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Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson: I Would Intensify The War On Drugs


dr ben carson marijuana war on drugsRepublican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson States To Glenn Beck That He Is Still Against Marijuana Legalization

If you have read my little bio blurb at the bottom of my articles, then you are aware that I have a degree in public policy. I have always been interested in politics, and Presidential election year cycles are like the poly sci nerd Olympics to me. There is something about the campaign battle that gets me excited. Admittedly, I look at campaigns differently than most people because I don’t get as attached to candidates as easily as most people it seems.

On the Republican side, businessman Donald Trump has led in the polls for quite sometime. That make some people shocked, some people sad, and regardless of how I feel about Donald Trump as a person, I found it fascinating that he could hold the top position in GOP Presidential candidate polls for so long without throwing out too many actual policy positions. Those days may be numbered though, because all the recent polls I’ve seen shows retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson in the lead.

Dr. Carson has never been elected to public office. Whenever there is someone new atop the polls, I think it’s very natural for cannabis consumers, reformers, and industry members to ask the obvious question, ‘How does the candidate feel about marijuana policy?’ That could also just as easily be the question of, ‘How does the candidate feel about the war on drugs?’ So how does Ben Carson feel about marijuana policy, and the larger war on drugs? To answer that question, I give you an excerpt from an interview that Dr. Carson did recently with conservative media member Glenn Beck, via The Atlantic:

Glenn Beck: Do you continue the War on Drugs?

Ben Carson: Absolutely.

Beck: You do?

Carson: I intensify it.

Beck: Let me ask you a question. I mean, it doesn’t seem to be working now.

Carson: Yeah, well, go down to the border in Arizona like I was a few weeks ago. I mean, it’s an open highway. And the federal government isn’t doing anything to stop it.

Beck: Okay. Legalize marijuana?

Carson: I disagree with it.

Poll after poll shows that a growing number of Americans want the drug war to be replaced with a public policy that isn’t such a failure. Americans feel that the war on drugs has been an absolute failure, and it doesn’t take much research to hammer home that point. The math is clear, the war on drugs has failed. The money that has been spent on the war on drugs has grown exponentially over time, yet consumption rates have remained the same. So why does Dr. Carson want to ‘intensify’ it?

Ben Carson has made many comments in the past about marijuana policy. The always hardworking activist Tom Angell wrote an article on Marijuana.Com that lists many of them, in addition to marijuana policy positions taken by the other candidates (some of which have dropped out since the article was published in April). Below are a couple of quotes pulled from that article. I strongly urge you to check out the whole article though, it’s the most comprehensive article on the internet in regards to the candidates and how they feel about marijuana:

Similarly, he told Fox News that, “I think medical use of marijuana in compassionate cases certainly has been proven to be useful.” But he went on to say that “marijuana is what’s known as a gateway drug. It tends to be a starter drug for people who move onto heavier duty drugs — sometimes legal, sometimes illegal — and I don’t think this is something that we really want for our society. You know, we’re gradually just removing all the barriers to hedonistic activity.”

Carson has also argued that marijuana use has long-term consequences. “We have known for a long time that people who engage in such activities can have flashbacks months and years after usage, that a lot of their abilities can be impaired at the time of use,” he told NewsMax TV. “So why would we throw into the mix something else that can impair people? We have enough impaired people already.”

Carson doesn’t think the federal government should let states implement legalization without interference. ”Regular exposure to marijuana in the developing brain has been demonstrated definitively to result in decreased IQ. And the last thing we need is a bunch of people running around with decreased IQ,” he said at a press conference in Denver.

On the off chance that Dr. Carson ever reads this article, I’d like to point out that even the person that coined the term ‘gateway drug’ doesn’t believe that marijuana is truly a gateway drug anymore. Her research says that nicotine, and not marijuana, is more of a gateway drug for youth. Also, on that whole ‘marijuana flashback thing,’ I have been consuming marijuana for a long time (over two decades), and I’ve posted well over 10,000 articles about marijuana on this blog in the last six years, and fielded who knows how many e-mails, and I’ve never heard of someone having a marijuana flashback. I would LOVE to see some evidence to back up what Dr. Carson is talking about. And finally, marijuana does not hurt people’s brains like Dr. Carson claims. For a GREAT article on that, click this link here.


