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Poll: Nearly 10% Of Americans Consume Marijuana Before Going To Work


marijuana use work cubiclesI have many friends that consume marijuana before they show up to work. They don’t consume before driving, and they don’t consume during their commute. But you better believe that when they park their car in their work’s parking lot, and before they swipe their badge to get into the building, they are hitting their vape pens or pipes as much as they can. Jay Smoker was notorious for this. As he would tell me, ‘how else am I supposed to get through the day working at a crappy job?’

I don’t personally consume marijuana before I go to work, but that’s mainly because I sit in a cubicle all day and would likely fall asleep from boredom if I was too high. But just because I don’t consume before work doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t. I get it. Getting high before work makes work tolerable. A poll was recently conducted that found out that almost 1 in 10 workers toke up before going to work. Per Whaxy:

In a recent poll conducted by Mashable.com and Survey Monkey, nearly 10% of respondents admitted to lighting up before work. The survey captured only a small and targeted sample set (534), but the results were fairly surprising. Most respondents (over 96%) agreed that it was highly unlikely that they would do so again in the future.

96% of people that said that they consumed marijuana before work said that they wouldn’t do it again…right…Below is an infographic that Whaxy made in reaction to the poll results:

drugs at work infographic


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  1. Well being an avid toker (Smoke Responsibly) I honestly do consume before work.I have even went to work not stoned and.my boss would.immediately tell me to take “my break” they thought I worked happier and longer toked up ….. now at first I would see ppl toking and think to.myself how in the world do they focus but these 10% are the ones who smoke so mich it has come to the point that it doesnt.effect them they way it would someone who just cpnsumes on the party scene … same.goes for driving js I drive waaaay beyter stoned then when.not

  2. Bull shit! Anybody in wa state that voted for 1-502 & didn’t read it first is a true stoner & has no regard for med patients! Wa & I suspect ak & or are trying to do the same thing! & you people ceep voteing for anything that has rec use attached to it! I know your brains are indisposed, but please read a bill before you vote for it!

  3. This makes no sense, and if anyone is actually getting loaded before going to work, or for that matter driving anywhere, they’re beyond brain-dead and probably won’t have to wait much longer before their world comes crashing down, and they can blame no one other than the person staring back at them in the mirror.

  4. The title of this article is not accurate and who’s side are you on? This is the second time you have printed inaccurate information that I know of, and this time it could explode and hurt everyone connected to marijuana legalization. You need to do your homework better before you print things and think about what you are printing, We all need to make smart choices and be responsible. There is a long way to go before it is legal nation wide and that wont happen if this kind of BS gets published by people who are supposedly for legalization. Your credibility took a big hit with me after reading this trash. I truly hope the media does not get a hold of this, they will have a field day!

  5. So TRUE!!!!! Lay low and b cool. those of us that do, no one likely knows anyway, unless you stink of it…not smart.

  6. The title of this article is misleading. It is easy to interpret that 10% of the American workforce is high on pot at any given moment. We don’t need to add any more fuel to the prohibitionist argument that if marijuana were legal, everyone would be constantly high.

  7. Just to point out it is believed that 15% of Americans drink before work this isn’t just based on a small lot either.

  8. “I don’t personally consume marijuana before I go to work, but that’s
    mainly because I sit in a cubicle all day and would likely fall asleep
    from boredom if I was too high.”


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