is the creation of retail stores and dispensaries. Huh? Well surely, surely the third bullet point would have it, right? Nope. Jon Husted says the third most important aspect of the amendment is to allow business to create marijuana edibles. You’re kidding right?

    Oh, but it goes on. After Jon Husted butchered and rearranged the wording of the ballot to include his own private interpretation of the word “monopoly” and to bury all the positive aspects from voters, he then quickly got to work crafting his own legislation to kill it. Time wasn’t on his side though. He and the other corrupt Republicans in the state legislature began drafting the absolute mess that is now Issue 2.

    Issue 2 is a ballot initiative created by Husted and other Republicans that control the state legislature (I know, shocking right?). Husted did not ask the Ohio people for Issue 2. There was no deliberation, there were no signatures from Ohio citizens in favor of it, there was no discussion of it with us about it. Husted and the corrupt league of Republicans who don’t want to lose their iron grip on this state rushed the sloppily written Issue 2 in less than 2 weeks. Think about that. And with absolutely zero bipartisanship (go read who the supporters who passed it through are).

    Wait, so if our marijuana amendment was created first, why does Husted get to list his amendment before it? Pay attention now because this is where it gets good. Husted disguised Issue 2 as an “anti-monopoly” amendment. But it is everything EXCEPT an anti-monopoly amendment. Issue 2 does nothing to break up or get rid of all of the established monopolies we have in our society. Remember all those private prisons? How about your electric company? What about your cable internet provider? What about gasoline? What about the Casino monopoly already in our constitution? It does absolutely nothing to them. ZERO. It’s not retroactive. How can something be an “anti-monopoly” amendment if it doesn’t do anything to existing monopolies? Sound suspicious?

    But here’s the brilliance of it all. Husted is trying to trick you. Husted wants you to see the phrase “anti-monopoly”, a term universally everyone would agree with as positive, right before you see the words “grants a monopoly” on the following measure, a term people would naturally not feel good about. This is why he snuck his own bill into slot 2 of the ballot, while moving the people’s amendment back to slot 3.

    Are you starting to understand how absolutely ridiculous this is all starting to sound? Think about it for a second. This is an elected official. A person supposed to be working for us and who is supposed to be fair and objective. Using the power of his office to thwart the efforts of citizens to vote on a measure they deem important. Moving a few words around here, burying a few words over there. All to make one amendment he supports look good, while making the other that he opposes look bad. That’s not democracy, folks. That’s called conflict of interest.

    So what does Issue 2 actually do then if it does nothing to existing monopolies? What Husted has crafted is actually one of the most deceptive and disgusting things I have ever witnessed. Issue 2 is a vote to take away your right to vote. That’s right people. November 3rd, you are being asked in Issue 2 to hand over your power to vote in ballot initiatives like in Issue 3 over to the ballot board, the hand-appointed group Jon Husted controls.

    The way it works is that Husted and his cronies drafted an amendment so vague that they could apply its wording and the concept of “monopoly” to any issue that we (the people) want to put into motion. It would only take 3 people (3!) bought-out politicians to dismantle any future ballot initiatives (including marijuana legalization), forcing them into 2 parts with the same ridiculous “do you want a monopoly?” questions plastered all over them that are innately designed to fail, not unlike the changes he personally made to Issue 3.

    But more importantly, read this, listed near the bottom: “Prohibit from taking effect any proposed constitutional amendment appearing on the November 3, 2015 General Election ballot that creates a monopoly, oligopoly, or cartel for the sale, distribution, or other use of any federal Schedule I controlled substance.”

    Wait, so if Issue 2 is going to block my vote on Issue 3, then why isn’t it in the title of the ballot? Why is it hidden near the bottom? Why would you ask me if I want an “anti-monopoly” bill, which sounds great, if all it does is take away my voter freedom and nullify my vote on another issue? The simple answer: Jon Husted is trying to trick you. He has designed this entire ballot to trick you. His “monopoly” smear campaign is to trick you. He wants you to look at Issue 2 and go “ooooo” that sounds lovely. And then he wants you to look at the wording of Issue 3 and go “ewww” that doesn’t sound as good. He doesn’t want you to think or actually debate the positives of Issues 3. Go ahead, ask him. He’s intentionally trying to confuse voters and derail what we, the people, have worked decades trying to reform.

    And that, my friends, is why you need to do research. Husted and the corrupt Republicans are pulling a last ditch effort to take away your right to vote, steal your tax money, and cement prohibition permanently in this state so he and his friends can profit. If Issue 3 fails, there will never be legalization of marijuana in Ohio before federal. The next time an initiative comes around (and note: there are no other initiatives anywhere even close to making the ballot), you can bet that there is going to be a MASSIVE campaign against it by all the rich Ohioans profiting off prohibition, backed up by all the shady dealings we’ve seen this year by their state cronies.