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  1. Cannabis heals on

    Marijuana is a gateway drug. The gateway to a healthy nation. A healthy nation means more people at work. More people paying taxes. More people spending money. A stimulated economy.

  2. Closet Warrior on

    After the Republican debate the other night I am doubtful any have a great chance of winning but who knows what’s up their sleeves for the next act. Notice how John Kasik dodged the only marijuana question. Random Paul didn’t sound too bad an Ben Carson lied straight through his teeth about not being affiliated w that medical supplement group.lol that guy is so slow it would take him 2 hours to warn 60 minutes.

  3. Mr. Strong , with deep reapect an admiration im writting to you . You are determined and self assured. I can tell you are a loving person, I can tell you care. Its possible you are a religious person. So are many of us. We believe god made all plants that bearing seeds. He made everything,, he is the light
    And in the light we see the truth. And the truth shall set us free. Please go to
    You dont realize, the truth was in what you said. You know ppl who started w pot and ended with…… ive been using this plant a long time . Ive stop drinking alcohol, cig and many doctor prescribed medicines, that were far more destructive. I would so far to say as a person of color that comes from old school, I would never vote for a rep. Especially if he is black. The drug war is an attack on people, I dont advocate drugs either, Dr. ben carson, talks out of two sides of his face. I dont know why you like him so much. And no one thinks you are an enemy because you dont agree. We think your ignorant, because you dont know anything about canabis, medical or otherwise
    That is why so many ppl.are trying to reach you. If I offended, you im sorry, if you want to talk more learn more you can reach me at sensi social. You will need to sign up. Its free, people behave theselves when the webmaster knows who they are.

    There are articles, videos from DOCTORS, WHO HEAL PEOPLE FROM CANCER.
    Experts in many fields. The marinuana policy project. Norml. Medical journal
    Israel, canada, Portugal , united kingdom
    Are all researching, more and more.

    And if you came to a weed site to tell us how great dr carson is and to not smoke dope,
    Have a great life. Hope you or someone close toyou doesnt get sick. and need this medicine.
    People will abuse anything. In africa, ppl there are putting thier poop in jars, and sniffing it cause it causes halucinations, if weed is a gateway , so is milk, coffee, bananas, oregano, tyhme,

  4. Closet Warrior on

    Brother I’m not your enemy, big government and their propaganda is. Just listen to your language. Dr Ben says, Dr Ben says. Them preaching to you does you no good and you preaching wives tales to others to “pass it on” does them a disservice by lending a bias to their own thinking. All I have been trying to say these last few posts is that people really need to do research into the past to know the truth because people will lead you astray w/their agendas while the truth shall set you free. I encourage everyone to read, talk to others and have a little hands on as to become informed on any matter. I’m not going back and forth w/you to win an argument Reggie, I just happen to know that preaching belongs to the clergy and information belongs to we the people. Peace be upon you.

  5. thank’s for your sympathy but I will alway’s preach to people to stay drug free. Dr. Ben Carson said just because two people disagree with each other doesn’t make them enemies. And Dr. Ben Carson said if two people agree with each other all the time one of them isn’t necessary. Closet Warrior take care of yourself see in the near future peace.

  6. Seriously, Carson and Trump at the top of the polls? WTF has happened to the Republican party? How is it that the other candidates make Kasich look good?

  7. Its nice to see a republic candidate take a firm stand, even if it is wrong. After comments like these, watching Charlie Rose interview Bernie, and the reality that the issues we face as a nation are social in nature, I am feeling the Bern!

  8. “Progress” seems to wind up with the cronies getting richer and the rest of us getting poorer. Not very different from the party of “hate”.

    Warren Buffett is still running his dangerous oil trains while helping to block a safer pipeline. And Warren is into “progress”. For him.

  9. Closet Warrior on

    I live in the country and see hard drugs abused daily, addiction has no preference as to where or whom it choses. I’m sorry about your brother’s addiction but I’m quite sure weed didn’t cause that. Alcohol and tobacco are the true gateway drugs that cause more death each year than cancer. Dr Ben didn’t say that did he? I don’t wanna argue w/ya Reggie I just think you could be better informed as to make better decisions for yourself not others. If we didn’t think for ourselves I’m sure the doctors and politicians would be glad to.

