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Prime Minister Of Canada Justin Trudeau Mandates That Marijuana Be Legalized

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made international headlines when he campaigned on a pro-marijuana platform. He continued to make headlines when he won running on the platform, and all eyes in the marijuana world have been on Canada ever since. I have heard the question, ‘when will marijuana be legalized in Canada?’ asked a lot lately. Justin Trudeau recently issued a letter giving mandates to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada. Among many mandates was the following in regards to marijuana:

Working with the Ministers of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and Health, create a federal-provincial-territorial process that will lead to the legalization and regulation of marijuana.

I have to pinch myself every time I read it. I can’t even imagine how excited Canadian cannabis supporters are right now. Here you have a sitting Prime Minister mandating marijuana legalization as one of his first acts after taking over the job. I wish that more leaders were so sensible!

To the South, I know that many marijuana reform supporters are hoping that Bernie Sanders will follow in the same footsteps. I would say that Justin Trudeau’s mandate is actually even more progressive than Bernie Sanders’ stance, in that it mandates regulation in addition to ending prohibition. Bernie Sanders’ plan would just end federal prohibition, leaving it up to the states to decide their own marijuana policies, which is still a fantastic political position.


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  1. WildCherry Gary on

    Good. Maybe soon I can get back my much needed pain Meds that were taken away from me by the VA for
    having the Michigan Medical Marijuana Card.

  2. I make my living calling out posers who claim that they work 90 hours per week like you claim. From my experience auditing these individuals, it’s just exaggerated hogwash. They count eating, napping, talking to the wife or mistress, and shooting the bull with their servants, as well as thinking about work as part of that 90 hours. Oh and by the way, I make six figures too and a I do it in about 50-55 hrs per week.

  3. I didn’t say all retirees are rich. But there are a lot of retirees that are rich AND that get SS paid for by poor young folks. You might not like that fact, but every liberal economist will agree it is true.

    “If you look it up”? You mean looking up FDR’s exact words when he was trying to pass Social Security when he reassured the public over and over and over and over and over that SS was NOT a socialist program. FDR did that because the public, nor Congress, would accept it as a socialist program, which is why they turned it into a retirement program that included taking money from some poor people and giving it to some rich people.

    Read some Karl Marx/Engels, Tolstoy, Trotsky if you want a more clear examination of socialism, don’t just rely on what you’ve heard in Western media or repeated to you in your echo chamber.

    I believe you are mistaking Medicare for Medicaid. The only people eligible for the FEDERAL program Medicare who are younger than retirement age have disabilities that make them eligible. I guarantee you that you are wrong about knowing 4 young people without kids who are getting Medicare. Medicaid, a STATE program in a few states, will temporarily cover those not of SS age without children, and more than likely their state Medicaid is paying insurance premiums to a for-profit insurance corporation for their healthcare. That is hardly a socialist program when it is funneling money to insurance corporations.

    Read up on real socialism and try not to repeat the tripe our media outlets and biased politicians have to say about the subject. They change their minds and try to change the meaning of words all the time, just like FDR swearing Social Security is NOT a socialist program back then, while now people are mistakenly claiming it is a socialist program. It isn’t, it’s mostly a ponzi scheme taking money from the young and poor with promises they’ll get it all back when they get old, which they won’t.

  4. saynotohypocrisy on

    I really hope home growing is included. If it’s healthy enough to buy legally, it’s healthy enough to grow your own legally.
    Trudeau has talked about it being an issue of freedom, so I gotta be optimistic.

    Congratulations on tossing Harper. I’m hopeful that Trudeau will bring badly needed new blood to the world’s leadership, on many issues, not just cannabis.

  5. First good for you if all you care about is money. I grew apart in a abusive family and left home when I was 15. I barely graduated high school. Never went to college. I am self employed and my services are contracted through a fortune 500 company that has 14 manufacturing sites in 4 countries.I never had a formal training but I am highly recommend in my specialty. I didn’t need someone9 book to motivate me. My motivation is pure and simple and has worked well for me and my 50 years. Work hard , love my wife and my children. I don’t love money and I make a comfortable living. My wife and children love and respect me.youngest is 16 oldest is 28.I sit in meeting at least once a week with the CEO and other members of upper management. As far as you saying the American dream is capitalism,. Capitalism can not work with out socialism and socialism can not work with out capitalism look it up studied this 35yrs ago.

