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Poll Shows 84% Support For Legalizing Marijuana In Ireland


ireland marijuana legalization pollI recently posted an article about Luke Ming Flanagan’s ‘Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013.’ The bill would do many things, including regulating cannabis for recreational and medical use, allowing home cultivation (up to a maximum of six cannabis plant), allowing personal possession of up to one ounce of cannabis, allowing ‘Cannabis Social Clubs’ , and setting up a ‘cannabis regulation authority’.

A media outlet in Ireland, The Journal, has an online poll to see how their readers feel about legalizing marijuana. The options in the poll are ‘Yes, completely legalised both recreational and medicinal,’ ‘Yes, but only for medical reasons,’ ‘No,’ and ‘I’m not sure.’ I of course selected yes to both recreational and medicinal, which populated the following results:

ireland marijuana legalization poll


84% support for legalizing both recreational and medicinal marijuana in Ireland. Obviously, this is not an election result, so take it for what you will. But it’s still encouraging if you live in Ireland. Marijuana reform is sweeping the world. Efforts are ramping up in Europe, South America, North America, and beyond. We stand on the brink of history, with the winds of change at our backs. Keep it up!


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  1. Marc G McCormack on

    is there an election vote coming up on the legalization of cannabis? if so, when is it? and how do you vote?

  2. hashyystashyyj on

    This is freaking AMAZING news :) if this goes through, I’m moving BACK to Ireland, and gonna stay there, for the REST of my life :)

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