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Poll Shows 55% Support For Marijuana Legalization In Maine, But Opponents Are Still Confident


maine marijuana campaign 2016A poll was recently released which found that 55% of polled Maine voters support marijuana legalization. That’s a similar result to other polls I have seen out of Maine. That’s good right? Especially considering that marijuana legalization is going to be on the ballot in Maine in November. Not according to marijuana opponents. When the recent poll results were released by Critical Insights, Scott Gagnon of Project Sam had the following to say, per Bangor Daily News:

Scott Gagnon of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, which leads the opposition to legalization, said he is skeptical of any poll funded by proponents of the initiative. Gagnon is also a blogger for the Bangor Daily News.

“The fact that the campaign has received wall-to-wall media coverage and is only at 55 percent in a poll they commissioned means their campaign still has an uphill battle,” wrote Gagnon in response to questions from the Bangor Daily News. “I believe you will see just how soft that support is once our coalition ramps up and gets out to share the true risks and costs of legalization with Mainers all around the state.”

As you can see, Project SAM is already gearing up to spread some serious reefer madness around Maine. They will no doubt come with their ‘perceived risk strategy’ in which they will try very hard to convince the public that while the sky won’t fall in the near future, just as it hasn’t in states that have already legalized, the sky will most certainly fall in the future if we don’t scare the hell out of people (especially youth) into thinking that marijuana consumption is the beginning of the end for anyone who dares consume cannabis. You will hear terms like ‘rock THC’ and ‘commercialized THC’ thrown around a lot. Fight rhetoric with the facts. If you live in Maine, arm yourself with science and statistics, and share them with every voter that you see.


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  2. Well-done! – I proudly contribute, also. – There’s no better investment for your marijuana reform dollar!

  3. We all know that prohib parasites employ trolls to give phony book reviews. So desperate they are to stay relevant.

  4. Troallio won’t like these results. 90% for medical marijuana in Ohio,
    80% in Florida. 56% support for recreational in Florida and 55% in Ohio.
    But don’t just look at the raw numbers, which are a snapshot of public
    opinion today, but at the trends over decades, both nationally and in
    key swing states like Ohio and Florida. Worst of all for you prohibs,
    support is strongest among the youngest generations, and has continued
    to increase even among older Americans.

    It is time to face reality, troallio. Your side is losing, badly losing.

    (The link to today’s story on Huffington Post is included in a separate comment that is awaiting moderation due to the fact that it contains a link).

    “A wave of recent polls shows that majorities of voters in six states, and a majority nationwide, support legalizing medical marijuana. Many voters also support legalizing marijuana for recreational use.”

  5. Troallio won’t like these results. 90% for medical marijuana in Ohio, 80% in Florida. 56% support for recreational in Florida and 55% in Ohio. But don’t just at the raw numbers, which are a snapshot of public opinion today, but at the trends over decades, both nationally and in key swing states like Ohio and Florida. Worst of all for you prohibs, support is strongest among the youngest generations, and has continued to increase even among older Americans.

    It is time to face reality, troallio. Your side is losing, badly losing.


  6. Still no answer? I thought you’d finally grown a spine. I guess I was giving you far too much credit — you truly are a spineless attention-seeker and *nothing* more.

    So you can try to monkey-bar to some other foolish non-argument (directing me to amazon reviews of Kevin’s book is just silly), or you can finally answer the question: why are you trolling TWB? Precisely what shortcomings are you desperately trying to avoid with these sad little comments of yours? Why are you *here* instead of doing something about your damaged life? Is this truly *ALL* you have? Because that’s pitiful.

  7. Uh huh. You don’t have any other “converts” to report. You’ve lost another argument. You’ll keep losing them.

    So why are you trolling TWB?

  8. Here are some reviews of his book that should scare you. Its just a small sample of whats coming. Imagine that multiplied by millions of voters. 55% support now could soon be 30% or 20%, which would make legalization a lost cause in every state.

    amazon. com/Reefer-Sanity-Seven-Great-Marijuana/product-reviews/0825306981/ref=cm_cr_dp_qt_hist_five?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=five_star&showViewpoints=0

  9. “Bad news keeps piling up in Colorado and Washington”

    I know. I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but…

    80% decrease in weed arrests. Traffic fatalities declining. Kids’ use rates by and large the same as ever (some went up a tiny bit, the rest went down a tiny bit).

    Folks can now take their kids to the emergency room (for whatever reason), they can call the cops (for whatever reason) without fearing arrest or the removal of their children.