  10. I’m indicating I live in the inner-city ghetto and I see people all the time use and abuse drug’s. My brother started off smoking Marijuana and now to this day he is on crack cocaine. And that’s the reason why I agree with Dr. Ben Carson when Dr. Ben Carson say stay drug’s free. I see a lot of people started off smoking Marijuana and when they didn’t get high enough off Marijuana they go to a higher drug and end up on crack cocaine. that’s the reason why I and Dr. Ben Carson say stay drug free, because drug’s is killing our community.

  11. I’m indicating I live in the inner-city ghetto and I see people all the time use and abuse drug’s. My brother started off smoking Marijuana and now to this day he is on crack cocaine. And that’s the reason why I agree with Dr. Ben Carson when Dr. Ben Carson say stay drug’s free. I see a lot of people started off smoking Marijuana and when they didn’t get high enough off Marijuana they go to a higher drug and end up on crack cocaine. that’s the reason why I and Dr. Ben Carson say stay drug free, because drug’s is killing our community.

  12. Philip Daniels on

    Yep take a whiff … He’s Old School, just ignore him … Seems as despicable as Trump, bottom line #feelthebern …

  13. saynotohypocrisy on

    I was answering Carson, arguing that even when illegal, cannabis is already “in the mix”, so with prohibition you are getting all the problems caused by prohibition and also getting whatever negatives Carson sees from weed.

    Even people like Carson who hate weed should be able to see that the law is unenforceable, so it’s useless.

  14. Follow the money trial… There are many of the candidates are getting money from the prison guards union, private prison owners, and in his case big pharma ..these are the ones who benefit from the explosive prison population ! Apparently this candidate has no love, compassion or empathy as well as he failed to remember history, Prohibition NEVER works!

  15. This guy could be the poster boy alongside Nancy ragin fore D.A.R.E. Talk about your reefer madness!

  16. Blen Butterson on

    “When pressed on his position in May by CNBC’s John Harwood, Carson said Americans would support the elimination of Medicare when presented with the facts of his plan.

    “When people are able to see how much more freedom they will have, and how much more flexibility they will have, and how much more choice they would have, I think it’s going to be a no-brainer,” he said.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/10/ben-carson-medicare-medicaid-215055#ixzz3pnRbMfSs

  17. Well alcohol should be illegal. It is bad for the brain and liver.

    Before Congress made cannabis illegal in 1937 America was a destroyed country. After 1937 it made a remarkable recovery. /sarc

    Sadly making recreational cannabis illegal seems to have increased the supply. I wonder if that was an intentional side effect. Kids have reported for over 30 years that cannabis is easier to get than beer.

  18. I know a few people who started out on water and ended up with a heroin addiction. Water should be illegal for personal consumption. And watercress too. You can’t be too careful when it comes to preventing addiction.

    Mothers milk is full of cannabinoids. It is why babies look dopey after getting their fill. Mother’s milk must definitely be banned. Starting babies out on the stuff at birth is the real gateway.

  19. I know one thing. This very ignorant , and dishonest man won’t get my vote.
    Wake up America , elections are far and few between . Let’s get red of the bad politions.

  20. Closet Warrior on

    Isn’t it “funny” that America is the only country in the world who has a patent on the very thing they deem as dangerous as heroin w/no healing properties what so ever, lol. Their diminishing words not mine. Seems as if they be hypocrits and maybe a hint of what is inevitably coming-legalization. I am optimistic at least

  21. Recent studies show that Cannabis is not a gateway drug; and is more often used as an exit strategy for people struggling with harder addictions. The person that coined the term has admitted, it was false.

    Your correlation/causation argument is based on hatred, propaganda, and lies; and is also contrary to all recent studies. As is Dr? Ben Carson’s.

  22. saynotohypocrisy on

    I’m very sorry that America is crucifying you. They’ll be sorry someday, but it’s already too late for a lot of people. Medicinal marijuana prohibitionists are mass murderers.

  23. stellarvoyager on

    I read that Dr. Carson’s specialty is hemispherectomy, or removal of one of the hemispheres of the brain. It is used as a treatment for severe epilepsy, based on the theory that removal of the half of the brain that contains the most seizures can cure the condition. However, the treatment has mixed results at best, with severe side effects.

    As it turns out, cannabidiol (CBD) has shown considerable promise as a treatment for intractable epilepsy. So in this case, all you need to do is follow the money to understand his position.

