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Poll: Overwhelming Support For Legalizing At-Home Marijuana Use


new york medical marijuanaThere are numerous polls out there that show support for marijuana legalization. Grassroots legalization campaigns point to them all the time. Something that I offer up to people that cite those polls is that while people might support marijuana legalization in general, support can go up or down depending on the details of the legalization proposal. There has been majority support for legalization in California for awhile now, but efforts there fail because the details of the efforts drag down support from the public.

This is why getting solid language into an initiative is vital, and polling it is also vital to see what, if any, parts of the initiative need to be deleted or improved. That’s what happened in Oregon in 2012. The campaign did a great job of gathering signatures, but the initiative was written so poorly that it didn’t win on Election Day. The initiative still could have passed had Oregon not been abandoned by national organizations and funders, but I’ll save that rant for another article.

A poll recently released by the Huffington Post showed that one detail gets a lot of support from voters. Support for legalizing marijuana in the privacy of one’s home received huge support:

Americans are even more likely to support making it legal for a person to use marijuana in their own home. Sixty-six percent of Americans said that it should be legal to smoke pot in a private residence, including 72 percent of Democrats and 70 percent of independents. Even Republicans tended to say that smoking marijuana in a private residence should be legal, by a margin of 50 percent to 39 percent.

Support for legalizing marijuana for public consumption did not poll very well at all. Only 15% of poll participants said they would support it. I haven’t seen too many efforts calling for legalization of public consumption, but I have seen a few, and I think it’s safe to say that such a proposal is unlikely to succeed. I don’t need to be able to smoke at a public park. If I can just legally consume marijuana in the privacy of my own home, or at another private location, that’s just about all I would need!


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  1. Ha OK dude you don’t even know me….if I’m wrong I have nothing to lose, if your wrong you have EVERYTHING to lose, so I’m not really worried about it, if you can comprehend that then God Bless You, if not then keep wandering bro, there is a difference between being a Christian and being part of organized religion calling themselves such

  2. My statement also is being misrepresented. When I said it was “blatant Gov’t overreach”, I was meaning that the GOVT telling you that you CAN’T chew tobacco in Public. That’s funny to me, since many Skoal or Copenhagen users don’t actually spit! That’s what I was meaning. But it took a direction of which I was saying I supported smoking marijuana ANYWHERE. My belief is that it does US (as a movement) an injustice if WE were to push for UNABATED use of marijuana. When the American people SEE that we’re reasonable in our requests, I believe their sentiments of opposition to us will wane.

  3. Using that SAME logic… If you don’t LIKE it, you have the right to move away from it! I’m POSITIVE that it’s NOT as big a problem as you’re supposing it is. This SUPPOSES that people are smoking marijuana ANYWHERE they wish and the sky’s filed with marijuana smoke. You SAY my rights end at your “nose”/ personal space? The same can be said for you. I CAN smoke in my OWN personal space, but you can’t legislate how the wind blows!

    We JUST dealt with a Homeowners Association that tried to legislate AGAINST medical marijuana use in their Association. That law was on the books for 2 weeks because of the OUTRAGE over the gall of the association to THINK they could legislate use of something that’s LEGAL in this State. The movement was even LED by a NON MARIJUANA USER. The whole city of Phoenix was up in arms over it.

  4. so do something about all the goddam auto body shops, killin’ my brain cells, giving me migraines.

  5. Your right to smoke outside ends at me nose. Smoke at home or live in the boonies where no one gives a shit. In most major urban area’s, we have the right to breath smoke free air outside.

  6. Vapor, OK. Smoke. No. Your narcissistic world view doesn’t give you the right to smoke outside around others without them having the same right to ask you to stop. Your rights end at other peoples noses . Your misguided belief that your military service somehow entitles you to have more rights than other’s is misplaced.

  7. Easy now…..Let’s stay on topic here. The fact that he/she believes what I believe when it comes to what this website is all about (cannabis) is enough for me, and should be enough for anyone who wishes to further the cause.

  8. One thing to keep in mind: cannabis isn’t a particularly social substance. Unlike bars and taverns where half the fun is getting a little loose and meeting new people, smoking is almost anti-social. We spent several interesting days touring Amsterdam, including visits to lots of those infamous coffee shops, and no one but employees said anything to us. Most customers were by themselves or couples and it was pretty quiet. I’m fine with all that, just saying I’m doubtful that getting high in public will ever be as popular as drinking in public.