    Weed prices are falling and people get to enjoy weed without being criminals. They no longer subsidize criminals. They are taxed. And they are creating all kinds of new industries.

    Yah. Sounds horrible. Why would
    ME want that?

  10. I proudly contributed to Russ’s campaign to debunk Sabet prior to the OR vote and will gladly do it again for a similar Maine campaign.

  11. Oh, I don’t expect one. Claiming that Jimmy Carter had been converted by Kevin *was* his last ace in the hole. But now that’s null and void, given Jimmy’s recent cannabis endorsement. Scoliosis will crawl back under his rock to lick his wounded pride until his loneliness outweighs his mounting shame, at which point he’ll post one or two drive-by comments in hopes that antagonizing nameless, faceless strangers will give him a momentary break from the endless cycle of depression and self-loathing that is his everyday existence. That’s what drives trolls to do what they do.

    The irony, of course, is that sparking up a bowl and watching cartoons for an hour would bring him exponentially more relief than his trolling. It could also, potentially, break his bitter cycle of negativity by allowing him to relax enough to gain a new perspective on his life. Honestly, I’m sad for him. *THIS* is the height of catharsis for him — trolling TWB. That’s not just sad, it’s downright dismal. Even if he never responds and is never honest with us, just posing the question (over and over) might force him to be honest with himself, eventually. That’s assuming he has the capacity to change, and I’m not at all confident that he does, given the depth of his “arguments” is insufficient to submerge a penny.

  12. I get it. Kev Kev, the Sembler’s bought-and-paid for empty suit, has been such a powerful force to be reckoned with that this year alone, several more states including Pennsylvania have passed medical marijuana, numerous cities in key swing states have decriminalized marijuana, and at least four states have gotten recreational initiatives qualified for the Novermber 2016 ballot.

    You are fighting a multibillion dollar industry, troallio, and you guys don’t stand a chance, despite all of your taxpayer funding and backing from law enforcement and the feds. Colorado alone just brought in a quarter of a billion dollars in the first quarter of 2016. Polls in key swing states consistently show your side underwater. Members of congress court our industry for campaign donations. Presidential candidates have been forced to change their position on cannabis because of our clout. You are convincing no one. Your game is over, troallio. Time to go home and sulk about it some more.

  13. Another epic smackdown from WOWFad. Don’t expect him to answer any of your difficult questions. His comments are really just a cry for attention from a lonely person with an empty existence, who blames his joyless existence on weed.

  14. WOW. You actually grew a spine and RESPONDED. I’m *half* impressed.

    It’s a shame that you did what was expected — you didn’t challenge a single argument I made. Instead, you decided to bring up Kevin out of the clear blue sky. So let’s recap: you put up three cherry-picked initiatives, I told you why comparing them to any initiative in a Presidential election year was comparing apples and sour-grapes, and you, in response, had nothing to say. That gives me three points, and you, zero.

    And as for the final part of my argument, I’m assuming you’re saying Jimmy Carter is now a prohibitionist, that he is now a “reformed” cannabis proponent? I’m sorry to break it to you (although not really), but you need to read the news. Just last month, Carter credited CANNABIS for his cancer going into remission, going further to say he likes it much better than alcohol. It’s far more probable that Jimmy’s so-called “flip-flop” three years ago was for the sake of his Grandson, Jason’s run for governor of GA. Because, oh boy, has Jimmy endorsed cannabis. Here’s a quotation of Jimmy Carter from April 30th:

    “I was never of big fan of alcohol but weed is the medicine I need. It also revived my love for peanuts. Have you ever eaten a peanut… on weed?”

    Is there anyone else you think Kevin has convinced? Anyone, at all? Can you name one single, verifiable convert who went from cannabis proponent to opponent? Maybe you have another chart from a camera phone? LOLOL

    As for Kevin, and his so-called “debates” (if you really want to keep up this charade) he’s only done a few in the last seven years, and hasn’t agreed to a single debate since Dan Riffle trounced him in 2013 or when Nadelmann shushed him on CNN in 2014. Since then, he’s only done public speeches — no debates. He’s too afraid. The closest thing to a debate he’s done was a Reddit AMA in which he only fielded questions from sock-puppet accounts that were only a day old. That’s more than timid, that’s fear-driven avoidance. Really and truly, if the only person you’re pinning the “hope” of continued prohibition on is Kevin, you’re in big trouble. Even Robert DuPont has no respect for him, as obviated by his exasperated public lamentation from 2014: “They have a bench 1,000 people deep. . . . We’ve got Kevin Sabet.”