  6. I’ve made a few changes in my life recently that have been very beneficial. One of the biggest has been discovering cannabis with higher ratios of CBD.

    Both THC and CBD are beneficial obviously.

    The thing is higher CBD cannabis is a lot harder to find on the black market than it is in a regulated system.

    Prohibitionists b*tch and wine about THC and many don’t even realize how much the black market fuels higher THC cannabis.

  7. I’m pretty sure cannabis was not legalized in Ohio because that mandate created a major monopoly and there is another much better one in the pipeline.

    Kevin Sabet can claim whatever his ignorant ass wants to claim.

    That doesn’t make it true.

    He’s just trying to justify his existence.

  8. Mulcair promised to decriminalize almost immediately to stop sending people to jail for cannabis infractions as a first step and at the end of the campaign was mentioning the possibility of legalizing eventually as well.

    Harper promised more enforcement. His response when asked if he’d ever partaken was somewhere along the lines of “no, I had the opportunity once, but I was too drunk.”

    What a hypocrite douchebag!

    I don’t share the same disenchantment for Mulcair that you do.

    Maybe I’m missing something?

  9. The only reason for my preseading? is my business partners ( family and large liars ) one has said they will take the test. I watch the judge tv shows and on occasion Wilkos ( that’s where I heard how to beat or how to be untestable) WHAT is it.

  10. It’s just as strong ( big Pharma ) in Canada we just look dumber so they think they are getting away with it. And in most cases they are correct. The fear factor works . Crooks !

  11. Bravo Canada !!! I have a ? about lie detector exams and how injesting pot would alter the outcome ? I understand oxy or something similar but…Come On Now. Gotta be those EVIL indicia strains, or what ?

  12. I don’t think anyone knows exactly yet, but my guess would be somewhere in between… something like Colorado maybe? I’d be happy with that as a start.

    Currently here in Canada, medical Marijuana is limited to big producers which mail order it, though there are grey areas e.g. Vancouver where dispensaries do exist, though technically not legal… the cops at least in some cases turn a blind eye and there are some longtime patients who can grow their own or through a caregiver… the oppressive Harper govt. tried their hardest to stamp that out, but failed.

    Hemp is also legal, though definitely restricted. I’m sure there are lots of hoops to jump through to grow it.

    Hopefully in the near future it will not be restricted at all, and hopefully the restrictions on mj aren’t too restrictive… I think growing it non-restricted like tomatoes is probably still a long way off.

    Anyway, proud to be a Canadian…. seemingly moving in the right direction.

  13. Judging by the liberal policy paper published in 2013, it look like it will be similar to the Colorado model.

  14. hempforfood.org on

    Anyone know who or what will be regulating the “regulation of marijuana”? Will it be the free markets similar to how tomatoes are regulated – or will it be regulated by govt bureaucrats/BigPharma who are, by and large, opposed to cannabis? Also, will people be free to grow hemp?

  15. Hmm. I didn’t know that all retirees were so rich.
    Considering that health care cost are out of control. Or better yes all the retirees who have to work just to make ends meet. Not everyone has a pension to subsidize there social security. Most retirees also have a reverse mortgage to help support themselves. Plus if you look it up social security is a socialist program and so is medicare and medicade. I can also say I know of 4 young people who live on there own have low paying jobs with 0 children who get a form of Medicare.

  16. Fuck that sucks. I hope Germany comes around. There is so much good it can do and all the science says its safe even benign.

  17. You work for a fortune 500 company, went to college and can’t use the proper form of the word “HIRE”?
    I think you are so full of shirt you need a septic tank.

  18. Yea really trump only cares about himself and his wallet. Trump president no thank you. He would turn the white house bathroom into a gold throne to match the one he already has.

  19. Well Anheuser Busch brews beer close to my house, but I brew my own beer because AB sucks. Stupid question, truly.

  20. No, we can’t afford any social programs to support the disadvantaged… But Corporate Socialism? That’s another story!

    If the military-industrial complex wasn’t bleeding us out – CONSTANTLY – we would be able to build a much better world.

