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Poll: No One Should Lose Their Job Because Of Off The Clock Marijuana Use


poll marijuana use work firedMy work is ruthless when it comes to marijuana use, even when it is off the clock. Recently my co-worker got in an argument with another co-worker which resulted in a mediation meeting with management. During the mediation one co-worker spilled the beans about seeing the other co-worker consume marijuana before work. This resulted in a drug test, which the employee failed, and the employee was terminated.

There was no proof that the person was impaired at work, or for that matter there was no proof they were impaired at all ever. However, the drug test indicated that the person had consumed marijuana within the last 30 days, and that was enough to fire her. Sadly, this is a very common occurrence across America. I know I personally live in fear that my employer will find out about my marijuana use and that I will be terminated. It’s very hard to find a job these days, and losing my job would ruin my life.

Do you think that being fired for marijuana use outside of work is OK, even in states where marijuana use is legal? I’m assuming if you are reading this blog you would offer up a resounding ‘NO!’ If so, you would not be alone according to a new poll released by the Huffington Post and YouGov. According to the poll

According to the new poll, a majority of Americans — 64 percent to 22 percent — think that if marijuana were to be legalized in their state, it would be unacceptable for a company to fire an employee for smoking it during his or her free time.

But when simply asked whether it would be unacceptable for a company to fire an employee for smoking marijuana off the clock — excluding the question of whether or not marijuana use was legal — a 45-percent plurality of respondents said it would be unacceptable, compared to 32 percent who said it would be acceptable.

When marijuana inevitably becomes legal across the nation, I hope no one is fired for consuming marijuana off the clock. But I guess only time will tell. Until then, I’ll hunker down in my cubicle, live in fear, and hope that I don’t get fired for making the safer choice after work.


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  1. I have a tactic that may prove to be very effective but you guys have to have the ballz to band together and stick to the plan. It is to intentionally fail drug tests for marijuana, if we all do it, in large numbers, then they will just be wasting their time and money to administer the tests.
    It costs companies about $40 to drug test an individual, think about a large volume of people who fail coming in, most people are scared and do everything possible to pass the test, but if we are blatantly open about it, then the employer will spend ridiculously large amounts of money to keep screening for a new employee, having turned down all who fail, it translates into $$$$$$ wasted.
    $$$$ is the bottom line! Make them waste their time and money! Soon they won’t want to even do the tests because they LOVE their money! Get it? Now go out there and FAIL THE TEST!!!
    The only way this will work is if people actually follow through and do it together, BUT I have a feeling too many of you are STUPID AND COWARDS!!!!!!!

  2. This is what Ethan Nadelman of the Drug Policy Alliance works on every day.
    And Rob Kampia at The Marijuana Policy Project
    And Allen St. Pierre at The National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws
    and a grassroots army of normal Joe dime bags like us.
    Stay in touch with what these people are saying, and help in any way you can.
    We will overcome.

  3. We do need reform of tax laws so mega-Corps have to pay a fair share of their taxes instead of the huge breaks and loopholes they get.

  4. That’s the real reason to use the sites, so they see and hear how people feel about it. Every message that I have sent has been responded to. Some of them sound kind of intolerant but they are the best because you’ve made them think about it. Most of them inform me just what legislation is out there, and if they serve on the committee that is considering it.
    Like PA’s Daylin Leach said, “If it was a blind vote, it would have passed a long time ago.”
    This is on their radar right now because of the CO and WA votes and we need to make hay while the sun shines.
    Even somebody who wouldn’t ever use any can’t let this drug war rage on like this.

  5. We minimize corporate speak with the voices of the people. The internet gives us a fighting chance.
    We can decrease the influence of corporate money by applying the principle of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or we could do it the nice way and create a coalition of partners. I’d prefer to do it the nice way, but I also think that we should be prepared to fight with whatever tools we have at hand. Non-violently, of course.

  6. That last part about the more people are educated, the less they support the status quo, is very true, and one who is versed in statistics can see very easily when people are trying to mislead by creating bullshit out of numbers. The data is what it is. What is done with the data and what conclusions could be drawn is where the potential for misuse and manipulation occurs. How the data is collected (random sample or self-selected sample, for instance) also matters.

