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Poll Shows Overwhelming Support For Texas Medical Marijuana Legalization


Texas is way overdue when it comes to marijuana reform. Whether it be medical marijuana, marijuana decriminalization, or even recreational marijuana, reform is desperately needed in the lone star state. Every state should have a medical marijuana program because there are suffering patients in every state, and Texas is no exception. There is a poll currently running on Biz Journals which asks the question, ‘should Texas legalize medical marijuana?’ Below are the results as of this posting:

medical marijuana poll texas

Now obviously, this is an internet based poll, so take the results for what you will. However, it’s still encouraging to see such a high level of support. I would be curious to see if a poll were conducted asking the same question but through more traditional means. I would imagine that the results would be less favorable, but not by too much.

I would like to see a thorough poll conducted in Texas that not only asks if medical marijuana should be legalized, but about specifics too. Should Texas allow home cultivation? Should Texas allow medical marijuana dispensaries? What conditions should qualify for medical marijuana? Those details are very important when it comes to drafting legislation to create a medical marijuana program.


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  1. wendy boston on

    I think they should justo because for one everyone that needs it has to leave thier homes to get the medicine that would make them better second all these people going to jail for bull… And third… Do you know the state of Texas would make more money selling marijuana then the money they make putting people In jail… Im for it 100%!!!!! -leagalize it

  2. Daniel Dahill on

    There is a young girl called Jalene that has a PNET tumour that is in desperate need of oil. It’s ridiculous that people still can’t use it even though for hundreds of years it’s been proven to help, money,greed and power is what stands in its way. If something was to happen to Jalene without this being offered then my mission in life becomes to expose the corruption of pharmaceutical companies. Life should always come before profit.

    Facebook- Jalene’s Journey

  3. What is the possibility of medical cannabis being legalized in 2015 for texas? I would love to know in detail and honesty.

  4. CBD is completely legal everywhere, you can even get it off of eBay. Texas needs to get their heads out of their asses and realize crime rates, accidents, and aggressiveness will go down and profit for the state will go way up. Colorado is now out of debt because of medical and recreational marijuana.

  5. Not true. As of right now, there is a penalty reduction bill filed and a whole plant medical bill will soon follow. There isn’t a oil/CBD only bill that has been filed, nor will there be.

  6. People in Texas will NEVER get to vote on these laws. The laws have to be changed by the Texas legislature.

  7. HELL YES , its about time cant wait to see this day where can i vote , or when will they let the public vote , FREE TEXAS , LEGALIZE , END PROHIBITION , stop waisting tax payers money , tax it regulate it , bring in those millions of dollars , to the lone star state

  8. Be aware that many American states also have anti- paraphernalia laws. Some carry ridiculous fines and even jail time. Much depends on which county you’re in. If you’re traveling by land, It might be a good idea to check first.

  9. Fuck yes texas say yes to weed !!!!!!! good people such myself who only likes weed should have it f*** everybody that abuses everything

  10. You mean, beside it being the Texas State Capital ? Austin’s not alone. Populations of many capital cites hold views contrary to their rural population.

  11. I checked the website and it looks interesting. I’ll google map the locations and might check out one of the stores. Thanks.

  12. I know better than to bring any weed with me as I’ll be traveling by bus out of Mexico. I’m only looking for paraphernalia–pipes, etc.

  13. Whomp looks like a good option. I’m familiar with S Lamar and also plan to hit Whole Foods and Half Price Books, both I recall as being at least fairly close. Muchos gracias!

  14. Can’t wait til April. My plants require special attention, desert environment and need almost daily watering. I intend to plant seeds in March, so I have to travel before then.

  15. BongRipsForJesus on

    Wait until late April when the weather is nice, and Eeyore’s birthday rolls back around! I’ll be the one dressed in funny clothes. See you there!!

  16. Don’t get too optimistic about the numbers til it gets on the ballot. We had 88% here in Floriduh and missed the nut. My hopes are that artisan hobbyist grows are okayed on the first recreational bill, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for that. It’s gonna happen……when and how restrictive are the questions that concern me. I’ve noticed some people in favor of full legalization are saying they won’t vote for medical only. I’ll take what we can get and keep fighting for more. Cannabis never should have been banned. Let us grow our own.

    and it harm none, do what you will

  17. BongRipsForJesus on

    Unless a species is foreign and has been proven “invasive”, the law has no right to tell its citizens what plants can or cannot be grown on their own private property, in my personal opinion, but just as Texas law allows for home-brewing of wine and beer, it should at
    least allow for small-scale cultivation of cannabis for the intent of personal use. I would say at least 6-12 plant in various stages of development since this probably equates to 3 – 4 in the end. That having been said, this does not relieve citizens of their civil responsibility to protect guests and trespassers similarly to any other “attractive nuisance” such as a swimming pool, trampoline, old refrigerator, etc. Though it is legal in every sense to possess these things, the incentive to the owner of protecting the public in general lies in the desire to not get sued. At least with marijuana, the results are invariably nonfatal.