  21. That’s funny! Sabet v. The Prime Minister. Sabet is on a downward slide, losing all of his recent campaigns, though he did take credit for stopping the debacle in Ohio. You don’t even see that guy in the news anymore.

  22. Justin Trudeau campaigned on the promise to REGULATE and TAX cannabis, he will do just that, with a strict enforcement of the commercial supply chain, using the MMPR LP’s as exclusive producers to the commercial legal market – that’s what Canada voted for

  23. Any cannabis user or grower that was stupid enough to vote for Mulcair or Harpers continued prohibition and financial raping of patients through the MMPR that both supported shouldn’t get to ride on the coat tails of all those that used their common sense and actually voted for the legalization that ONLY Trudeau was offering. Those clowns should have to live with the continued prohibition that they were stupid enough to support. And btw, JT winning wasn’t just because people wanted change. Cons voted for HARPER, NDPers voted for TommyBoy and those that wanted common sense and freedom, Liberals voted for JT. If it was people just desperate for a change, it would have been a minority win. Who led in the first week is irrelevant. JTs landslide victory was the most humiliating defeat ever handed to either of the two scumbag liars.

  24. Gerhard Balthasar on

    Sry, thats’ BS. Especially politicans do not care for, will NEVER care for facts. Only if there is a chance they may loose power, they will “evolve” to cater their voters. The only thing we can do is educate the voters! And even although the web exists, the facts exists and everyone can look them up, most people stick to their believes even if faced with experts, specialist and personal discussions. The more facts you give to them to change their stand, the more resistence they build up against the facts. Here in Germany it’s like 90% of prohibitionists will claim: “Cannabis is an entry drug!” and “We need to think of the children, if you legalize another drug we increase youth consumption!” as their first “argument”. Both has been dismantled long ago, even our government office of health claims that bullshit, but not one the highest politicans believe their own government office…

    Oh and speaking of studies and foreign country data… There’s one killer argument to kill anything of: “Well it might be this way there, but we are special here, we do not believe what’s working in other countries. We must prove it here, but please do not try to proof it because it is an entry drug and think about the children!”

  25. I agree… my only question…. how much longer until pro-cannabis platforms are not only based on harm reduction (keeping people out of prison, keeping it away from kids, stopping to fuel criminal activity…)?

    How long until they start focusing on the immense benefits cannabis legalization has for medicine, the environment etc.?

    I’ve seen hundreds of quality studies and articles the past few years on how cannabis may prevent Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, Cancer, Diabetes, damage from head trauma etc.

    Also that legalization reduces suicide rates, prescription drug overdose deaths, makes roads safer…



    “Effect of Marijuana Use in Traumatic Brain Injury Outcome”



    “Penn Study Shows 25 Percent Fewer Opioid-Related Deaths in States Allowing Medical Marijuana”


  26. Amen brother! I’ve been following this issue closely for several years now and have come to the exact same conclusion.

    The Internet has been a game changer in exposing truth.

    You seem pretty enlightened, so maybe you’ve already watched “The Culture High”…. but if not, I highly recommend.

  27. My goal is to make enough money so I can provide for my family and we can have the happiest, most balanced life possible.

    In my opinion… screw being at work all the time….Stress is the number 1 killer in life.

    I’d take memories with my family over the almighty dollar any day.

    Long hours at work are not how I want to remember my life when my time is up.

    Maybe you don’t have kids though?

  28. Yes, I have a feeling the anti-marijuana lobby backed by big-Pharma and other more dangerous drug pushers (alcohol) etc. isn’t as strong as it is in the US.

    It is there though.

  29. Canadian loud in proud. I’ve been telling my conservative friends this for years and most looked at me like I had 3 heads.

    Most know nothing about the science behind cannabis and can’t comprehend the research when you show it to them.

    There is movement though with these people…. slowly.

  30. Tough call…. but that seems like a pretty good estimate. I just hope they stop raiding dispensaries and arresting people for possession in the meantime.