  9. Just because something’s legal doesn’t mean a person has to rub other people’s noses in it. That’s why these open-carry gun people are so completely offensive to people like me. There is room for some simple etiquette. If I’m out with my kids, I don’t want to smell or see pot smoke, just like if I’m out with my kids, I don’t want them around people that stink of alcohol. Isn’t there vape-pens or whatever that masks the smell?

    There is an opportunity for somebody to invent a de-smeller and get quite rich.

  10. Then you should buy your Right-Wing libertarian sounding ass a DOPEN. Then you can vape honey- hash oil outside wherever you’d like. For example here in Seattle there are lots of Obno little dip-shits smoking out sidewalks in tourist area’s where small children are often present, which just isn’t cool.

  11. Dude I’m a Christian, but I know what you are saying. How come the “holy rollers” condem God’s gift by referring to it as the devil’s weed…Because some people are brainwashed, no lie

  12. I agree with you to a point I used to smoke cigs , and even before it became banned in public places I never smoked in my house I never liked the smell I’m from Michigan and it didn’t matter what the weather was like. Anyhow even in a bar I would step outside. To put it nicely I never made it a point to force another person to smell my smoke in a public place, it’s called the right thing to do for me. That being said I do not think the government should be involved in personal choice. But I also think people need to be courteous and kind to other people. Remember cigarettes are a health risk. Why force people to breath your smoke. This goes the same for marijuana,.
    .step out side or designated area . After all you don’t like it when the Goverment forces probition on you.

  13. SCREW smoking at home… I won’t settle until I can get high at a restaurant, nightclub, concert or sporting event LEGALLY ! If that has to be in a “designated smoking area”, fine (in case someone is “offended” by the smell, you sure can’t get cancer or get high from second hand smoke). Legalization should be JUST LIKE ALCOHOL ! Never settle until we get EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW ! Separate but equal is not equal, according to the Supreme Court !

  14. That’s blatant government overreach! I think people are tiring of this type of shit though. Age demographics on “support for legalization” shows the opposition of legalization strongest proponents are those 65+. The GOOD news is… their support is dying off! The 54-64 age demo seems to show major support for legalization. It’s my demo (45 – 54) that will carry legalization over the goal line. In FL however it’s showing 65+ age demo who’s REALLY supporting their medical marijuana initiative. But again THAT’S for MEDICAL marijuana!

  15. You are absolutely right, however if this would get this first legalized nationally then it wouldn’t take too much longer to go full tilt if you catch my meaning. Camel’s nose under the tent thing. Maybe a couple of years later would open up for more complete legalization.

  16. Hiding, still hiding

    Why do I have to hide my innocent consumption of marijuana? I’m a grown man, I’ve faithfully served my country, family and wife. I’ve suffered from multiple sclerosis spasticity, fatigue and chronic pain.

    I’ve never missed a day of work.

    Why do I have to hide anything?

    Our country needs to do some waking up. Sometimes I think I live in Mary Poppins. I’m embarrassed for you that I need to hide smoking weed while disgusting volumes of alcohol pour forth from every inch of main st.

    When my country called, I was first in line.
    When my family needed me, there was no doubt I’d come through.
    When I want get high, I’ll smoke when and where I like.

  17. Why do 34% of the participants still think smoking by adults in their own homes should be illegal? Oh, I know: “Satan”

  18. The revolution planners would be distracted by uncontrollable urges for pastry and cappuccinos.

  19. Inside or outside on private property should not matter. I can see not public places. In Ingham county Michigan you can not smoke or chew tobacco in any bussiness.

  20. The problem with coffee shops is that people might get baked and start planning to overthrow the government.

  21. Captain Obvious on

    This couldn’t come any sooner. Each day that passes is another day of the fascist toxic death experiment.

  22. Being able to use MJ in your own residence is a no-brainier, of course. As for using it in public, there should be some options available. Not everyone has the convenience of a residence for using; e.g., think of the kids. If there’s bars for alcohol and ubiquitous designated areas for deadly tobacco, there should be some alternative for weedsters. Amsterdam is famous for its coffee shops, so why not something like that everywhere?

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