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President Obama Selects Chuck Rosenberg To Head The DEA


dea emails marijuanaA senior F.B.I. official and former U.S. attorney, Chuck Rosenberg, has been selected by President Obama as acting director of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Rosenberg has served as the chief of staff to the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, for the past 18 months.

Outgoing DEA head Michele Leonhart announced her retirement last month in the wake of numerous scandals. She came under intense criticism for opposing the Obama administration’s efforts to reform mandatory minimum sentencing laws, and for opposing the administration’s hands-off approach in the four states that have approved legal regulation of marijuana.

The DEA has existed for more than 40 years but little attention has been given to the role the agency has played in fueling mass incarceration, racial disparities, the surveillance state, and other drug war problems. Congress has rarely scrutinized the agency, its actions or its budget, instead showing remarkable deference to the DEA’s administrators. That has started to change recently, and Leonhart’s departure was seen as an opportunity to appoint someone who will overhaul the agency and support reform.

“The new DEA chief has a tough job ahead,” said Bill Piper, director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance.  ”Let’s hope he’s in line with the political consensus in favor of scaling back mass incarceration and the worst harms of the drug war.”The Drug Policy Alliance’s online campaign has raised awareness of the damage the DEA is causing, and the organization and its allies have been working with members of Congress to cut the agency’s budget and reduce its power.

Just today, DPA placed a mock “Help Wanted” ad in Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Callthat highlights the major flaws with Leonhart’s regime – and that lays out all the problems that the next DEA administrator must try to avoid. The tongue-in-cheek ad sought a new head of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to “prolong the failed war on drugs,” with primary areas of job responsibility to include “Mass Incarceration,” “Police State Tactics,” “Obstruction of Science,” “Subverting Democracy” and “Undermining Human Rights.”

“Drug prohibition, like alcohol Prohibition, breeds crime, corruption, and violence – and creates a situation where law enforcement officers must risk their lives in a fight that can’t be won,” said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. “It’s time to reform not just the DEA but broader U.S. and global drug policy. The optimal drug policy would reduce the role of criminalization and the criminal justice system in drug control to the greatest extent possible, while protecting public safety and health.”

DPA also recently released a new issue brief, The Scandal-Ridden DEA: Everything You Need to Know. The brief covers numerous DEA scandals, including themassacre of civilians in Honduras, the inappropriate use of NSA resources to spy on U.S. citizens and the use of fabricated evidence to cover it up, the warrantless tracking of billions of U.S. phone calls, and the misuse of confidential informants. The brief notes that the traditional U.S. drug policy goal of using undercover work, arrests, prosecutions, incarceration, interdiction and source-country eradication to try to make America “drug-free” has failed to substantially reduce drug use or drug-related harms. It instead has created problems of its own – broken families, increased poverty, racial disparities, wasted tax dollars, prison overcrowding and eroded civil liberties.

Even as U.S. states, Congress, and the Obama Administration move forward with marijuana legalization, sentencing reform, and other drug policy reforms, the DEA has fought hard to preserve the failed policies of the past. Last year, Leonhartpublicly rebuked President Obama for saying that marijuana is as safe as alcohol, told members of Congress that the DEA will continue to go after marijuana even in states where it is legal despite DOJ guidance stating otherwise, and spoke out against bipartisan drug sentencing reform in Congress that the Obama administration is supporting.

The DEA also has a long history of obstructing scientific research and refusing to acknowledge established science, as chronicled in a report by DPA and MAPS last year, The DEA: Four Decades of Impeding and Rejecting Science.  DEA administrators, including Leonhart, have on several occasions ignored research and overruled the DEA’s own administrative law judges on the medical uses of marijuana and MDMA.

In a recent report the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General found that the DEA withheld information and obstructed investigations. In a hearing last week senators grilled the DEA for failing to provide information and answer basic questions. “It’s been now eight months — I still don’t have a response from DEA to these questions,” Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley said. “When we don’t get responses to our letters, that colors our view of the agency — particularly when we’re writing about a constituent who suffered from a real lapse in process,” Senator Diane Feinstein said.

Last year Congress passed a spending limitation amendment prohibiting the DEA from undermining state marijuana laws. It was signed into law by President Obama, but expires later this year. The U.S. House also approved two amendments prohibiting the DEA from interfering with state hemp laws. An amendment to shift $5 million from the agency to a rape kit testing program passed overwhelmingly. Numerous hearings have already been held this year scrutinizing the agency. Reformers say more amendments, bills, and hearings are on the way.