  31. Yes, the overwhelming majority of Canadians like myself that voted for this are just petrified by the sheer genius and power of Kevin Sabet and his cronies. What will they come up with next? Marijuana edibles being slipped into Christmas stockings by people dressed as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve?

    There’s one thing you forgot to mention that they don’t have on their side…. the truth.

    The Internet has changed the game.

  32. While middle incomes have plenty of tax, the most wealthy get some of that too, called “subsidies”, and none of the top corporate incomes pay anywhere near as much tax as middle incomes. Thats CORPORATE WELFARE and is what keeps holding the US back the most. The most wealthy do not pay their fair share but force those with far less to pay the most, and control govt for themselves only, and who already have the most by far.

    Also, what holds back fully legalizing & regulating Cannabis in the USA, is status quo opposing BIG BIZ that makes profits from keeping this plant illegal.
    This in turn causes useless suffering & death to many thousands of citizens for those opposing profits, and that is seriously criminal that goes on without govt notice or law change…until Bernie & a few other good people spoke up!

    As with Justin, Bernie wants to put a stop to this gross injustice and some of us are very glad for that. In spite of media control, Bernie will get many votes, and even now before election, he is already bringing change to get a very useful plant completely off the CSA..thankfully. That will save people from useless suffering and death, so good for him, a voice for people to go a lot better & live.
    You ignore quality of life & a level playing field at huge cost to most for a very few. Bernie wants to give people the chance to earn and advance equally, which is not the case right now.

    Canadians are moving ahead, especially on the issue of Cannabis, while the US is more controlled by status quo wealth that blocks that. Bernie will make things better for most, not just a few, as Justin is doing.

    Vote for Bernie and do not just follow big biz media & biggest biz who have already decided it must be Hilary & corporate rule, or any of the others owned by big corporations funding to rule.
    Note Bernie is financed by citizens, not biggest biz, and is then able to speak of the best for citizens & nation first, not just Biggest Biz. No other candidate can say that, and that is a very big difference.
    About time the Founders of the nation who wanted it of, by, and for the people, were recognized again, and no, a big corporation is not what they wanted to rule over everyone & govt. for that corporation only.
    I hope Bernie is elected, and I bet Justin & he will help each other for the good of the people and both nations very strongly, very unlike what we have had till now in leaders of both countries.
    Greed is a big problem in our species, and that blocks fair & good for all. Its not just the money but how it is used. There must be controls on all out greed we see in Biggest Biz, govt supported, right now. Go Justin & Bernie!!

  33. Jordan Shorette on

    that kind of open mindedness says a lot about your character. I couldn’t agree with you more, and he definitely has my vote.

  34. Yeah, all I’m suggesting is they look at the definition of what they claim, then that they look in the mirror. I use to be a staunch republican, this will be the first national election that I will be voting differently. Mr. Sanders has my vote so far.

  35. Jordan Shorette on

    We already have the war on drugs Don’t tell them that our country will declare war on itself again just to purge itself of communism. That goes in the little box that republicans keep their foolishness in along side the first half of the 2nd amendment that says a well REGULATED MILITIA has the right to bear arms, global warming, oh and don’t forget evolution!!

  36. Jordan Shorette on

    you must have had a pretty lame childhood if all you thought about was hard work and making money. you do realize “hard work” is something humans pulled out of thin air and money mostly dilutes quality of life with materialism. now if the small business owner didn’t pay taxes your five year old would be taking out a student loan for kindergarten and you wouldn’t have much of a highway to drive your I’m guessing obscenely priced vehicle down. Also we have business owners making more and more money everyday and not hiring anyone new, except maybe to replace the slave wage earning disposable whos “hard work” got them rich in the first place.

  37. Unlike the tobacco those guys grow, cannabis is a fairly easy crop to cultivate. I’ll grow my own, thanks all the same.

  38. I agree, what I was thinking is how much easier to get like minded persons together on site like fb. In our county, the officials tried to stop what we voted for. The outcry was so loud that they changed their minds. I don’t think it would have been possible without the networking done on social media.

