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Poll: Overwhelming Support For Marijuana Reform In Kansas


kansas marijuanaEarlier this month the voters in Wichita, Kansas voted to decriminalize marijuana possession. The reform initiative won by a sound margin. The result of the vote didn’t sit well with Kansas’ Attorney General, who is seeking a court ordered injunction in an attempt to squash the initiative’s chances of becoming law in Wichita. If a recent Fort Hays State University poll is any indication, Kansas’ Attorney General is in the minority, by far. Per the Fort Hays State University poll:

When asked about marijuana policy, over two thirds of respondent favored allowing medical marijuana in Kansas, while almost as many (63%) favored decriminalizing recreational marijuana so that personal possession would only involve a fine, rather than jail time.

Marijuana decriminalization should be allowed to proceed in Wichita. It saves law enforcement dollars, and allows law enforcement to focus on real crime. And after all, it’s what the voters in Wichita wanted. Last time I checked we live in a democracy, which is maybe something that Kansas’ Attorney General doesn’t realize.

Medical marijuana should also be approved in Kansas. There are people suffering from various ailments in Kansas, and they should be allowed to use a medicine that is far safer than pharmaceuticals if they choose to do so. A medical marijuana patient in Kansas, Shona Banda, had her son taken away because he pointed out in class that marijuana can be medicine. You can donate to her legal fund at this link here.


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  1. Jeremy Meginn on

    It could be argued that the link between substance use and violence is as pronounced as it is because of the fact that the laws that criminalize it force the end users into situations of violence that wouldn’t exist if not for the legislation prohibiting the drugs consumption, possession and distribution.

  2. In other news, the House rejected an amendment to allow VA doctors to discuss medical marijuana with their patients. The vote was 210-213. 35 republicans voted for it, 8 democrats against. Asshats.

  3. I said something similar to Mike on thedailychronic (about the AG trying to invalidate Wichita’s decriminalization vote) making that very-same point: it flies in the face of any supposed ideological consistency with the 10th Amendment if you think a larger governing body should overrule a smaller, local municipality that is governing itself. The sad fact is that certain scumbags (like AG Schmidt in Kansas) are only fans of small municipalities governing themselves if the one in question is controlled by his/her party.

  4. Yep, there were several KS GOP State Legislators that told him they wanted him to back off b/c they hoped that CO would support them in their States Rights issues. They told him this could be disastrous for States Rights but he did it anyway.

  5. I had not heard that, but now that I think about it, it would not surprise me a bit. Given what we know about KS’s AG, he’s precisely the type who would sign on to that lawsuit.

  6. $470 in the last 24 hrs. Closing in on $40K => $39,825 raised by 1,415 people in 15 days

  7. Alcohol causes all those things too, but do you see people thrown into prison for life sentences for possessing too much. How many times have you heard about a violent rapists being given a life sentence unless it was in addition to murder? There are as many people serving life sentences for non violent federal drug offenses as there are federal murders.

  8. Not really, consider meth, crack, cocaine and heroin are deadly and often cause violent behavior.
    The feds do enact some laws that serve to protect society, but with regard to cannabis they’re overdue for rescheduling it given the mounting legitimate scientific evidence confirming that it’s actually helpful in treating a number of medical issues.

  9. I thought KS had just decided to sign on to the lawsuit. They may not have formally done it yet, IIRC they just recently said they were going to sign on.

    I may be wrong. I have smoked weed since then. But I swear I read that somewhere.

  10. She has not been charged, but we’re coming up on the time frame when officials said they would complete the investigation.

    I would think that businesses and organizations within the cannabis industry could afford to send at least something. A $5 donation with a message of support would be helpful. I haven’t seen even that.

  11. I don’t believe it’s a multi-billion dollar industry yet. Especially, since the current income tax structure makes it non profitable. Btw, have they charged her with anything yet?

  12. Drug laws in their current form are laws of ideology not crime against another ones liberty. To say consuming a substance is illegal because it might cause you to commit another crime, is just plain ridiculous. Our government likes to spout how free we are, but in reality the government has criminalized what should be ones personal choice. Do we as an individual own our body? Or does the government own us? Our government was built on the idea that government would work for the people by the people, not the other way around. Just to show how backwards this ideology is, they don’t even want to allow studies by scientific medical researchers study cannabis for medical purposes. Ideology over science and personal choice. It’s time we demand our law makers to remove these laws of oppression and replace them with common sense. End the failed experiment called the drug war!

  13. The lawsuit is from OK and Nebraska, and I’m not usually a stickler for corrections, if it weren’t for the facts surrounding Whiteclay, Nebraska. Despite the fact that only 14 people live there, they sell 4-5 million cans of beer every year to the Native American reservation right across the state line in South Dakota. They do about $3 million in business, each year, doing precisely what their lawsuit chides Colorado for doing — allowing a recreational substance to cross state lines. What confuses me is that alcohol sales are allowed on the reservation in question, so I really don’t know why they continue to do business with Whiteclay in such large quantities.

    Congrats on the 2016 initiative, btw.

  14. Just to think with percentage like that, Kansas should NEVER join the lawsuit of IA & OK suing CO. That goes against what the citizens of KS actually want from them.

  15. In the meantime, the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry does not contribute a dime to Shona Banda’s legal defense fund.

    Donations have slowed down to near zero. Where are you guys?

  16. consider other dangerous items within reach of children other than pot, beer in the fridge, tobacco, knives or other sharp objects, drain cleaners, insecticides, breakable glass, a bucket of water, anything small enough to choke on…etc. if child endangerment is an issue nearly anything can be considered a potential threat. the greatest threat is losing your right to live your life. morality dictated by oligarchy has been, and still is, Kansas life. that small group of of insider interest individuals will never freely leave the power of wealth and control essential to the established system which supports this form of ruling class structure, and shields them from being held accountable for the unethical behavior associated with abusive treatment of citizens, cultures, groups, or any entity or entities, who object to said abuse of power. this old school moral majority bandwagon has worn some deep ruts in the roads of kansas and will be very difficult to steer out of that rut….. good luck getting anything to change for the better in this state.. you can see where it is going under this administration…. no wonder people want pot, not just for medical reasons, but to feel good too… cause this is kansas, and it can be a real drag knowing we have to deal with poor leadership making life difficult, aggravating, and even hopeless for those who really have issues this state is poorly equipped to address… thanks governor.

  17. Thank goodness the Attorney General (a good Republican, I assume) is looking out for the morals of Kansans by opposing the will of all those clueless citizens who support legalization. Without him, who knows what depravity they’d be suffering. What would be next, gay marriage? Sex with cows?

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