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Poll: No Marijuana Buyer’s Remorse In Colorado


colorado marijuana salesBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Nearly six out of ten Coloradans say that they support keeping retail marijuana production and sales legal, according to statewide polling data released by Quinnipiac University.

The figure is a five percent increase in support since voters approved the law in November 2012. A September 2014 statewide NBC News/Marist College poll previously reported that 55 percent of Coloradoans favored the law.

Men and younger voters were most likely to support legalization. Voters ages 18 to 34 overwhelmingly favored state law (86 percent to 16 percent) while 50 percent of those ages 55 and older opposed it.

Male voters supported the legalization by a margin of 63 percent to 33 percent, while women only favored the law by a margin of 53 percent to 44 percent.

The gender and age differences in support are not surprising. A just-published study in the February issue of the journal Drug Abuse and Alcohol Dependence reports that women are twice as likely as men to perceive significant risks associated with the use of cannabis. The study reported that those least likely to perceive significant harms associated with cannabis are those between the ages of 18 to 25, those who have completed high-school and/or college, and those with annual household incomes exceeding $75,000.

According to newly released figures by the Colorado Department of Revenue, retail sales of marijuana totaled just under $700 million in Colorado in 2014 – the first full year during which sales of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes were allowed.

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  1. A couple more thoughts. With the DC measure passing 70-30%, support among young voters would almost certainly exceed 80%.

    In Florida, voters 18-24 supported the medical marijuana measure 83%-17%. Granted, it’s not a true apples to apples comparison, but it does show that support is highly concentrated at the young end of the voting spectrum.


  2. Whyiowa4medical on

    I passed along the Department of Public Health report to you and Aarr for review!!! From what I have heard, there are many who believe legalized cannabis has brought the hard drug plague down on Denver. This is from an Iowa couple who retired to Denver and likely have no concept of how the city of Denver “proper” is laid out. Most suburbs excluded, you can drive for a block or less with low income “hood” housing, only to come upon about the same area of $500,000 plus homes over and over for miles. This was Denver’s fight against urban decay. A fight that stalled out, when I last skied out there a friend took me to her father’s estate; a 4.5 million dollar home. This estate was less than a mile from the crack cocaine hood. So, unless a person is familiar with the lay-out of Denver they will misunderstand what they see (if they move there from another state) every time.
    The Public Health Report is also full of holes. I was ready to call foul and charge them with research fraud, as they prepared this study in the past year and it included claims of the adolescent offspring of birth mothers who smoked Denver’s cannabis had a far higher drop out rate!!! When I delved into the citations, I discovered The United States Public Health System forced data upon them collected from the poorest areas of Jamaica. There was so much BS in the first year’s report that every separate section and finding had to be accompanied by a disclaimer stating Colorado Public Health (CPH) would depend on the sources they deemed necessary, even knowing much of the information was dated and sprang from a time when balanced research could not be done!!! Well, that little add-in throughout the report removed the ability to call fraud!!! US Public Health interfered to the point CPH at a point or two called the forced info “interference” as they reported on things there was no ability to prove (or disprove) in under a year in Colorado!!! So, many of these reports are a certain governmental agencies BS that no matter how many times it is disproven, they continually spew them. It is good to see that those who have been to Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo are not falling for the hard drug increases, nor crime increases. Could it be that when police are not chasing someone in possession of a joint (or even a few mushrooms) they are able to capture more criminals?

  3. I have to see the sample of this poll. This one seems bogus when a few months ago, another poll was out saying the exact opposite. Kevin Sabet jumped all over it. All the other polls show Millenial support for legalization ranging from about 55-69 but this poll shows 86%??? Its an OUTLIER.

  4. This will only grow as time goes on and people realize that the prohibition propaganda was full if sh*t.

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