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Pope Francis Is Against Marijuana Legalization


pope francis marijuanaIn not so shocking news, Pope Francis has announced that he is against marijuana legalization. At a drug enforcement conference in Rome, Pope Francis stated the following:

“Drug addiction is an evil, and with evil there can be no yielding or compromise.” Pope Francis went on to say, “To think that harm can be reduced by permitting drug addicts to use narcotics in no way resolves the problem. Attemps, however limited, to legalize so-called recreational drugs are not only highly questionable from a legisltive standpoint, but they fail to produce the desired effects.”

The comments drew quick criticism from the Drug Policy Alliance. Per Vice:

“The Pope’s recent statement on drugs is unfortunate and irresponsible — especially considering that he hails from South America, where drug prohibition has had a disastrous impact for decades,” Yolande Cadore, director of strategic partnerships at the Drug Policy Alliance, told VICE News.

If it’s true that ‘with an evil there can be no yielding or compromise,’ I would point out to Pope Francis that arresting people and ruining their life for marijuana is evil. Using marijuana prohibition to disppraportionately harm minorities is evil. Denying patients medicine because their condition isn’t included on a government approval list is evil. Marijuana prohibition is evil, why isn’t Pope Francis standing up against it?


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  1. I guess the pope never read the part in the old testament that says God gave man the seeded plants. Pat Robertson came out for legalization a few years ago. Too bad he ain’t pope!

  2. He is also the false prophet of Revelation, I suspect. Would you really expect him to speak truth on the evil of marijuana prohibition/persecution?

  3. How about the Pope mentioning the CIA funding Islamic Extremism in Syria? Oh, is that too truthfully evil and in your face? Is the Pope scared that his gas for his pope mobile will be too much? How about those drug cartels, pope? You again are on the side of CIA affiliated murders with machetes!

    Is it God’s word you are influenced by Pope, or is it the CIA?

    Hey Pope, I won’t be celebrating Christmas with you or my son. Take your bologna sandwich, your big hat, and buzz off.

    I’ll take the side of people holding bongs and you take the side of people with machetes. You sit in the palace and I’ll sit in my craigslist rental room.. Let’s see where our souls end up, big shot.

  4. We’re cool. No problem. Think of me at 420 today and I’ll send some love your way!

  5. Sorry, My butt is sore for them, I have some anger about the church that will not go away. I wish it would

  6. No need to be sorry. That statement about my family is a big assumption on your part. My brother too, and now he’s a buddhist. And I didn’t defend anyone. You missed the point. It is my hope that everyone, including the pope, will see the light on cannabis once presented with the facts. I wish you well, and your brothers too. Cannabis was the point, not the priests.

  7. Vincent Nibblin on

    I do not care for any organized religion. They are full of liars, molesters and crooks

  8. Sorry, I am the only girl in a family of 6 brothers, all of which were molested before and after mass throughout the years. As it turns out by many different priests. I hate the church and everything it stands for, my brothers are screwed up because of this. Defending them is so unproductive, spend your energy on cannabis and spare me your opinions since your family has not been directly effected by the church.

  9. While I am as guilty as any with regards to broad, blanket statements, my quest for cannabis to gain the respectability it deserves is a constant reminder for me to change my ways. I’m also not a fan of organized religion. But saying all catholic priests are pedophiles is no different than saying all people who utilize pot are stoners are stuck on a couch watching Sponge Bob, consuming as much pot as humanly possible. It just ain’t true, it’s just a good sound bite, and as tempted as I am to join the chorus, I don’t want to any more. It’s just so unproductive.

  10. This whole article is vague in its description of the use of the word drugs,, church has never approved. I think he is just not educated in the medical canabis revelationd. I do think he should be respected though, the man has given himself to the faith. I would have to hear an explicit worded conversation, denying, sick people a non addictive natural God made plant. And I’m sorry , I am Catholic, I still don’t forgive the church for the crimes committed in this century. Hiding sexual predators. I am now Methodist, with a strong interest in Buddhism. There are truthes in this life that are undeniable, water can keep you alive, too much can kill you. Fire is a tool that elevated man above the beast, but it can kill. So on and so, marijuana is medicine, not a drug, a gift from God

  11. You are giving him way too much credit, or faith in him seeing the truth. He is more concerned on how much lube to have on hand for the alter boys

  12. All religions should be made a Schedule 1 drug: They are addicting (opiate of the masses) and certainly have no medicinal value. And just consider the destructive behavior by zealots of many, many stripes. Rastafarians, of course,
    are an exception.