  39. Barack Obama didn’t have much baggage either. Like Trudeau his candidacy was something of a surprise, both were attacked as being not ready for the job and both represented generational change. And Obama campaigned and won on an agenda of change. But once in office, he underestimated the power of the presidency to lead and to move discussions forward. He’s too much of a pragmatic realist.

    Justin Trudeau got elected because he best embodies “ambitious change” (see my separate post on this). What it will take in America, is for leaders to embrace this idea to. Obama was right that America wanted “change”, but I think he underestimated the appetite for ambitious change, or at least what he could achieve in moving the discussion forward.

    Sure the political systems are very different, Trudeau’s party directly controls a majority in Canada’s house, while Obama faced a hostile Congress. But ambitious change doesn’t start from within a legislature, it’s built on a groundswell from out in the country.

    And in this respect when you’re the president, you have the loudest soap box to call for ambitious change. And if that call resonates loudly enough, the legislatures will be forced to take heed. To my mind that’s the great lesson, sadly, of Obama’s presidency.

  40. A majority of Canadians were looking for a new government, with two opposition parties both being viable candidates for government at the start of the election campaign (in fact it was the other party, Thomas Mulclair’s NDP, that lead polls early on). A big part of the reason that support coalesced around Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in the end was that a majority of people saw him and his party as best embodying “ambitious change”.


    The lesson here is that politicians everywhere need to start thinking boldly again. Through the media/TV age and then the internet age, politicians have become so risk-averse, afraid to do make any move that isn’t tightly aligned with polling in that moment.

    We the people are to blame to as we keep politicians on such a short leash today, as we no longer trust them and we have forgotten that they are meant to lead, not follow. Originally with democracy, you chose someone who you trusted to best represent them and then let them get on with it.

    Now politicians have so little room to maneuver as they if they put forth an idea, the 24-hour media cycle will jump all over it, polls will be done overnight and by the next day a judgement will be delivered. Ideas need time to circulate so that discussion can happen and policy can move forward.

    There is no better example than drugs. Most politicians (and police, lawyers, etc) realize that the “war on drugs” has been a total failure. Prohibition on drugs has been as futile as prohibition was an alcohol. This is plain to see. But politicians don’t feel they have any room to challenge the status quo.

    What Justin Trudeau has shown is that where politicians appear to be sincere and willing to work hard to improve, the public is willing to give them a chance to execute a bold agenda. People are craving sincerity and boldness both in the candidates themselves and in the ideas they put forth.

    American politics is stuck in a vicious loop where between toxic relations the parties in the legislatures and an environment of total distrust and cynicism among voters, both political parties feel constrained to stick to their orthodoxies and preach to the loudest voices among their base.

    It’s in this respect that Barack Obama has really failed. His election was very similar to Justin Trudeau’s in that people responded to his relative youth, his apparent sincerity and his calls for change. But in office, he just hasn’t been bold. Part of that isn’t his fault as his election generated a toxic response from his opponents, but also his character is one of cautious pragmatism.

    Leaders need to dare to be bold, to be ambitious. And this is what voters saw in Justin Trudeau. Now voters need to hold him to that, but while giving him the room to act, knowing that with bold change comes problems. Bold change is often two steps forward, one step backwards and that’s okay.

  41. What’s even more amusing, everyone in the US uses things created by socialism. Even the most far right GOP. Everyone in America is a socialist.

    Things that came from the socialist ideology:

    man made dams/lakes
    City state federal parks
    government regulated electric companies/
    government regulated phone companies.
    Public fire and EMS.
    Social Security
    Driving laws
    Public schools
    Government student loans
    Tax breaks for dependents
    Tax breaks for donations.

    Pretty much anything that is legislated or run by government to better society thru government funds. It’s all socialistic ideas and creations. I’m guessing that everyone uses a lot of these things and most benefit from most all of these things.

    Now let’s discuss communistic ideologies:
    No free speech
    Government makes decisions for you.
    Many laws/high incarceration for things that would be considered free choice.
    Making personal consumption choices a law (Controlled Substance Act)
    Alcohol prohibition
    Police states
    Militarized police force
    National police force
    Spying on it’s own people
    Asset forfeiture without being convicted of a crime.

