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Press Conference Tomorrow For Idaho Cannabis Activists Who Were Targeted By Police


Sarah Caldwell and Lindsey & Josh Rinehart will host a press conference, Monday, on the Idaho Capitol Steps to address the removal of their kids over allegations of Child Endangerment because of Marijuana.

Joining them will be the voice of the Marijuana Nation, Radical Russ Belville, to give his take on the involvement of Child Protective Services in the lives of Medical Marijuana Patients.

Please join us in support of the Idaho Three!!
Bring a sign and meet us at the capitol steps!
2pm, Monday, April 29th


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  1. james james on

    I posted a response on another ganga forum, only to have the police mount a response justifying the “knock and talk”, the warrantless search (says they didn’t need one), the removal of the children and that the Rineharts are just common criminals and nothing was a result of their political activism. So the BPD propaganda machine is trolling the cannabis forums pushing their point of view. I discussed the situation in terms that were released by the news organizations and, I was called an out of state, liar…what hubris…..

  2. Good Luck Lindsey! We’re ALL behind y’all. May God PROTECT YOU and your children.

  3. I hope we can turn this against the prohibitioners. Hopefully Russ will be able to get on the local media and represent.

  4. If I didn’t live in California I’d definitely be there to support you guys. It’s unbelievable that a baby can be ripped away from mama for doing something that’s safer than alcohol, driving in a car or even drinking mass quantities of water. It’s simply inhumane to continue this ‘War on drugs’.

  5. there is a good lawer named David E. Galbert he is very skilled in these type of charges. If you can find him he is located in Pocatello Idaho and is very understanding and compassinate with these matters

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