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Portland Women Grow Moms Meet Up: Playdate In The Park


women growIt’s my understanding that the Portland Women Grow chapter is the fastest growing chapter in the entire country. Considering how talented the women are behind the chapter (Leah Maurer and Sara Batterby), I’m not surprised. I attended my first Women Grow event this last week, and it was one of the best events I’ve ever attended in Oregon. I’ll be posting an article soon recapping my experience at the event.

Marijuana consuming moms have been treated very unfairly for a long time in American society. Opponents act like moms are taking bong hits and blowing them in their kids’ faces all day everyday, when in actuality that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I know a lot of moms that are very successful and responsible, and at the end of a long day they choose cannabis instead of a glass of wine to relax and unwind. They lock up their cannabis so that their kids can’t get it, and they never, ever consume it around their children.

Because of the stigma that goes along with being a cannabis consuming mom, it’s hard for such moms to meet other like-minded people that are into the same things that they are. I know it’s been very tough for my wife. She will go to mommy group functions, and never really establishes a deep friendship with anyone because the other people judge her for being pro-cannabis. I think that’s why the next Women Grow event is so important, and will be a huge success. The Portland Woman Grow chapter is having a ‘playdate in the park’ event so that cannabis moms can meet other cannabis moms. Below is more information about the event, via Eventbrite:

The Women Grow Portland Chapter invites you to a social event, Moms meet up: Playdate in the Park. Our Portland chapter will provide iced tea for mamas and juice boxes for the kids. This is a FREE event, but please do register on this page so that we can have the correct amount of drinks and supplies. All women and parents are welcome! We will have information about our Women Grow chapter and our upcoming events. Fernhill Park has a great playground and lots of space for the kids to run and for moms to dialogue. Feel free to bring your (kid friendly) furry friends too, as this park has a dog park for the dogs to play at as well! We hope to see you all there!!

Where: Fernhill Park 6010 Northeast 37th Avenue Portland, OR 97211

When: Sunday, July 12, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (PDT)


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  1. How are they talented? All I can see is political success, which I suppose you could call a talent, but I would call less than keeping it 100 (since I’ve never seen a successful politician actually keep it 100).

    Lets see some titles and scores…maybe some product too

    Oh, and as per the description at the end…I wouldn’t want to fraternize with folk who are like that. They are like robots to me

  2. I have… Right here in Colorado. A single father of two boys, I had my kids taken from my home and placed in foster care for two months. I was a caregiver, growing my legal limit of plants in a locked and secure room in the basement. The neighbors were anti-weed, and told the police that I had my kids and their friends selling our mmj to kids at their schools to get my home’s front door kicked in, my animals quarantined, and my family taken from me and our home. This was in Boulder County, the “420 friendly” part of Colorado, even. The boys were 10 and 3 at the time… Now, six years later and after leaving cannabis behind me as a business, my family has returned to me, and we have been healing from this.

  3. “Even the people who are anti-pot still don’t agree with CPS removing kids from a perfectly safe environment.”

    You sure about that? Do you have any evidence that Shona Banda’s home wasn’t perfectly safe?

    Thankfully, it’s only an historical question in Oregon now: how many times were children snatched in the past. But it’s still a grotesque possibility in god knows how many other places. My point, admittedly somewhat off-topic (though the topic does feature moms), is that I wish we had a better handle on how many cannabis using parents in this country have had their children kidnapped from them by the state, just for cannabis use, over the last 100 years of state and federal prohibition. A monument to their suffering would not be amiss.

  4. Dana Hart O'Daniels on

    Well, as of July 1st, recreational use of Marijuana was legal. Anyone can carry up to an ounce of it on them. So if CPS or any other state organization is interested in causing issues, they better have a variety of other reasons and be able to prove them beyond a shadow of doubt. Even the people who are anti-pot still don’t agree with CPS removing kids from a perfectly safe environment. That being said, being pro-pot does not in any way make it ok for any parent to neglect, abuse, or treat their children in an unbecoming manner. Touchy subject, at best.

  5. I was thinking, sort of off-topic, of the country as a whole, and the rest of the world for that matter.

    Snatched as in kidnapped by CPS, which is the correct term for it if otherwise non-problematic cannabis use is a significant factor in the decision to take a child from their parent. Or snatched away as when a parent is sent to jail for a bogus cannabis ‘crime’. But there are some statistics on parents being sent to jail. It’s the number of Gestapo style snatchings by CPS, like what happened to Shona Banda, that I’m curious about.

    I’ve never heard about post-natal testing for THC. Do any states mandate that? If so, that would only add to the Gestapo tactics being used against cannabis consuming parents.

  6. Uh, snatched? As in kidnapped? Or taken away by cps, because admitted mj use or testing positive for thc after giving birth in OR or WA is a non-issue. Doesn’t even raise flags for reporting

  7. What I’d like to know is how many mothers and fathers have had their child snatched from them because of their cannabis use?

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