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Presidential Kush Marijuana Strain Review


presidential kushPresidential Kush Medical Marijuana Strain Review

From: Colorado Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Grade: A

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid, OG Kush x Lemon Skunk

Price: $50/8th

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Appearance: (9.5/10) As you can probably tell by the pictures, this is a rather special-looking sample, with an absolutely ridiculous coating of tall, leaning trichomes. With the typical round Kush bud structure and wonderful density and trim, there are really no flaws to speak of in the appearance department. The harvest timing was also very good, with a smattering of amber trichomes amongst the clear and cloudies. The look alone is almost worth the price of admission… very impressive indeed.

Aroma: (8/10) This strain had an understated Kush presence, which was mostly present in the bag/jar. Notes of soil, spice, and skunk give way to heavy citrus smells once it’s ground up. It was fairly pungent, but won’t stink up the house since the dominant smell is mostly lemony and fresh.

Taste: (7.75/10) The dominant taste is clean soil and pine with a strong (but not sweet) lemon component. The smoke had a definite bite to it and hit the throat quite a bit, but also was very expansive – definitely a cougher on medium to large pulls. The final ash was a medium-dark gray, indicating that the taste and harshness could’ve been improved with a more thorough flush… no sizzling or snapping though.

Effects: Despite this being a Sativa-dominant strain, that feeling was rather short-lived and this one hit us as more of an Indica experience overall. To start, there was a major influx of head and eye pressure, with the corresponding heat and a light, floaty feeling in the torso and head. The eye feeling was the first to turn Indica, making us feel a bit tired and bleary despite being mentally clear for the most part. There were some interesting auditory enhancements, but otherwise the cerebral elements were understated. Heavy relaxation and moments of euphoria came and went for our staff, seeming to depend on context quite a bit. As it disappeared, our energy level picked back up.

Duration: Very long, all reviewers reported 3 hours or longer (rare)

Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors — personal opinion ONLY) Seemed to depend a bit on mood and context going in, but we got some benefits with appetite increase, mood elevation, minor pain relief, body relaxation, and strong mental relaxation that can lead to sleep later in the duration.

Overall: This was a very long-lasting med that carried a variety of effects with it in an incredibly attractive package. While the flush could’ve been better and likely would’ve led to a more pungent taste and smoother smoke, that was really the only flaw we could find with this one. We recommend this heartily as an evening med mostly, as the latter half of the effects were very lethargic and would make it a bit hard to function at times. If nothing else, it’s just so pretty that it’s worth taking a look at – it’s definitely one of the most impressive samples that we’ve ever seen.

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