    Our country has a lot of socialist stuff, and it has a lot of communistic stuff. There is a difference between the two. Communism tends to be oppressive, where as socialism tends to try and help society.

    I think it’s time we dump some of the federal ideology that is communistic in ideology. What do you think?

  42. Today we see a huge change in the world. Yes election platforms now must contain a promise of change in the field of cannabis. Thankfully yes we canadians now have a prime minister that see’s the logic in legalization. The billions that can be made from this decision are staggering.

    A comment I read said this was possible because of social media but it goes one more step backward. The world’s largest library is the cause. Today anyone with a computer and 15 minutes can research cannabis and get any number of good independent researchers and overseas research papers. So in my mind I have to say the truth was shown to the public thru the net. Social media gave that truth an audience.

    Now every time we hear some politician saying “your government has determined that the use of marijuana is detrimental to human health” we look at that person and say “your a f__king lier”. How many politicians want to cut their own political throats. So of course we now have cannabis getting a radical political facelift. It’s actually fun now to watch the elected officials back peddling from previous decisions and/or comments. I say we should start, as a people, calling for the resignations of those that have bald face lied to their constituents. I mean can we really trust those persons that change their positions on important subjects just because it is the way the public wind is blowing.

  43. Hes not gonna do it. Watch. Kevin Sabet has a chapter in Canada and your not going to like the outcome.

  44. There is absolutely no chance that those evil “socialist programs” like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA are going away or being significantly reduced in the foreseeable future. Sorry, that train has left the station. All we have to do is admit that we can’t keep cutting taxes and still balance the budget, and get serious about raising revenues, especially from those who have gamed the system for decades. Every single Republican candidate’s so-called “financial plan” is covered in the magic fairy dust of trickle-down economics a foot thick. If you believe it works, ask voters in Kansas about their state’s financial health. The so-called Laffer Curve is a joke and they’ve got the fiscal chaos to prove it.

    One more thing: the most important thing about legalization IS NOT tax revenue. It IS about personal freedoms and our right as responsible adults to smoke reefer without government intervention.

  45. I make a 6 figure salary working for a Fortune 500 company in sales management. Minimum, I work 70 hours a week, typically 80-90. I grew up dirt poor and had to take out student loans to get through college. As a little kid my goal was to work hard and make as much money as possible. As an adult my next goal is to make a 7 figure salary. My favorite Tony Robbins quote is, “Leaders spend 5% of their time on the problem, and 95% of their time on the solution. Get over it and crush it!”

    Government hand outs are not a solution. They impeded capitalism and the true American Dream. Imagine a world where a small business owner got to keep all that he earned rather that give it to the government. If the business owner is able to keep more of the profits they are able to higher more people. Doing so drastically reduces unemployment.

    If you’ve never cracked open a “self-help book” I highly suggest you do. A good starting point would be 7 Habbits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey.

  46. He doesn’t have all the political baggage most career politicos have, not does he have to suck up to the pockets he didn’t dif into. Viva la Canada.

  47. Its not about balls. It’s about common sense, and a world which doesn’t rely on corporates. You cannot incline United States in this. Viva la Canada.

  48. Canada shares power with more than two political parties and the US does not. Trudeau has also proposed election law changes that include proportional representation in their National Assembly to better accommodate sharing power with more than two parties and allowing for coalitions among parties. No way in hell the establishment Democrats and Republicans in the US would let that happen without an enormous fight.

    In my state, Illinois, they violated the 1st and 14th Amendment of the US Constitution to illegally keep ALL independent candidates off the ballots for more than 25 years until the courts (Lee v. Keith) finally forced them to stop the blatant discrimination. Bernie Sanders never would have been able to even get on the ballot as an independent in Illinois. And he might not even make it on Illinois’ primary ballot next year either without the support of the establishment Democrats in the state. Trudeau would have a really tough time trying to break through the Idiocracy in the US, although it would be nice.

  49. I am not complaining Zackary I do work hard and make a decent living and declaring 56k in income working 65 hours a week. But have you ever heard of work smarter not harder? Also I was correcting tim because he did not know difference. Now I do read and study. Um those books how they working for you? Are you making over 40k?

