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Portland NORML To Help Adults Start First Legal Marijuana Garden


portland normlThe Portland Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is preparing adults for the beginning of legal marijuana in Oregon by providing instructions on finding the materials needed to grow cannabis.

On Saturday, June 27 at Noon, Portland NORML will hold its regularly-scheduled free Public Meeting at the Tony Starlight Showroom at 1120 SE Madison St in Portland. Dru West, expert cannabis horticulturalist and author of the best-selling “Secrets of the West Coast Masters”, will present a class on starting one’s first legal four-plant cannabis garden.

Portland NORML Executive Director Russ Belville will deliver a presentation on the latest updates to Oregon’s marijuana law, including the latest amendments to the House Bill 3400 that will shape much of the regulations in cannabis commerce.

Then on Tuesday night, June 30 at 11:30pm, Portland NORML will join other activist groups that are planning a celebratory photo opportunity on the west side of the Burnside Bridge with the iconic “Portland Oregon” sign in the background. At the moment of midnight, as marijuana becomes legal, activists from Porkchop’s Projects (a veterans’ service organization) and Stoney Girl Gardens (a medical marijuana provider) will give any adult with identification some free cannabis seeds and some usable marijuana from within an enclosed tent, hidden from public view as required by the new law.

Statement from Portland NORML Executive Director Russ Belville

“We’re very excited that cannabis officially becomes legal on July 1, but there is still much work to be done before Oregonians can truly enjoy their new freedoms. While it becomes legal to possess and cultivate cannabis, there is no legal place in Oregon to buy marijuana itself or cannabis seeds and starts. This means Oregonians will be forced to spend their money in Vancouver, Washington, and break federal law bringing marijuana over the border, or they’ll resort to the Oregon black market. Portland NORML will educate the public and our partners will give away thousands of seeds and hundreds of pounds of marijuana this year so Washington State and the black market do not benefit from our new marijuana legality.”

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  1. Good luck with all those desirable Home Tomato grows everyone…erhem, Home Cannabis

    The pest pressure will become immense and pollen from half ass growers will be pervasive. Hemp will reestablish as a common roadside weed.

    And we all know average people totalaly have the time to become master growers because everyone is already a master grower who can self supply a garden on a quarter acre. This is in addition to the fact that everyone “needs” to consume 1-2oz a month and have it be cheaper than their weekend leisure budgets.

  2. Yes I guess I am reinforcing your opinion that the passage of 91 was idiotic ..

  3. Will there be any opportunities like this outside the PDX area? I am a country bumpkin and really would like to find a mentor in the mid valley.

  4. Now if this statement complete bullshit…..

    “but there is still much work to be done before Oregonians can truly enjoy their new freedoms. ”

    What freedoms do you speak of ? The ability to purchase marijuana at a store that has been overtaxed ? The government letting you smoke pot in your house with the windows closed so the smoke doesn’t leave you premises ? Not going to jail for 8 ounces ? Or letting anyone grow 4 plants , out of sight , out of town , out of the smell zone and keep 8 ounces .. Not to mention the destruction of the OMMP . The Oregon legalization model is an interesting animal … The Oregon government is an interesting animal too . So far it sounds like marijuana is still a killer drug that needs to be over regulated by a ….. liquor cartel ? Good job to all of the activists that fought long and hard to LEGALIZE marijuana in Oregon … I hope you all fight as hard to fix the mess that surrounds LEGAL MARIJUANA and is bleeding into the OMMP …..

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