  13. Michael Sadlier on

    Frankie boy, you need to go talk to the priests/pharmacists at the Farmacia Vaticana. They will tell you that the wine you swill at every Mass contains the drug ethyl alcohol. It is a member of the hypnotic sedative family of drugs which include barbiturates, ether, chloral hydrate, chloroform among others. In fact, alcohol’s actions are so close to that of barbiturates that they where first marketed as “solid alcohol”. It is a also a first rate industrial solvent and the first one I reach for when there is pine pitch on my car. Be careful Frankie, it can take the paint off! So maybe you need to switch to near beer or grape juice during Mass, then you won’t come across as an ignorant hypocrite.

  14. I forgive him, and he’s about the only one. I’m not even Catholic. He obviously has more pressing matters to deal with than educating himself on cannabis. He’s a smart fellow, and when presented with the facts he’ll see a new light.

  15. stellarvoyager on

    I guess taking on the Mafia and the drug cartels was just too much for him, so he chose the Mafia and let the cartels off the hook.

  16. how about we make religion illegal … how many ppl die for the belief in a god…..fucking goofy hat wearing fucktard….

  17. He who is without sin, let him cast out the first stoner. This is clearly papal bull, and the message is clear, hail Mary and hold the Jane, but go ahead and swill that sacramental wine.

  18. First off, Cannabis is a herb not a drug. Second, it is not physiologically addictive, in fact it can help free an individual who is physiologically addicted to drugs like meth, heroine and cocaine from their addiction. How can this gift from the creator do this plus many other virtuously miraculous healings of diseases and conditions that conventional alleopathic, pharmaceutical based medicine cannot cure, yet alone heal?

    It is due to the presence of the endo-cannabinoid system found in humans and all other vertebrate species. A regulatory system that the creator, through evolutionary emergence and adaptation, has given living organism to adapt to an environment that is constantly changing. Cannabis facilitates the body’s return to and maintenance of homeostasis (health) through activation of cannabinoid receptors found in cells through the body. Cannabinoid receptors are the most numerous receptor type in the body. Cannabis is the only plant that produces these natural cannabinoids that are analogues to the endo-cannabinoids produced by our bodies.

    Cannabis, Kaneh Bosm in Hebrew, is mentioned in the OT as the key ingredient in the sacred anointing oil. Jesus sent out his disciple with healing anointing holy oil to:
    “They went out and preached that people should repent. They drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them.” Mark 6:12-13

    Cannabis is the holy, healing, herb. It is the true sacrament.

  19. pissed&showingit on

    But(t) drinking wine and screwing boys is OK? really think the church has no rights here STFU.

  20. Unfortunately, a large amount of people who then vote based on those preferences. That’s the issue.

  21. Forgive them for all the children they have molested and sodomized. NOT! This dude is so creepy. Holiest of holes, A real A hole

  22. Holy Father, you’re WRONG! What were doing NOW isn’t working and hasn’t for 45 years. All we have is OVERCROWDING of PRIVATE PRISONS, Parents LOSING children, Children losing Scholarships & Financial Aid for college, Young BLACK males going to jail at record numbers. They’re 80% more likely to go to JAIL than a White kid when usage rates between the 2 races is the SAME, Putting the SCARLET LETTER on those who have simple possession charges on them, costing them JOBS, SECURITY CLEARANCES, PROMOTIONS, etc…

    Holy Father, what part of COMPASSION and Human rights is it that you’re NOT understanding? You may not like the legalization of marijuana, but I don’t like Child Abuse either

  23. The Flying None on

    Who cares what a figurehead for the largest group of organized child molesters in the world thinks?

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