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Poll: Marijuana Reform Is Very Popular In Maryland


maryland medical marijuanaA new marijuana poll was released this week in Maryland which showed some very encouraging support for marijuana reform in Maryland. A majority of poll participants supported legalizing marijuana in Maryland. Also, more than 80% of participants supported decriminalizing marijuana possession. But my favorite part of the poll found that 9 out of 10 participants support medical marijuana in Maryland.

During Maryland’s legislative session this year, Maryland passed a bill authorized academic centers to distribute medical marijuana for research purposes. Some people in states that don’t have medical marijuana saw this as the legalization of medical marijuana, but it’s actually far from it. There’s no guarantee that any academic center will distribute anything. What Maryland really needs is a real medical marijuana program, which needs to include the right to home cultivation, and safe access points.

According to the Washington Post:

Based on the poll findings, decriminalization of marijuana “will be an issue to watch” in the upcoming legislative session, said Mileah Kromer, director of the Sarah T. Hughes Field Politics Center at Goucher University.

I find it troubling that over 80% of those polled supported marijuana decriminalization, yet the Maryland legislature failed to recognize this when they let a bill die during the last session. The bill would have reduced penalties for simple marijuana possession to a civil fine of $100. Yet another example of just how out of touch some politicians are I suppose.


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  1. WOW. I’m confused. I saw that both Maryland and Maine passed marijuana laws including recreational use but limited to 1 ounce.

  2. So Bob, police that put people in jail for marijuana offenses for less than an once, are the so-called criminals that our Federal Government, State Government, and Local Governments arrest?

    There have been more arrests from small amounts of weed possessions, than people arrested for cocaine, heroin, and meth combined, not to mention how our government wastes tax payers dollars.

    Yes our governments are so screwed up and out of touch and that goes for most congressman and senators, not to mention Presidents!

    Just remember how we got here in this mess in the 1st place. The lies that our government still insists that legalization is not what they want to do is just one reason why our country is in decline as a country as a whole.

    The sooner they legalize it, the better we shall be as a nation and the sooner it is legalized we can, literally grow as a nation!

  3. I was there at the legislative hearings for the past two years for medical marijuana. I have stated how 2 of my wrestling buddies have perished, I’ve been sexually-abused and I sustained head force trauma during a surprise attack on me and my friends. My depression is real! The courts in Maryland have already recognized depression patients via the Darrel Putnam Act of 2003. Dr. Sharfstein, Gov. Martin O’Malley’s troll has seen the crippled, the sick, and the dying and he shuns us. We have a chance to elect a pro-marijuana governor in Delegate Mizeur, and I hope we seize the opportunity in June 2014.

  4. out of touch some politicians are ? i will have to disagree because imho the politicians know the war on Cannabis (for medical use) is where the $$$ that the police use to fight real crime

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