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Poll: Over 60 Percent Of New Mexicans Support Legal Marijuana Sales


new mexico marijuanaBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

More than three out of five New Mexicans believe that state law ought to be amended to permit retails sales of marijuana to adults, according to statewide polling data provided by Research & Polling Inc. and commissioned by the Drug Policy Alliance.

Sixty-one percent of respondents said that they supported legislation to regulate and tax retail sales of marijuana to those age 21 and over. Respondents’ support rose to 69 percent when pollsters indicated that sales taxes would be used to fund health-related programs.

Majority support for regulating the adult use of cannabis have previously been reported in a number of other state and national surveys.

Legislation to allow for the retail sale and adult use of cannabis, House Bill 75 and Senate Joint Resolution 5, is presently pending in the New Mexico legislature. Similar legislation is pending in over a dozen other states, including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, Kentucky, and Vermont.

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  1. This will be fantastic for residents of Texas…please do it New Mexico…since our “elected” officials are too ignorant to take action

  2. Since president Obama legalized medical mmj on a federal level and implemented laws that stop relating facilities from being raided, then technically anybody, you would like think can grow possess and use medical know matter what the states laws are. Wishful thinking though lol! But hey I feel that someone may want to use mmj for a preventative measure for different illnesses or maintence like keeping metabolism in check(and it does, keeps your weight in line).

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