    Read both amendments. Do your research. Research Jon Husted. Research Jon Husted and voter suppression. Research the corrupt Republicans that are solely backing Issue 2. They are trying to distract you. Ignore the background noise. They are screaming at you, monopoly monopoly monopoly! Don’t look at the benefits, just look at the word monopoly! Don’t look at the tax money your communities will get, monopoly! Don’t worry about sick kids, monopoly! Don’t worry about your freedoms as an adult, monopoly! Don’t worry about giving up your right to vote, monopoly!

    This is way too crucial of a turning point in our state’s history to be fooled. They are trying to get us to work against each other. They don’t want legalization. They want your tax money to continue fueling their private jets instead of putting it back into the community. Look at the facts. Issue 3 will END PROHIBITION. Permanently. They will never be able to touch it again. Issue 3 will generate insane tax reveneue that the state can’t steal. It takes money AWAY from drug dealers, the corrupt politicians, and harmful big Pharma med and gives it back to us. Issue 3 will provide care for sick children, cancer patients and veterans with PTSD, which we as Ohioans all agree on. Tourism in Ohio will BOOM and bring tons of money into the state. Thousands upon thousands of new, well-paying jobs. The ability to open new and successful businesses. Medicinal research and innovation. Our economy will THRIVE.

    But our current politicians don’t want any of those things. And they don’t want you to think about it either. They want you to succumb to the status quo, to fight with each other, they want more years of prohibition and harmful state policy. Think about it. A no vote means Ohio will get _NOTHING_. Have you been tricked by Husted and his friends? Do your research, people.

    Realize that if Ohio says no in 2015 to legalization, our corrupt state politicians will use it as precedent that “Ohio isn’t ready” and continue to stifle us with prohibition. It will also continue inaction by the Federal government. Your “no” vote in 2015 will be interpreted and used against you in ALL future legalization debates whether you intend it to or not as a “no” for marijuana being legalized at all. And don’t be fooled – the opposition to legalization next time will be intense and furious, with practically endless funding by our existing monopolies that don’t want a thriving marijuana industry cutting into their profits.

    But if Ohio goes green, national marijuana legalization will be at the forefront of the 2016 elections, pushing our nation forward and forcing our president to finally address the issues.

    We’ve waited over 20 years in Ohio for this moment. This is the single most important vote of our generation. We are sick of the inaction and corruption by our state legislatures. Don’t be fooled. Research. Ask questions. Think for yourself.

    Vote Yes on 3 if you want to end this ridiculous prohibition today and move Ohio forward into a bright and exciting new future. Vote No on 2 to protect your right to vote.

    ‪#‎Yeson3‬ ‪#‎Noon2‬

  4. saynotohypocrisy on

    I think it’s going to pass because 90% of Ohio voters support medicinal marijuana and they know this is their only way to get it, the Republican dominated state legislature has made that clear. And 56% to 34% (with 10% undecided) is a pretty big cushion.

  5. I’m in Pennsylvania so I dont have a vote but am glad to see it looks as though issue 3 will pass, admittedly for my own self-centered reasons. I want to drive to ohio and buy weed because im sick of buying it like a friggin criminal here. I used to be a conservative republican. I went door to door for bush 2000, 2004, mccain 2008 and romney 2012. But not anymore. The republican party left me behind because I believe in cannabis over alcohol. Im not stupid enough to vote democrat, but am now a registered independent. Yes on 3 I beg of thee!!

  6. Also, passing issue 2 will nullify issue 3 and future legalization issues. This will set Ohio back 20 years on cannabis legalization. Don’t be fooled it is not a win, win situation if both pass. Please think about the consequences that occur by passing issue 2. It would be bad for the people of Ohio.

  7. The “1,100 retail stores” argument is a good one for refuting that the growers are going to make ALL the money, as many naysayers claim.
    There will be plenty of retail stores, each creating new jobs.
    But it’s important to recognize that there is no way market support exists for 1,100 retail cannabis stores in Ohio.
    Washington State currently has 85 retailers, and they have more cannabis than they can sell.
    I think the final number will be somewhere just under 300 stores in Ohio.

  8. Take a look at Mike DeWine’s Facebook page. Clearly, most of the commenters there are younger, based on how they write, but the support for issue 3 is overwhelming, and they sure seem motivated to get out and vote.
    I guess we’ll see in a couple of weeks if that translates into action.

  9. Well, I’ll be voting yes on issue 3 and no on issue 2 and I’m 42 and conservative. Issue 2 is our government trying to get more power over what the citizens can do and trying to ride the prohibitionist wave. It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s not just about stopping legalization. It’s about controlling any citizen driven initiative they don’t like. Don’t be fooled. Vote no on issue 2 even if you don’t support issue 3.

  10. The full text of the poll warns that the 56% support for issue 3 is soft, because the poll is of all registered voters (rather than likely voters) and the young people who are more likely to support legalization are less likely to vote than older voters who are more likely to be opposed. To add my additional 2 cents, youth turnout tends to be highest in presidential election years. This November, Ohio won’t even be voting on congressional or statewide offices (governor, attorney general, etc.). Unless RO’s GOTV campaign is way better than Buddie the Marijuana Mascot, I don’t think they’ll be celebrating on Election Day.

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