  50. Pieter Bremmen on

    Very smart. If I were them, they need to get together and pick one, and remove their each lunacy.

  51. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. If the Republican party “Just wants to get a Black Man out of the White House” why is the front runner, Ben Carson, black. If you knew anything about politics and economics you would realize that Republicans are not trying to shut down the government. The reason that is an issue is due to socialist programs that the United States can not afford. A government shut down happens because the government spent more than it had; they then request to raise the debt ceiling in order to bail themselves out. If the government shutdown unessential programs the issue of a government shutdown would NEVER HAPPEN. As well, our national debt would lower, intern increasing the value of the U.S. Dollar.

    The problem with America is not a political party it is the citizens who vote with blissful ignorance. You should study politicals and economics instead of regurgitating information pieced together though social media, comedy news shows, and the extremely liberal biased media talk shows.

    I do agree that Canada is taking huge steps regarding marijuana. Hopefully America will soon see the benefits that come along with legalization, ESPECIALLY increased taxes revenue!!!

  52. Pieter Bremmen on

    I will be driving to Montreal from jersey. I suspect hotel rooms will cost more, for Montreal you really want to be down town, I should start booking dates, when is the ballpark guess on this, Jan 2017?))

  53. Social Security really isn’t much of a socialist program. It’s more of a massive retirement/pension system. Socialism would not call for taking 15.3% of income from a young, poor person and giving to an old, rich retiree. Socialism would not tax the poor and give to the rich, which does happen in Social Security. I realize not all young people are poor and not all old people are rich, but Social Security has had the effect of redistributing wealth in a negative manner that even liberal economists like Paul Krugman will attest to.

    Old people with $250,000 homes paid off, $150,000 worth of vehicles & toys, $300,000 in investments, and $60,000/yr in pension/retirement income still get their Social Security checks. And the young couple with a kid and no assets at all making $25,000/yr are still paying 15.3% of their income to Social Security. There is also a cap on how much SS tax a rich person will have to pay each year. I don’t remember the cap this year, but for example a rich person making millions a year, like a professional athlete, don’t pay ANY Social Security tax on their income above $200,000 (or whatever the cap is this year.) That’s not socialism, letting the rich exempt most of their income from the SS tax.

    Also, not everyone is eligible for Social Security. A person has to pay enough money into the system for enough years to be eligible to receive those benefits once they are of age. Everybody just doesn’t automatically get Social Security.

    Unemployment is also not a socialist program, its a type of insurance. Employers pay into the system for each employee. If an employee loses their job because the company is not doing well enough to continue to employ them or it was a seasonal job or the like, then the employee will get the unemployment insurance benefit. If an employee is fired because they did something wrong and are not longer dependable, then that employee does not get the unemployment insurance because they screwed up.

    Welfare is closest to a socialist program, but even with welfare not everyone is eligible. You have to have a dependent child to get welfare benefits most everywhere. Single people without dependent children are not eligible for food stamps/SNAP after three months in most states, and they aren’t eligible for Section 8 housing benefits at all. A socialist program would not leave people out of those programs.

    Ever see a homeless person and wonder why they don’t just go get food stamps and a Section 8 housing voucher and some welfare money? It is because they are not eligible for those program because they do not have a dependent child, or they are not eligible for Social Security because they didn’t meet the requirements of paying in to that system.

    As far as what a democratic socialist is, they are basically socialists who will only take socialism as far as the voters will allow them. The programs you mentioned are the perfect example, they tried to implement socialist programs but could only go as far as the voters would allow. That is why poor people are paying SS taxes and rich people are still getting SS benefits.

    Communism is mostly distinguished from democratic socialism because there are no elections for leaders or representatives, or those elections are mostly rigged and for show. Bernie Sanders is about to find out this country is not very democratic, especially the Presidential primaries. In Illinois, the Associated Press just interviewed all of Illinois’ super-delegates to the Democrat’s National Convention and more than half of them are already supporting Hillary. The popular vote is not how Presidential nominees are chosen in a whole lot of state’s. Look at the Iowa caucuses as another example of that.