  24. Mr. Strong, there are few times I respond directly with another here. Your blind allegiance to DOCTOR , and ignorance about cannabis require that. I am blind, I am also crippled, the fact that im talking to you is a miracle. None of these canidates can speak for me. I knowa real truth, one I found, through logic, and science. Those of us who have come to this point, have not done so lightly. Often are bodies have been destroyed, by pharecuticals and are near death or pray for death, to escape our pain and suffering. You cant imagine the guilt, you feel, because the suffering you endure is carried by those arround you. My 19 year old son and daughter, knew nothing but a father that sufferers day and night, struggles with wanting to eat and sleep.
    Cannabis saved my life, you think what you want , but make sure its just not what a paid political wanna be. Now I live where its impossible for me to. Procure and medicate, so I am forced to take poison or live in agony.
    How much of a christian do you think this guy is now. cannabis sativa, indica, hemp , is a PLANT. Dryed plant, not a drug and is required for good health, mental physical, spiritual
    Educate your mind.

  25. I’m with you Jim lets volunteer on these flashbacks. Sounds like he was having a flashback of his younger years. I bet he smoked. Jerk! I know who I’m not voting for.

  26. Closet Warrior on

    Hey Reggie, a lot of ppl say a lot of things, doesn’t make it true or right. What about kids w/severe epilepsy and glaucoma? I am 44 and I have been partaking w/Mary j since I was 15 or so and I seem to have a fully developed brain. The reason I’ve responded to your post is that public awareness brings about public knowledge and knowledge is power!!! Please try to prove me wrong and in doing so you will find a plethora of reasons and aleviants for the probation of marijuana period. It even heals the earth when planted after Man’s blunderous acts such as the Chernobyl disaster. It is planted there to reclaim the soil. It takes heavy metals such as uranium out of the ground slowly but surely. I encourage you, no challenge you to find our the truth for yourelf. As far as what Dr Carson “says”, he has to follow his super pac agenda, he is but a mouth piece for big money. I’m not saying he’s a bad person or is dumb but for myself, I choose experience and fact over public rumor any day. Find truth in experience and numbers, not the numbers that goes into Carson’s bank or offshore accounts, but the number of testimonials that will enrage you as well as enlighten you. It was only made illegal when the timber barons of the early 20th century felt threatened by it’s many uses and launched the biggest smear campaign ever along w/ Harry J Annslinger of the US government. The theme-Reefer Madness. What a serious disservice they did to and for this and other countries. I’ve given you a good start. It’s up to you to find out the facts and think for yourself. The truth shall set you free. I seriously urge you to talk to people as well as read and watch real documentaries, not misinformation and brainwashing propaganda!!!

  27. I would like to volunteer for the ten year follow up study to the MARIJUANA FLASHBACK study…I am an educated person who would give data without bias…he must be privy to some dmt or thai weed…I have flashbacks but only in memory…the way it used to be….back in the day flash backs per se is a myth that was used to scare the poor down trodden hippies of the 60s………no such thing. I worked in state mental institutions usually with young people for 33 yrs. the age group who ‘partook in mind altering substances’ and never encountered someone wh (1) wasn’t in the books as having trouble with their mind before mind altering substances or (2) had flashbacks after mind altering substances but no prior mental health issues that would leave them incarcerated ….no weed addicts behaving like rabbits etc…sorry folks Dr. Carson is the ANTI-BOOGIE man paid for by BIGPHARMA…he got to be a presidential candidate with one hell of a bias…prison ,police officer unions, etc..they all benefit greatly from weed remaining illegal.

  28. Dr. Ben Carson did not say he would abolish Medicaid or Medicare. the left wing media is just trying to scare people.

  29. Dr. Carson will never get my vote!! I can’t believe what an idiot he is. I would never have wanted him to operate on me. Wonder if he ever did get an education or was just playing doctor.

  30. alcohol is drug’s too. Put it this way – anybody who want’s to destroy a society legalize Marijuana.

  31. Drug’s is not safe. everybody knows that you can start off smoking Marijuana and end up on a high drug. I know a lot of people who started off smoking Marijuana and now to this day they is on crack cocaine. And that’s the reason why I agree with Dr. Ben Carson when Dr. Ben Carson tell people to stay drug’s free!

  32. Dr. Ben Carson said that he don’t have a problem with people who need to use Marijuana for illnesses. And I agree with Dr. Ben Carson when Dr. Ben Carson said that Marijuana is bad for the brain because the brain is still developing into your late twenties.

