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Popular Presidential Candidate Gets A Six Figure Campaign Donation From The Marijuana Industry

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The marijuana movement has long fought to be taken seriously by high level politicians. For a very long time elected officials scoffed at marijuana supporters, often making Cheech and Chong jokes and other insensitive, stereotypical comments. There have been a lot of third party Presidential candidates that have courted the marijuana movement in the past, but there has never been a major party candidate running for President that has willingly congregated with an all marijuana-supporting audience. That is, not until recently.

Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul made history recently when he held a campaign fundraising event as part of the Cannabis Business Summit, put on by the National Cannabis Industry Association in Denver, Colorado. According to people that attended the event, it went very well. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul made a splash in Denver on Tuesday, raising an estimated minimum of $120,000 in a closed-door private fundraising event at the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Cannabis Business Summit.

The total amount raised puts him firmly in the top tier of public officials who have raised campaign funds from the cannabis industry.

There was no immediate word from the Paul campaign on how much was actually raised at the event, and the total could easily top Marijuana Business Daily‘s estimate. Attendees reported about 40 individuals took part in the event, paying a minimum of $2,700 apiece. In addition, the Marijuana Policy Project provided a $15,000 donation.

$120,000 is obviously not a ton of money in the world of politics, but it’s still a significant campaign contribution. More importantly, it’s symbolic of the the growing trend in politics – support for (and from) the marijuana community. Support for marijuana reform was once thought to be political suicide, and that wasn’t that long ago. Now there is at least one major contender to be the next President of the United States that is courting the marijuana community. To be fair, Rand Paul has made some disparaging comments about marijuana and marijuana consumers in the past, but he also co-introduced the CARERS ACT and met with leaders of the emerging marijuana industry, so I think it’s fair to allow him the chance to prove he’s turned over a new leaf (pun not entirely intended, but maybe a little).

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  1. Roger Dodger on

    Yeah! Great idea! Let’s turn America into a drug lord haven! That’ll get us fair rulings in court! People are STUPID!

  2. His foreign policy sucks. He and the idiot that’s in there now almost see eye to eye when it comes to foreign policy.

  3. Charles Braga on

    Rand Paul is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Remember the GOP and what they stand for. He is one of their frontrunners and they will say and do anything to steal, I mean get your vote. Be very careful around these people. It’s a literal smoke screen. When the smoke clears what you will see is a brick wall with faded posters of all their promises.

  4. Whyiowa4medical on

    No, Rand Paul is a former libertarian who switched to a party he might just get his agenda of ending the drug war completed. Yes, he has some whacked ideas like ending Medicare, but remember folks, congress must chime in first. It has become an institution that cares for America’s weakest, something the Bible clearly supports very strongly. The more I learn of his stance of dismantling Nixon’s damage to doctor’s freedoms and personal life and liberty for all Americans has my complete attention!!! The Democrats have a long way to go to catch up with a candidate that would repair our divided nation. Maybe a new Lincoln???

  5. You have it totally backwards, and check the voters fraud issues from that past presidential election and you’ll see that the Dems were the overwhelming violators.
    If you want to vote, that’s good, but you must be an valid U.S. citizen, and these folks don’t mind showing a valid ID.

  6. stellarvoyager on

    Both Bernie Sanders and former VA Senator Jim Webb have better positions when it comes to marijuana. Both have called for decrim or legalization at the federal level, while Rand wants it in schedule 2. So with either one of them, you get the progressive stance on cannabis without the nutty positions on all of the other issues. Jim Webb if you prefer a more centrist overall bent, or Sanders for a more progressive view.

  7. This is the only Republican I would vote for at this point as is Bernie Sanders for the democrats. We need a wildcard like Ron Paul.

  8. Voter ID laws are a fucking sham. They only help the conservatives and their gerrymandered districts. Rand is a better candidate than most RW douche’s but he’s flipped more than a pin ball machine. He once was against weed, even medical.

  9. Most of these ideologies make sense, but in a world where common sense and logic have gone off the rails it’s somewhat understandable how so many people are functioning in a vacuum.

  10. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Why do you want to force vaccinations onto another human? Voter ID laws stops Voter fraud. Patriot act needs to piss off! Nothing more than corruption. FEAR was bleed when they created Patriot act. Thanks to fear created by the Patriot act, we now have the TSA spiting on our rights and mocking freedom. nobody wants to follow rule of law! Forcing corrupted absolutes will ruin this nation.

    Arm yourself and protect your family is a human right. I know of a 11 year girl who stood her ground with a gun, against a pedophile… She was my sister! if my dad did not leave the gun open for the family in case of an emergency she would have died that week in the arms of a pervert. She was trained by my father 3 times a week at the shooting range to respect the gun. learn how to shoot. learn to breath under stress. If she called the cops they would get there 10 minutes later. 10 minutes is all the time most need to kill or take without a trace.

    Rand Paul: is the only one I trust. it will come down to this. Hillary vs. Rand Paul.

  11. Although I certainly approve of Mr. Paul’s attitudes toward cannabis, some of his other positions are troubling. Among them, he has come out against mandatory childhood vaccinations, has backed so-called voter-ID laws, defended BP’s massive oil spill with “sometimes accidents happen,” has spoken against Medicare, says the Patriot Act is anti-gun ownership and has been widely accused of plagiarism, among other things. I hope when it comes time to vote for our next President, we take into account the candidate’s entire philosophy, history and spectrum of political and social positions, not just their attitudes toward marijuana.

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