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Portland May Legalize Marijuana Possession Next Week, You Can Help


portland maine marijuana legalizationby Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

Next Tuesday, November 5th, voters in Portland, Maine will decide whether or not to legalize the personal possession of marijuana in the city.

The initiative, Question 1, would remove all criminal and civil penalties for adults possessing up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana. This means no arrest, no criminal record, no citation, no fine. We know we can win on Election Day and pass this initiative, which would send a clear message down the East Coast that the people in this region are ready to move forward on legalizing marijuana.

You can help make that victory a reality. Our allies at Just Say Now have launched an online phone banking tool which allows anyone across the country to log in and begin calling Portland voters to encourage their support for the issue. A script and talking points will be provided and you can help us by making as many calls to voters as you can, any amount helps inch us closer to the finish line.

Click here to sign up and begin calling Portland voters in support of Question 1 today!

Vote Yes on Question 1, Legalize Marijuana in Portland.

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  2. All-yall in Texas don’t skeer me none – I’m in LA – that’s lower Arkansas – an fixin ta vape some NL (northern lights) ;-)

  3. If there is a chance that it could help them pas the law why not? The more states that make it legal is better for the rest to make it legal in their state. Also will help to take it out of schedual 1 and maybe just off that list.

  4. Do you think someone from Portland wants to hear about what someone in Texas thinks about their city’s laws? Or about legalization? Man, my accent is so thick it would scare people off (and has).

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