  33. Yes… Dim-witted boobs who don’t care what the electorate want. This 63 year old Republican has been shaking his head in disbelief for years. While NOTHING could get me to cast a vote for Hillary Clinton, an “Intensify the war on drugs” platform could make me stay home, or vote for an independent candidate who doesn’t stand a chance in hell of getting elected, as a protest vote against an idiot.

  34. Oh Yes… Dr. Carson is So Correct. Marijuana is a gateway drug… it is the gateway drug to the kitchen. It is the gateway drug to Potato Chips… Brownies… Chocolate Cake, and Ice Cream.

    Speaking of Gateway Drugs…. Have you noticed that every Alcoholic started out by drinking Milk? We need to start a War on Milk right away. Just say NO to Milk.

  35. If this article is true, and I believe it is, then Dr. Carson has lost my vote. Oh, and my wife’s vote, and father-in-law’s vote, ext. ext.

  36. Only a fool would bash pot right now if they want to be elected.

    We are the majority! Let’s remind ol’ Benny about it.

    Kinda funny how haters will cut off their nose to spite their face.

  37. Please take your anti-immigrant hate speech to another venue. I hear Donald Trump can always use a few more lackeys.

  38. Closet Warrior on

    I would like to congratulate Mr. Strong here for advocating something he probably knows nothing about. Sorry if we hit a nerve talkin shit about your hero Reggie but fact is fact and mmj and recreational suppression only leads to more suffering, whether it be chronic pain, ADD/ADHD, nausea due to chemo, glaucoma, neuropathy and a copious amount of other ailments that science has proven marijuana DOES help alleviate these and other symptoms. Including help heroin and opiate addicts kick their habit with the help of sweet, sweet Mary Jane. So you and Dr Carson need to open up a few thousand books and have a study session. We are not attacking him, just simply stating the facts. He is either another political super pac puppet or sadly informed!

  39. Closet Warrior on

    Right on moldy, these idiot politiciansare so out of touch with the average joe that they really can’t see the forest for the trees because they have a severe case of Cranial-Rectitus!!! For those laymen out there, they seem to have their heads stuck up their ass!!!

  40. Closet Warrior on

    OMG, and he’s a real doctor, a neurosurgeon no less!!! How could such a well educated person be so illiterate and uninformed. Read, read, Read and maybe fire up a couple lefties. Oh, I forgot he’s in the super pac limelight so he is a political robot. After he lose, let’s see what his stance on mmj and even recreational a couple yrs down the line. Bet it waivers just as Dr Sanjay Gupta did and he is a very well informed advocate of mmj now. Put in the research and it can change lives if you apply that knowledge. Didn’t they teach that in elementary school?

  41. Scott Ellenwood on

    It sounds like Carson’s just reiterating things we used to “know” to be “true”, despite the scientific studies that prove he’s full of shit.
    We need a change in this country, not just a repackaging of the baloney we’ve been fed for years. If you’re pro-Cannabis, pro-women and pro-intelligence, do your own research into the candidates. I am starting to believe there’s someone (not in the Republican party) that might just shed some light in this increasingly dark, dreary country.

  42. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” Anyone really think that with over 40 million illegal,**authorized-to-vote-illegals**that there will be ANYTHING even closely resembling an honest vote next year?
    We’ve been willfully,intentionally invaded by benefit seekers, not assimilating citizens hell F’n no but the derelicts and castoffs that want only to parasitically drain the infra-structure coffers of the towns and States they invade.
    Why isn’t Mexico being forced to improve their citizens conditions, we’re not their F’n pressure relief valve…oh sorry, yah well I guess we are huh.
    Rockwell’s ‘Ducks & Hens’ parable comes to mind real clearly here.
    Volunteer at your local “voting”(sic) station and watch the unraveling of the fabric of our Flag, our Nation & our Constitution.
    “Only two kinds of Americans soon, they will be defined by which side of the barricades they are on!”

  43. Social Conservative on

    Carson must have some smokers in his family. Wonder what they think of his anti-freedom attitude?

  44. No, not ignorant, just fucking dumb. We all know it’s the safest substance known to man. Did you just crawl out of a time machine?

  45. He is a full of shit like most politicians. Not only is he wrong historically but he hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about. As a brain surgeon you’d think he’d have more brains. Even most Republicans know the WOD’s is an abject failure and the American people are sick of it and his kind of reasoning. See ya doc.