    Dispensaries should absolutely be allowed to serve individuals who cannot, or choose not, to grow their own so they can get the help they need without being subjected to unknown contaminants, varying quality and availability, and the violence of prohibition.

    21 or older with a valid I.D. I’m sort of a realist who believes we should drop the charade and begin with a variation of the working model in Colorado tailored to the needs of Texans. Prohibition only leaves regulation in hands of the very criminals we claim to fear. When will we stop depending on their judgment?!

    On an unrelated note, that WAS a catch last week! Go Cowboys!!

  18. Texas legislators will likely only consider some insanely restrictive MMJ-Oil ONLY bill that contains only trace amounts of THC. Similar to the one that GA now has with CBD oil. It will be extremely limited, extremely expensive, and a long line of people on a waiting list to get it. Meanwhile it will do NOTHING to stop the arrests of those who use the herb of the plant for smoking or edibles. Southern legislators are in for a shock after the 2016 elections. There are going to be MANY states coming at once with successful recreational bills. This is going to create a tidal wave of herb crossing state lines even more so than it is now. Then also, with the recent statement by the Feds to all Native American lands that they can grow and sell herb so long as it takes place on Native American land, this is going to open the door to forcing recreational legalization in states famous for aggressive marijuana arrests such as Oklahoma and their MANY Native American lands, Alabama and their Poarch Native land , Cherokee, North Carolina and the Seminole tribe of Hollywood , Florida.

    These states will be the ones to watch later this year when outdoor harvests start happening. Between the sales of recreational herb in these Native American land areas and later on after 2016 when a lot more states pass recreational legalization, the remaining states are going to have not much of choice but to pass full out legalization. By that time, just passing MMJ legalization won’t be good enough. It will have to be full recreational legalization. It’s going to cause A LOT of friction if you have 15 full recreational states and 20 or so MMJ states, then still a handful of states with no type of legalization at all. As these illegal states will be where the black market sets their sights on in shipping mass quantities. Then all the tourists leaving out to travel to a legal state then come back home where it’s illegal. In a few more years, the money won’t be in the state budgets to continue marijuana arrests, nor will the space in jails be there. They will have to do like the rest of the states whether the backward legislators like it or not. I’m thinking all states could have full legalization by the end of 2017. The economy is getting BAD. Gas prices are lower than they have been in 10 yrs but the cost of everything else is still rising. That’s a bad sign of a dollar that is on the verge of crashing.

  19. BC smoke shops and a place called Whomp are the best for glass. The other head shops have more smoking accessories than BC and Whomp but those 2 have the widest selection and highest quality.

    Whomp: 600 S Lamar Blvd

    And there are several BC’s throughout Austin

  20. If Texas legalizes medical marijuana I’ll move there from the beautiful state of Colorado to help spread the green goodness

  21. If Texas legalizes medical marijuana I’ll be moving down there from the beautiful state of colorado to open my own business and spread the green goodness.

  22. I’m a Scientist with a strong interest in Cancer research.

    This comment came up with a “Waiting to be approved message”, it was approved by the moderator and posted, but when I edited it to remove the sentence about the waiting to be approved message, the “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved” message came back up. FYI…

    The most critical thing is to legalize Marijuana for Medical purposes throughout the US by removing it from Schedule 1.
    Over 15% of Americans use Marijuana recreationally, and the vast majority of them get it from the “black market” the result being a giant game of “Russian Roulette” which, funds organized crime, and,, every 39 seconds, ruins an American’s life.
    But Cancer patients don’t’ have the time, energy, or connections to get Marijuana that way — and nobody should have to do so.
    We’re turning into a national of scofflaws and “Marijuana Refugees”
    The current situation is just plain NUTS.
    Nothing does as much in so many ways to help with the pain and suffering of having Cancer, so safely, and with so few bad side effects, as Medical Marijuana does.
    Dying of Cancer sucks — ask anyone doing it!
    Cancer patients can’t wait.
    An American dies every minute of Cancer.
    And its a horrible way to die.
    Do everything you can to get Marijuana taken off of Schedule 1 — call and email the President and Congress, your Governor and State Representatives, write editorials, post comments to news articles, and above all VOTE.. If more people had done that in Florida, Amendment 2 would have passed.
    The legalization of Marijuana is a true MORAL IMPERATIVE.
    It is IMMORAL to leave Marijuana illegal for one minute longer.
    An American dies every minute of Cancer.
    And its a horrible way to die!!!

  23. No Texas law has not change any amount of pot found on you is jail time possission of pot 2oz or low is 180 jail time $2,000 fine sorry bro I wish we did and we call them smoke shoppes

  24. Look up planet K.. I havent smoked in years. But its a cool place and they have tons of cool items.. That and BC smoke shop downtown for local blown glass.

  25. Anybody out there familiar with Austin, TX? I plan to go there in about a month and would like to visit a head shop/s. Is there such a thing in Austin? Lol. Please provide an address or website. Thanks.

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