    Now answer my question: why troll TWB? You *know* you’re not changing anyone’s mind. You *know* you’re just trying to antagonize people. Answer my question: what is your deal? What’s so terrible about your life that you come *here* to make a spectacle of yourself? Family problems? Relationship issues? Just lonely? You can tell us. We’re HERE for you. LOL

  15. Yes. Facts are important. Here is another good one:

    Vice Journalist Lee Fang gets down to the nitty-gritty of the corruption caused by the fraudulent marijuana prohibition:

    >>>”Leading academic opponents of pot have ties to the painkiller industry. Dr. A. Eden Evins, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, is a frequent critic of efforts to legalize marijuana. She is on the board of an anti-marijuana advocacy group, Project SAM… as of November 2012, she was a “consultant for Pfizer and DLA Piper and has received grant/research support from Envivo, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer.” Pfizer has moved aggressively into the $7.3 billion painkiller market. In 2011, the company acquired King Pharmaceuticals (the makers of several opioid products) and is currently working to introduce Remoxy, an OxyContin competitor.”

    So much for the ‘moral high ground’ of pharmaceutical shill, Kevin Sabet, and all the rest of the anti-truth and freedom squad.

    Someone needs to follow the Sabet gang around Maine (and other states) like Russ Belville did in Oregon. – Russ verbally tarred and feathered Sabet and ran him out of the state on a rail. 8^)

  16. Maybe you should post a graph “proving” that once Kevin Sabet presents a conference to every person in America, support for legalization will drop to 0%! Oh wait, I forgot that this guy isn’t Voldemort, he’s just some a**hole with cherry-picked statistics in a PowerPoint presentation.

  17. Its different this time.

    The propaganda from Kevin Sabet is way more damaging to legalization support than anything his predecessors at Drug Free America were capable of. Jimmy Carter supported legalization right after the 2012 election only to endorse Project Sam a few months later. Every week, Kevin Sabet hosts anti legalziation conferences in front of thousands of people. Everyone in the audience is swayed by his graphs. If the conferences plus his book sales continue, soon there wont be any public support for legalization in the entire country outside this forum.

    Marijuana legalization supporters dont have a response to Kevin Sabet. No one knows how to debate him. Its embarrassing to watch the marijuana debate videos. I havent found a single video of someone defeating Kevin Sabet in a debate. Huge difference compared to when you had Calvina Fay or Asa Hutchison as an opponent. In those days, knockout wins in a debate was guaranteed. Now its impossible.

    Anti Marijuana folks have a billionaire (Sheldon Adelson) on their side. He’s threatening hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat legalization everywhere.

    Bad news keeps piling up in Colorado and Washington. Legalization supporters have no response to that either.

  18. Another cry for attention? LOL Buddy, this is getting old. Three straw-men arguments are still easily defeated. It only takes three sentences, not one. No kidding, you make this too easy.

    Ohio was an oligopoly in an off-off-election cycle (2015) and rightfully failed. Prop 19 was a midterm election (2010) in which the Liberal turnout was a historic low, even for a midterm. Amendment 2 in Florida garnered 58% of the vote in Florida in another midterm (2014), 10% more than either candidate for governor, which is why there is no recognizable opposition to their initiative, this year.

    Do I really need to point out that it’s a Presidential election, this year, in which droves of conservatives are pledging to “stay home and not vote at all” instead of casting their ballot for either candidate? And I should also make sure you’re clear on this point: nobody goes from opposing prohibition to thinking it’s a good thing. That door only swings one way. Ancient poll numbers from three cherry-picked failed initiatives doesn’t change the fact that 4 states have gone all the way (plus DC), and 24 states have legal medical access. You’re just shouting at the rain, my friend.

    Now that the important stuff is dealt with, let’s ask the lesser questions: why is your life so small that you troll TWB, exactly? And given the frequency with which you do it, why aren’t you BETTER at it? You’re getting plenty of practice, so why haven’t you improved? These lame attempts of yours make me pity you, not dislike you. To date, you’ve only had the courage to respond to ONE of my take-downs of these sad little drive-by comments you make, so why persist? This is the fourth time I’ve asked you this same question: what is your deal?

  19. 55% support is no where near safe this early. The election is 6 months away. Marijuana referendums always lose support during the campaign.

    Issue 3 in Ohio was polling at 56%. It lost.
    Prop 19 in California was polling at 56%. it lost.
    Amendment 2 in Florida was polling at 88%. it lost.

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