  7. it’s an uphill battle but if everyone banded together we might be able to afford legal representation & pursue that avenue….worth a shot! come out of the closet & organize it…..and count me in!

  8. corporate currency is the engine driving prohibition. do you have any idea how many industries bottom lines would be affected by a totally legal & decontrolled cannabis/ hemp industry? cannabis could provide an all natural & inexpensive alternative to pharmaceuticals & alcohol & make many expensive surgeries, chemotherapy, etc. unnecessary. it’s thc deficient cousin hemp could replace trees for paper, cotton for clothing, provide fuel & even be used to manufacture plastics & concrete. then there’s the whole legal/ punitive/ rehab industry that would take a huge hit! the lobbyists from these industries have a controlling interest in our government via campaign contributions & other devices & control the massess with top shelf propaganda. find a way to minimize the influence of corporate money on our government & we just might have a chance.

  9. figures lie & liars figure but the more people are educated the less in favor of the status quo they are!

  10. i have friends from many different religions, agegroups, all over the political spectrum & am thoroughly convinced that if people were honest that 64% would be much higher. there are pictures all over the internet of the president toking in his youth….do you really think he thinks people should be jailed, fired, have their kids taken away, etc. for doing something he himself did? he probably has his hands tied….the system is well entrenched & supported by big money! he probably knew that going in or he wouldn’t have gotten where he is without playing ball with the powers that be…..just thought he might be able in some way to make a difference working within the system.

  11. theoretically that works, but even assuming that people would actually vote both major candidates are often vocally anti cannabis. we should all vote & write in tommy chong or willy nelson if necessary.

  12. Companies are confused by positive thc tests. They think that because it can be detected, you are impaired.
    It’s pretty common knowledge these days that since thc is fat soluble, it shows up long after any impairment has gone away.
    That’s why we must all demand that cannabis be removed from Nixon’s Controlled Substance Act.
    Let your state and federal reps know how you feel and that they aren’t getting your vote unless they get over their reefer madness.
    NORML’s and MPP’s websites make it pretty easy to send messages to government. Tell them how you feel about this.

  13. Sadly those who profit in indignant forensic urine testing are powerful and would seek to destroy you if you were to besmirch their reputation. The zero tolerance set along with the three strikes set that houses non violent offenders for 39k per year will fighter harder and harder to keep the status quo.

  14. Sitistics are bull shit only a monority in satistics are concluded so the lower number is used as a higher or on a controversy the higher number dose not qualify becuase of pure prejudice you sheep believe this shit that why we have a mental health issue to the nation in the white house and have had this issue for 20 years you must be in the same statistic pure stupid to belive in lies

  15. If employers were allowed to set their own policies, how many do you think would never hire a gay person, or a black person, or a single mother? Employers already discriminate against cigarette smokers. No, it is not employees that have too many rights and freedoms, it is the employers. And I guess until people start fighting back, the employers will keep discriminating against cannabis users, whether they are MMJ patients or casual users. Of course, you have to have money to fight back…

  16. yes it sux big time.I lost a good job after 18 years,,,mandatory test when your involved in an accident even when it wasn’t my fault

  17. I find the testing of THC to be highly hypocritical in a lot of cases. I’ve worked in environments where random THC testing was conducted yet nothing was done to deter people from drinking alcohol or taking other illicit substances. I found this to be difficult given that I suffer from insomnia and marijuana helps me sleep. However workplaces are free to set policies and if you don’t want to follow said policies, you are free to leave. It’s definitely a tough question to answer. I think that employers should retain the right to set certain policies within their workplace, however someone being fired for smoking marijuana on the weekend seems wrong to me

  18. whats the sample size…? I find it hard to believe that 64% of Americans feel that way, and I smoke every damn day. Surveying like 2,000 people or how every many were surveyed, is not even close to being a real sample size to base these statistics off of

  19. I’m thinking the fact that so many companies needlessly test for THC, and some insurance companies demand it, and contracts with FED and other contractors require it, this may be one of the obstacles to legalization.

  20. I am a brother, I too live with this cloud over my head. I hope that someone will find a way to a legal defense. I fear that the only way this will change is someone is going to stand up in court and fight it.

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