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  1. politicians who take oaths to protect us all, then commit perjury, and lie, and instead war on the very people they are supposed to protect should be tried and hung for high treason, and yet the politicians will not do a damn thing, unless they themselves will suffer for own criminal actions, so I really believe that to get the mobster mentality out of the government, we need to start seeing the tyrants convicted of the crimes THEY are committing daily.
    How many must die due to the low lives of the earth that only want war

  2. What makes you assume that I EVER said anything negative about a persons’ race?
    That is just stupid when people are haters like that, but you must have me confused with someone else.
    The 8 ball is BLACK, and the usa is full of haters, and it is a saying, “now i got you behind the 8 ball” was said in the cartoon.

    I am not one of the haters however.
    What I do hate is the politicians notion that they believe they are a better person for hating on all those who happen to like cannabis..
    Wikipedia “high treason” and look at the 3rd paragraph, second sentence, and you will see it IS high treason to war with people here in the states, and yet it has been going on for years, and it is like people are too afraid to talk about it.

    ” Participating in a war against one’s native country”

    Disgusting, that in a supposed free society, the we have politicians that want only war with us.

    Perhaps if the american people were angry about it, but it is hardly discussed on the news, so how will they find out, with the truth embargo in full force concerning cannabis, and marijuana.
    the usa has a truth embargo concerning marijuana positive efficacy, the government wants only to show negative effects, and they lie

    after they imprison someone, they take away their right to vote in sane people – in short, this nation is doomed until it stops sponsoring terrorists like mike pence, who seems to believe that a marijuana user is just an addict, and no one should be an addict.

    Mike pence, and all those who share his views that sponsor terrorism, are not doing his job of protecting everyone’s constitutional rights that he swore to God to uphold when he threatens us all with his expanded prison sentences, and fines, mandatory no job, its as though he wants us all dead or to starve, or to be a marijuana hater much like he is and recently, he sent in the military to raid peoples’ farms, and now that those people he raided has no home, more might be on the poverty welfare program…
    How many years do you suppose those people on those farms worked to obtain their property only to be targeted for being a success in their business…and yet the pharmaceutical pill outlets are doing very well, and yet they do not get raided, even though more people die from legal prescription pills than all illegal drugs combined according to statistics…
    Pence is also against a persons right to practice their religion using cannabis, another right promised by our Constitution, yet not granted, I am going back to colorado, indiana is ran by jerks who should be in a prison, or hung by their neck for high treason…
    pence, and his kind of warmongerish mentality is the problem with this nations economy. How can a person work, when they are told they are not allowed, to hell with the traitors. Only jobs no one want are the ones available to me, and low paying.
    People often tell me, just do without cannabis for 30 days so i can cheat their testing, and get a job, and i find a benefit from cannabis, that i do not want to give it up due to crohns disease, and my spirituality beliefs.

    for further thoughts of mine on this issue:

    Kanehbos is in the Sepuagint, which is partly what the Bible was written from, and Jesus was said to heal people from it.
    All those against then marijuana, are also against Jesus, and God.
    If you do not know, I refer you to this site which will inform:

    do not forget Jonathan Magbie, a paraplegic left to die in his cell when his breathing tube fell out, and he was arrested for using cannabis to relieve his problems, who is respnsible for his death? the usa is thats who, and who is going to pay for it? no one, as mobsters get by with murder

  3. Ted: Why are you so angry with a race of people? They are not responsible for anything that you’re experiencing. I think your comments regarding politicians is correct, to a point. One thing you can see when you watch the different sessions for putting laws into place, the majority of the dissenters are Republicans. The problem that is so mind boggling is the fact no one really wants to take responsibility for making a difference, and those that do, or shot down the minute it is made public. The best way for this problem to be handled is more people must become involved. If you are going to be angry, do it in a healthy, not a harmful way.