    But I digress. I just constantly see people saying SS and unemployment are socialist programs and felt the need to set the record straight on those programs that are half-a$$ed socialism if even that. And no, the roads are not socialism either, the gas tax is basically a user fee that pays for almost all the roads. Public schools are the closest we have, but is a horrible example of socialism because the quality of our education system is deteriorating and much of the world has passed us up on education. Prohibition of cannabis and the drug war are also examples of socialism, unfortunately, as they give the government authority over our bodies and try to ban the market for drugs. There’s good and bad in every political sytsem of government known to humankind.

  54. You’re correct, Bernie Sanders wants to GIVE people a bigger piece of the pie, rather than EARN a higher wage. People in positions of leadership in corporate America make more money because they are worth more money. Stop complaining and work smarter. Instead of watching TV read a Zig Ziggler or Tony Robbins book. Success is a mindset.

  55. God, I am SO PROUD of the Canadian people for picking a guy like this. U.S. politicians of both persuasions absolutely suck ass. LOVE you guys…You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Top Republicans are freaking out right now because they both agree that Trump and Carson are unfit to hold office. Neither one of them knows anything about global politics, or real governmental policy. Trump thinks he can just make deals and let others run the country. Ben Carson is a an ignorant nutjob who thinks the entire universe was created only 7,000 years ago.

    Even if Sanders does not win, the Republicans will lose, as they have no viable candidate.

    They have been intentionally losing the election since 2008 for reasons unknown. Don’t believe me? Every week during election season some Republican candidate would make comments that would cause any rational being to conclude they nd their entire party were stupid.

    Then they wanted to destroy our government by shutting it down. Why? Those are the actions of traitors. High Treason is a Federal Crime.


    They do not want to do their jobs. They just want to do anything to get the Black Man out of the White House.

    Americans are better informed than ever these days, and will not tolerate Right-Wing Fascist Idiot Bigotry, which is what they are going to get if they elect Trump.
    Trump wants to create a New Gestapo, who will run around the country kicking in people’s doors to load “illegal immigrants” up in cattle cars, and send them to deportation kamps.

    Sound familiar? When was the last time people were crammed into cattle cars and sent to the kamps? Trump is a Nazi disguised as a billionaire.

    The governor of Kentucky is now shutting off the Medicaid Expansion and the State Insurance Exchange.
    A large percentage of voters are going to see their health insurance disappear, and go broke paying medical bills.

    They deserve it, right?

    Well, perhaps. It is Darwinism at it’s finest. The Strong and the Smart survive. The Weak and Stupid fall by the wayside.

    The people who are losing their health coverage are REPUBLICANS who VOTED for him, even when he was telling them he was going to take away their health insurance.

    These are the actions of STUPID PEOPLE.

    The idiot who intentionally wishes to physically harm his own constituents, and the fucking retarded Neanderthal beings who voted him into office.

    But I digress.

    Hooray for Canada. A civilized nation if there ever was one.

  57. I am impressed that someone so new to the office is so unafraid of political backlash. It would be great if our President would have the balls to do this.

  58. Wow Tim don’t take offense but Bernie Sanders is a Democratic
    socialist. Not communist. There is a difference. Social security is a socialist idea so if you not going to use any in the future? So is welfare and unemployment ever use any of that? Plus for the record president iesonhower was a practicing socialist. All Sanders wants is for your everyday worker getting a bigger piece of the pie. Instead of corporate presidents making millions while the average employee makes $20 to $40grand yr.but if you do not want a higher income ok.? Now don’t take my word for this look it up. It takes these words what is a socialist or Democratic socialist. Plus just a few seconds to comprehend that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  59. mynextboldmove on

    Hard to take seriously someone who doesn’t know the difference between a democratic socialist and a communist.

  60. Bernie Sanders is a communist and will never be elected President so don’t mention him. I think Trump is unpredictable on the issue but I think once he is in office he will end the war on drugs in America especially because of Canada. Certainly return the issue to the states and take it from the Feds.

  61. A pro-cannabis platform is becoming necessary to win elections everywhere. We can thank social media for spreading the word. I’ve stated on a couple occasions that I felt almost all candidates will have to be pro-cannabis. All across America, cannabis is much more popular than any elected official. Thank you Facebook!

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