  46. Only marijuana that is good for the brain should be legal. In the mean time we have alcohol which is bad for the brain and the liver.

  47. Marijuana was legal in the US from before its founding until 1937. Obviously the country was destroyed by that. But it has since made a miraculous recovery. /sarc

  48. Blen Butterson on

    Not after he mentioned abolishing Medicare, that destroyed any chance he still had. He’s just trying to sell books.

  49. Blen Butterson on

    First, Ben Carson will never be elected president due to his extreme views that most of the country does not agree with.

    Second, alcohol and nicotine are the real gateway drugs. Third, there are many studies – hundreds of them – done by reputable scientists that disprove his comments. There are plenty of places with legalized marijuana – states and also countries – and they have not “destroyed their societies”. Just the opposite – in Colorado, hard drug use is down, opiate use is down, and so is drunk driving.

    Your hero will never be President and probably won’t get the nomination either, so enjoy his 15 seconds of fame while it lasts.

  50. Smart people can believe really dumb things, especially when their closely-held, often religious, beliefs make them reject evidence to the contrary out-of-hand (it’s called “cognitive dissonance” in psychology). Dr. Carson’s Adventist religious beliefs state that any drug use is a sin, so that makes it easy for him to discount the hundreds of studies showing the beneficial and non-harmful qualities of cannabis and concentrate on a few studies, often funded with federal anti-drug money and often completely overturned later, showing brain damage or a gateway drug effect.
    It’s pretty similar to some really religious folks and climate change denial – ignore the vast consensus of evidence and focus on the tenth of a percent of studies that confirm your worldview.

  51. He’s ignorant because he’s not advocating legalizing Marijuana that is bad for the brain?

  52. Dr. Ben Carson said it’s not speculation that Marijuana is bad for the brain. #BC2DC16 because Dr. Ben Carson care’s about we the people. And every body knows some people start off smoking Marijuana and lead onto a higher drug whether it’s legal or illegal drugs. Dr. Ben Carson study the brain for forty year’s, now who is she to say Dr. Ben Carson is wrong about Marijuana being bad for the brain. And Dr. Ben Carson said “if a person want to destroy a society legalize Marijuana.

  53. saynotohypocrisy on

    HIs views on cannabis and other illegal drugs is one of many reasons he isn’t going to be president.

  54. This guy simply needs to educate himself. How ignorant could one person be? Do we want him to be an elected official,,,,,in the Whitehouse? His ignorance goes beyond (democrat or republican), he is an example of the bad choices we as the voting public are given when election times approach. We as humans need help from a power greater than us to protect us from people like him trying to gain power in our government, in our world…. very scary :-O

  55. stellarvoyager on

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta is another neurosurgeon who actually took the time to research cannabis, and has reached a far different conclusion.

  56. Well goodbye carson. You join the rank ranks of chris Christy, joe biden, marco-polo rubio, and other politicians who just blew your chance to become president.

  57. Hello People of America, ever heard of Marijuana Breathalyzers? Well, you will soon thanks to University of Washington..Would you like to give them a call to let them know how happy your are for them taking a “preventative” measure such as breathalyzers, great..Here are the people in Charge

    Dr. Herbert Hill Jr. Regens Professor -(509) 335-5648 / 5-3901 hhhill@wsu.edu


    Dr. Nicholas Lovrich E-Mail: faclovri@wsu.edu

    Phone: (509) 335-4811

    Office: Johnson Tower 70

  58. This is why I dont trust doctors or mldern medicine. I evaluate everything on my own. The internet will give you truths half lies and lies. You have to be a truth seeker, it will not always come to you, you have to want it.
    This man is on the take , been there.

  59. This neurosurgeon seems to be totally out of touch with reality. It’s just hard to fathom that he has a college degree!

  60. Jeanette Burgamy on

    The USA holds the patent on Cannabis for protecting neurotransmitters from disease and foreign viruses bathing them with its amazing properties !!!!!!