  4. ted mishler on

    I notice the 8 ball is black
    I believe we all should reject all notions that assume that marijuana use is addiction, are we addicted to food and water? Should it then be banned? Of course not. Politicians they say get into office according to how much money they have, what right does any group of people have to ban employment through urinalysis, no matter how much monies their family blessed them with

  5. ted mishler on

    Apparently I am black balled, but I do know it, and feel comfortable, as I know I am living my life MY way.
    Your mention of the word 8 ball reminded me of an old cartoon I remember seeing as a kid called meatless flyday… The big bad spider tried real hard to eat the fly, and was about to dine when it was found that the spider was prohibited to eat meat that day…notice at around 33 seconds into it, a cop yells put out that light! See, it was WAR time then, and it is typical to not show ones lights to others if others do not want to be your sisters and brothers


    What if instead of war that makes people feel sad and sore
    what if instead of eliminating people from the face of the earth through murder and killing , perhaps the usa should show off its LIGHT, instead of its murderous darkness and

    Never forget Jonathan Magbie

    Not one death from the war hoisted upon us all should be forgotten, else it might happen to us all one day, and rightfully then so

  6. Karen Ferguson on

    There’s no such thing as “false hope” when it comes to recovery, addict or cancer. Ask Gabor Mate, MD about that….he’s all over You Tube.
    *chuckle* I marvel when someone calls the 12 steps “BS” or assume the ‘addict’ will think that way because after taking a survey, most of the people I know that do that have never been to a meeting. A member may complain on Tuesday but by Wednesday morning, she’s glad she’s got a spiritual program [versus religious] that holds her accountable to keep her “side of the street” clean. It’s free, essentially, except for a possible donation and, so far, works better than most programs.
    Frankly, I don’t care what people use to help themselves. Whatever works…and the rest is none of my business.

  7. Karen Ferguson on

    Rejects? Oh my….calling another human being a reject? Apparently, you’re behind the 8-ball and don’t know it.

  8. Karen Ferguson on

    That is the funniest remark of the day….I’m laughin’ at 6 a.m. Hilarious and true. I couldn’t believe she was responding to the questions by repeating her answers, that were not answers. She drank the Cool-Aid.

  9. Mike Johnson on

    I’m not fond of 12 step program..read the Little Book..don’t know the author, but it explains addiction better than the big book ever will. It is the science behind addiction. It has helped me and others who have read it.

  10. ted mishler on

    Or not.
    Rejects such as yourself should be scrutinized as I am no thief, and cannabis is all I use…
    People like you stole MY right to a family a decent job, etc shut up

  11. OR the addict in question might just become completely disillusioned with the whole 12-step BS thing, giving them one LESS tool should they ever suffer from a REAL drug addiction.

  12. Mike Johnson on

    I have no affiliation with rehabs..the article is about the DEA..I agree mj should be legal. My point is rehab would give those who want to end their addiction to ANY drug would be given the tools to do so. If an addict were helped to quit, instead of sent to prison with a criminal record, it would be much easier to become a productive member of society again. If a person is forced to go to rehab, it may not work the first or second or any time, but they will have the education to quit when they choose to. I know, I’ve been there.

  13. newageblues on

    Mandatory rehab is a big waste of money and skilled counselors. Save them for people who want to stop using.

  14. SilentPatriot on

    You’re a shill who either works in the rehab field or owns stock in it, right? We’re discussing marijuana here, which according to the will of the voters, should be legal across the board, nationwide.


    While this guy may not support it and help much, Leonhart was a hellish nightmare and anyones better then her honestly.

  16. Mike Johnson on

    Drug addiction causes addicts to do any thing to get the fix they need. If the fix costs so much that they have to steal they will. Prohibition raises the cost so addicts have to steal more. A better idea would be to do away with prohibition and make mandatory rehab instead of mandatory criminal record and prison. This would let recovered addicts rejoin productive society without the stigma of a criminal record. A huge obstacle to overcome when trying to get your life back on track.

  17. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    So if the DEA attacks sates with pro-cannabis laws. Would this be an act of war on freedom? I strongly believe Cannabis is the united entity, waking up those who know nothing about the political avenues of reality.

  18. Joseph Wisgirda on

    Time to cut all their funding until they smarten up. They work for us not the other way around. Who the hell do they think they are? They are supposed to enforce policy not make it themselves. They had better learn their place.

  19. Reduce? Why not eliminate?

    Every tax, every regulation comes with it an army of bureaucrats and behind that an army (with guns) of enforcers.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

  20. Sensible advocate on

    Does anyone know his attitude toward cannabis decriminalization, or rescheduling? Thank goodness Leonhart is out. Google DEA chief hearing and watch her defend marijuana prohibition.

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