  61. The problem is science does show that Marijuana is harmless and Marijuana does help people. What science shows is that not only has every adult person in the world been lied to by our enforced drug treaties. Also he does not bennifit from legalization because people medicating from Marijuana doe not need the prescribed drugs that so many, ( many but not all ) doctors love to tell us we need. Even though most of those drugs will poison us over time and or give us side effects that are just as harmful as what they claim to cure. Marijuana is harmless compared to most of the prescribed drugs out on the market. So been Carson how many stocks do you own now that you don’t practice medicine any more. Or better yet how many malpractice suites have you paid out.
    People should look it up. Look at The Guardian site.

  62. What a clown. He says he wants smaller government and personal liberty… yet contradicts himself with growing government and lessening personal liberty by supporting the failed war on drugs. Just silly.

  63. He not dumb he is just lieing to win support from the people who believe in or gain wealth or power from the war on drugs.

  64. I loveit!!! To bad he’s not an oral surgeon. As smart as he is and I know he is smart does not take away the fact that he is ignorant to reality and facts, not the lies started and spread by ignorance and greed.

  65. stellarvoyager on

    Many of them can and do “think” this way, depending on who’s financing their campaign. Just follow the money.

  66. Anyone serious about becoming POTUS can’t possibly think this way, or they are living in a dream world.

  67. stellarvoyager on

    His public statements on cannabis are the exact opposite of “brilliance.” I mean, flashbacks? Really Ben Carson? You’re a neurosurgeon and you believe that cannabis gives people flashbacks. Pure idiocy. Either he is incredibly misinformed or he is deliberately lying to score political points and gin up hatred towards his designated group of “hedonistic” cannabis users and producers.

  68. stellarvoyager on

    The fact that this guy’s a former brain surgeon, and is spewing such ignorance and falsehoods about the effects of cannabis, is very dangerous. People will trust his medical opinions because of his background, even though everything he says about cannabis is flat out nonsense. It is embarrassing that someone who is so out to lunch on basic facts of medicine would be able to get a license to practice medicine as a brain surgeon!

    A neurosurgeon getting such basic facts wrong would be like a math professor making public statements that 2 + 2 = 5. It immediately calls into question his credentials. But credentials don’t matter when you’re running as a politician appealing to ignorant hippie punchers and bigots. All that matters is that you direct your hate, and with it the full oppressive power of the state, at the right population.

  69. Dr. Carson is simply repeating the prohibitionist mantra of his Seventh-day Adventist prophet, E.G. White. And the prohibition of other substances has proven as great a failure and breeder of violence and corruption as was Prohibition. His statements on Cannabis reflect a general ignorance of the herb.

  70. Dr Carson, for years there has been the old phrase “he’s no brain surgeon” when referring to someone of lesser iq. How can you be a talented brain surgeon & still not have a clue?

  71. I have as much use for tone deaf politicians like I have as much use for an electric banana peeler.

  72. For a Dr. , Ben Carson has no comprehension on what a gateway drug is. Why don’t you look at all those opiates (prescription pain pills) that I am sure you have prescribed. So my question to you and everyone reading this blog is. Does big pharmacy support your campaign? And how many millions did you make prescribing those pain pills? You may have found a niche in ultra conservative brainless robots who can’t think for themselves and who love to tell people what they can and can not do. But this is AMERICA the land born of the free and is time we stopped the lies about Marijuana and time we stopped locking up our families over non violent drug use. It’s time we people stood up to politics corruption. It’s time for the people to be free from your type of dictatorship.

  73. Dr. Carson is obviously a very intelligent man. And he has overcome tremendous obstacles to succeed in life. However, his statements on this and several other topics are far from enlightened. Such extremes in brilliance and ignorance, lead me to question his sanity.

  74. saynotohypocrisy on

    “So why would we throw into the mix something else that can impair people? We have enough impaired people already.”

    Because it’s already in the mix, with all the indisputable negative consequences of prohibition and no clear benefits from trying to enforce the unenforceable. He talks about the Mexican border as though cannabis can’t be readily grow in the U.S. indoors and out, even if he could do anything about the border. He needs to compare cannabis vs. killer alcohol and explain why the far more dangerous substance deserves infinitely favored status, enforced at the point of guns against many millions of ordinary Americans. We can all live with cannabis, alcohol isn’t so kind to users and innocent victims alike.
    Does Carson think cannabis causes domestic violence and crazy driving like alcohol does?
    He needs to stick to brain surgery, where he accepts the dictates of science.

  75. You’re an assclown, Mr. Carson, who would forcibly strap us down to administer vaccinations. For a brain surgeon, you sure are DUMB!

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